The New Lamborghini URUS Launch

On February 15, 2018 in the halls of the Moscow Museum was the big premiere of Lamborghini URUS, a car of a fundamentally new class – the world’s first super-SUV. With joint efforts with our partners we made the first in Russia interactive show with kinetic projection mapping and other innovative components.
Target audience was VIP Lamborghini clients, potential buyers, people who have already bought a car, but didn’t see it, Lamborghini top-managment (Italy, Russia), business partners.

For the main show, for the first time we used a projection on the kinetic surfaces, created a setup of 56 triangles equipped with LEDs around the perimeter, and used 14 projectors with 4K resolution. For the show developing, we took into the account the perspective and angle of view, which made it possible to turn the area into one multifunctional space, and everything around it into a single four-dimensional and animated frame.

The Next Event (#TNE18)

The Next Event stands for a new concept for tradeshows. In a period of time where traditional trade shows or subject of discussion, ‘are they future proof?’, we thought of a concept that changed the game. We had to, because #TNE18 has his exhibitors within the eventindustry and their guests are marketers and communicationprofessionals. We turned Hosted Buyers into Guided Buyers. Products and offers became knowledge. Sales-chats transformed in tips, do’s and don’ts. Welcome to The Next Event!

Therefor we had to change the game. We wanted to provid exhibitors with only quality visitors, but therefor they had to change their normal approach of a trade show. No big booths, signs or flags, but providing visitors with answers, tips, tricks and their expertise. So they had to fill in pre-event question that resulted in knowledge dossiers. There wasn’t a maze of endless booths, flags and confusion where is whom. No they had to stand on squares with their competitors: caterers with caterers, venues with venues, etc. Visitors entered those squares by downloading the knowledge dossier of that type of eventsport. The visitor also receved their personal program: on which square they good find exhibitors with the answer for their pre-filled questions. And at what time are the square-keynotes talking about that subject and what is the program for the congress silent disco-style? The free catering was vegan and tens of hostesses guided the buyers to their answers.

The Rematch

The Rematch is a celebration of Norway’s biggest sporting moment, the victory over Brazil at the 98 world cup. Every Norwegian remembers the game, where they were, with whom, the celebration etc. To focus on the poor status of Norwegian football now, to reposition Aftenposten as a natural newspaper for sports, and to give all of Norway a chance to re-live old memories and create new ones: Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and the other superstars came to Oslo to get their rematch against Norway98

Historically, Norway has never been one of the greatest football nation. However the match against Brazil was a huge moment in the norwegian sport history.
The idea in itself was controversial and high risk. Nevertheless, we had both the editoral and commercial support to implement this unique event.
Never before there has been an “official” rematch of a major national sports moment. The profiles from 20 years back are for many of us bigger than today’s football profiles. The sports moment is so special and important in Norwegian history that it generated a massive media attention.
The main challenge was to transform a new idea into a sustainable economic project, sign in some of the world’s biggest football profiles, find a possible and ideal date that suited the players, Aftenposten as well as a date closer to the World Cup. In order to reach our goal we had to get in place sponsors, collaborators and all practicalities, such as a TV production, venue director, ticketing and so on.


A metacinematographic interconnected experience, lived simultaneously by 10,000 installers in 27 movie theaters across Italy, thanks to a mix of cinema, television, live webstreaming and satellite broadcast. This is THE TIME IS NOW, the event shaped by The Story Group, for the launch of the new BTicino Living Now civil series, Living NOW, a real revolution in the Smart Home.

On June 12, we ran the short movie A very extraordinary day” (Un giorno straordinario) in 27 theaters simultaneously. The movie is a thrilling industrial spy story which revolves around a mysterious briefcase. The main characters are the well-known Italian actress Laura Chiatti, who plays the young entrepreneur Bianca, Alessandro Fella, who plays the hero-installer Nicola, and, live via satellite in a surprise ending, Franco Villani, CEO of BTicino, playing himself. At the end of the short movie, the audience came back to reality thanks to the CEO that, live from Milan, received the briefcase from Laura Chiatti and revealed simultaneously to all participants the content: the new BTicino Living NOW civil series. The event continued with the presentation of the features of the series in the theatres: 54 BTicino sales persons, previously trained by The Story Group, who took part in the very extraordinary day” by interacting with audiences with – on average – 500 people per theatre.

The Xynteo Exchange 2018

Xynteo is a platform for galvanising leaders and catalysing ideas – and fusing them into new projects, for new growth. They wanted to create an event that would contribute to a positive change. A platform where business leaders, sources of capital and ideas could come together, and create actual commercial projects with the potential to advance a new growth model.

We wanted to create an event where the attendees felt as if they were standing in the midst of the status quo of the world. The shipping industry represents a major role in our globalized world, therefore hosting the conference in an old docking warehouse seemed both appropriate and significant to the nature of the event. We wanted to highlight the venue and accentuate its raw features by filling the location with shipping containers. The containers were used to create areas in an open space, giving it a raw and almost unpleasant atmosphere. To make the most out of this set up we utilized the containers as a surface for communication. This was an extraordinary opportunity that made it possible to communicate ideas for a solution directly on the challenge. By doing so we sought to awaken the participants true will and need to take action.

Studios L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris has been the official make-up partner for the Cannes Film Festival since 1997. For 2018, L’Oréal wanted to re-invent its role at one of the most famous cultural events in the world in two specific ways: First, making the magic of beauty and cinema more accessible at the Cannes Film Festival. Second, supporting women’s empowerment at a time when the movie industry is confronting a vital question: the place of women in the cinema industry and, more broadly, throughout our societies.

