TUI Cruises Naming Ceremony for Mein Schiff 1

The new edition Mein Schiff 1” represents a genuine upgrade of the first and longest-serving ship in TUI Cruises’ fleet. It redefines premium standards on all levels. It deserves more than a normal naming ceremony. insglück crowns the new number one” in the strict sense of the word – with unforgettable moments and a majestic, breath-taking coronating ceremony that impress the guests, the employees and the media with a one-of-a-kind PR image taking Mein Schiff 1” around the world.

The new Mein Schiff 1” marks a new generation of ships at TUI Cruises. More space, more comfort, more sports is the motto of the new number 1 that takes premium comfort to the next level.

Zero waste management

Having created large events in the past, Capgemini needed to conduct its annual celebration for over 1 Lakh Employees across 8 Cities. Instead of creating a celebration of fun, we created the concept of ‘RESPONSIBLE FUN’, that went beyond entertainment , fun & dining. With three levels of waste segregation and managing over 16.4 tonnes of waste, we recycled the plastics and used the food waste to create gas for cooking. 

Held across 8 cities in India with an average turnout of over 20000 people per city, the waste generated per event exceeds that of a small sized village. We identified this as our biggest platform to create an efficient on ground initiative that furthered the cause of Waste mgt for Capgemini as a brand & raised the social consciousness of the employees by creating a Concept of Responsible Fun”.Our aim was to reduce the waste dumping to a bare minimum through events across each city. With events spread nationwide which catered to large audiences, we knew we couldn’t opt for the traditional dry & wet waste bins.Our solution – 3 Levels of waste segregation on site.With many organisations & households using a single segregation system, we knew that segregating the plastic & wet waste would be an impossible task if done just once or twice.We carefully mapped & identified the key areas for waste disposal across acres of land & started setting up segregation bases at those places.


We realized a very unconventional roadshow around Ireland in a unique vehicle brought all the way from central Europe. A classic Tullamore D.E.W. branded three-wheel Velorex was the perfect medium to catch people‘s attention; the vehicle has a strong connection to the product‘s character and as we expected, coupling the Velorex with Tullamore D.E.W drew huge interest on site resulting in lots of social media activity.

We brought the idea to use the legendary Czech-made Velorex three-wheeler to a branded communication medium into reality. A car with a strong connection with Tullamore D.E.W. even if these two brands had no prior combined history, and Velorex had probably never before been on Irish soil. Both brands are in no doubt legendary, were affordable to everyone, although today they are regarded as premium products. The history of both brands is firmly connected with tradition and the art of production, and with their qualities they are both unique with no competition. Moreover a three-wheeler helps to reinforce the fact that Tullamore D.E.W. is the only whiskey in the world which is triple distilled, matured in three different types of casks and blended with all three types of Irish whiskey.

Ziraat Bank ‘Color and Light’ Immersive Digital Exhibition

Ziraat Bank, Turkey’s largest national bank wanted to present their art collection of nearly 3000 paintings collected for more then 150 years.

Digitization of classic paintings by photographing them with special cameras up to 100K pixel resolution. Creating a full-dome show of 5K resolution with 3d effects by layering and compositing of this imagery. Use of 53 high-end projectors to project content on a surface area of 1.500 sqm, many media servers, thousands of meters of fibre optics, latest sound and lighting equipment, totally portable and temporary architecture. A total space of 2.500 sqm consisting of 2 buildings and a open air atrium in between.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Belgrade 2018

The Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four.

The transparency of the gauze, the projection on to it and the ability for performers to move, unrestricted, inside and outside the cube on all levels, created a multi-dimensional platform for interaction.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

UN Climate Change Conference 2017 – COP23

In 2017, Vagedes & Schmid took on the responsibility for the greatest project in political communications of that time and the largest ever international conference to be held in Germany: the UN Climate Chance Conference 2017 or Conference of the Parties (COP). As general contractor and lead agency, the company created a 55,000 square meters temporary conference site in the Rheinaue Park in Bonn. Since the Republic of Fiji held the COP presidency the Fijian Spirit had to be present at the venue.

For the UN Climate Change Conference, Vagedes & Schmid developed a unique dialogue concept: One Conference – Two Zones. Under this concept, varied rooms were created for personal exchanges about complex subjects and issues, spread over the entire area. The interior and exterior design and the event program were designed around the dual zone concept. The Bonn Zone, as it was called, featured many colourful special events, exhibitions and country pavilions and was used for intensive civil society dialogue. The diversity of this zone was reflected in country-specific decorations combined with a wide range of natural materials, bright colours and modern designer furniture. In the Bula Zone (Fijian for welcome”), negotiations were held in the World Conference Centre and the UN Campus. To create a connection between the Bonn Zone and the UN buildings, design forms based on the colours of the logo and the wavy visual imagery of Fiji, the host nation, were incorporated into this location.

Unbreakable Rainbow

In 2012 a giant rainbow sculpture appeared in Warsaw. It triggered hate among opponents of LGBT rights despite its joyful purpose. Set on fire and rebuilt 7 times until it was removed in 2015, it became a tragic reminder of Poland’s issues – it now ranks as EU’s 2nd most homophobic country.  Since the story of the rainbow still evokes strong emotions in Polish society, Ben&Jerry’s and NGO partners decided to reinstall it as a water-light hologram, making it an unbreakable symbol of love.

The rainbow event’s tagline was Love is love – every love is equal and just as important. Similarly, the rainbow is simply a rainbow, not a tool of provocation or propaganda, as right-wing supporters suggest. We wanted the restored rainbow to be indestructible this time. In reference to previous arsons, we decided to use water to make it fireproof. This is how we came up with the idea of a hologram rainbow on a water curtain.