A metacinematographic interconnected experience, lived simultaneously by 10,000 installers in 27 movie theaters across Italy, thanks to a mix of cinema, television, live webstreaming and satellite broadcast. This is THE TIME IS NOW, the event shaped by The Story Group, for the launch of the new BTicino Living Now civil series, Living NOW, a real revolution in the Smart Home.

On June 12, we ran the short movie A very extraordinary day” (Un giorno straordinario) in 27 theaters simultaneously. The movie is a thrilling industrial spy story which revolves around a mysterious briefcase. The main characters are the well-known Italian actress Laura Chiatti, who plays the young entrepreneur Bianca, Alessandro Fella, who plays the hero-installer Nicola, and, live via satellite in a surprise ending, Franco Villani, CEO of BTicino, playing himself. At the end of the short movie, the audience came back to reality thanks to the CEO that, live from Milan, received the briefcase from Laura Chiatti and revealed simultaneously to all participants the content: the new BTicino Living NOW civil series. The event continued with the presentation of the features of the series in the theatres: 54 BTicino sales persons, previously trained by The Story Group, who took part in the very extraordinary day” by interacting with audiences with – on average – 500 people per theatre.