To popularize the presence of L’Oréal Paris, we decided to be more inclusive, disruptive and open to the public through a behind-the-scenes approach. The result was Studios L’Oréal Paris”, a platform dedicated to rich content creation through: an influencer-centric approach, avoiding traditional media channels and focusing on social media channels instead. International L’Oréal Beauty Ambassadors and influencers were given the opportunity to create their own content on four different cinema stages. a gender-centric approach, generating debate about women’s empowerment in the cinema industry and beyond via a TV show, the Worth It Show, broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube and produced live with an audience from the general public. The Worth It Show is all about developing self-confidence and self-realization in partnership with L’Oréal Paris which pioneers the celebration of beauty in all its manifold forms.

TNW Conference 2018

A two day technology festival that brings together 15,000 digital minds to predict, discuss and invent the future.

Predict, discuss and invent the future. The Next Web (TNW) Conference is the place for tech’s biggest thinkers, creators, makers and doers to come together to shape what’s next. Spread across seven venues in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, the two day festival was host to 300 international speakers covering topics like machine learning, blockchain, AI, design thinking and VR. 15,000 international attendees were immersed in the festival ambiance through the unconventional production and terrain, where they watched inspiring talks, participated in unique networking experiences and attended workshops. Also in attendance were the world’s biggest brands, including Nike, Google, Reddit, IBM and Facebook. This year, we also hosted the Chivas Venture Final on our main stage – a $1M competition to find Europe’s most promising social startup. The event was hosted by comedian and presenter Richard Aoyade and the judging panel included renowned musician, producer and tech entrepreneur

Svyaznoy Energy incentive program

Unique Svyaznoy Energy retail incentive program aimed to motivate sales force in shops all over Russia provides a chance to show best KPI’s and win a life-time experience – travel to an unforgettabele teambuilding site, join a team and spend 3 exciting days with a big game, creative tasks, parties, gala dinner – win the money prize and have your heart filled with Svyaznoy Energy forever! 6 years and counting, 6 legends (a new one for each season), 3 events each year, total over 4000 participants

The project requires huge creative potential to create a new legend for every season, fully implied during the 3 days of event. That involoves big creative team work and includes actors team (MCs and team leaders), costumes, athmosphere, venues decorations, game plot, facilities for the competition, party theme (with decorations, photo zones, dress-code and costumes, interactions and challenges), participants’ uniform and equipment, gala-dinner idea and direction, show pieces, songwriting, first impression video compiling right after the big game, headliner stars, special effects, traditional hymn and glowing sticks flashmob and much more to fill each detail fo the 3-days-event with theme pieces for the unforgettable experience.

Togetherness – Made by you

The brief was: AniCura’s vision is to deliver the best veterinary care in Europe. We know our employees are key. How can we get all employees together under the same brand, which many of them do not yet have a relation to, and create an affinity to AniCura, and not only to the individual clinic?

AniCura’s business model is built on a belief in creating a strong sense of responsibility and decision making among the employees.

Synergy Global Forum 2017

Synergy Global Forum 2017- is the Russian largest business forum. Our objective is to provide a communication platform for business education, which help to develop our business and corporate elite of our state. That is going to be the basis for a breakthrough of economic growth. SGF 2017 is a unique spot where Top Internationally recognized headliners & top Russian speakers has been providing lectures for participants of our forum. That is a great opportunity to learn from business leaders.

Synergy Global Forum 2017 is the largest business event Russia ever had. For our team it is not just a business forum, but a big show with good sound, big screens and special effects.


Coca Cola, World Beverage player, currently faces a new phase and commercial expansion, expanding the portfolio of the brand, to areas such as energy drinks, teas, and biologics alongside other novelties. We were asked in briefing to hold a corporate event for the top clients, highly experencial, to show the new philosophy, give to taste the new products, all in an unusual and high-impact form, so that the audience would never forget it.

Creative support was inspired from Coca Cola Iberia, a event already made under the name Tomorrow is now, was suggested for us to use as inspiration. There was the idea of creating spaces for experimentation, to perform the event in a different and emblematic venue, and a visual. As requirements we would have to include a bar area, a meeting area, different product tasting spaces in a dynamic way and 8 to 22 meeting rooms one to one.

TAPI gas pipeline – Afghanistan side ground breaking ceremony

On February 2018 the ceremony, dedicated to the TAPI crossing the border between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan was held. TAPI is the largest gas pipeline, currently under construction in Central Asia. This milestone event was attended by top-officials of 4 involved countries and about 500 distinguished guests from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 2 shows on both sides of the state border were created by our team: multidimensional flythrough video and 360° panorama presentation.

Turkmenistan is a strict country, strongly carrying its traditions. Multimedia technology is not widely used there. However, they want to show themselves as an innovative country, which looks to the future.
Both locations were complicated in terms of logistics. In Turkmenistan it lies in the desert: in 1 hour from the closest village and almost 18 hours from nearest airport. Our idea was to build an immersive space, where, during the show, all walls, floor and ceiling become a seamless screen.
This event had two parts: formal, where top-officials speaks and multimedia show. During first one screens were hidden behind white fabric, that is quite traditional for Turkmenistan, and visitors had no idea where the presentation will held. After all reports light goes down and magic begins!
In Afghanistan we built up a 360-degree screen inside of existing conference hall. The story, shown there, was about friendship between countries, with breathtaking panoramic views of both.