Dardust’s Wearable Live Performance

To celebrate Dardust’s new album,we created an immersive wearable showcase which gave deaf people the opportunity to “wear” a live music performance thanks to an innovative technology: the Soundshirt.

The goal of the project was to the launch the new album by Dardust, S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS, international music producer and artist. Composing this album, Dardust was inspired by the German philosophical concept of “Sturm und Drang” and sublime which becomes in today’s world “Storm and Drugs”: a journey and a reflection on the contemporary, an exploration of how technology is the cause and cure of that discomfort, that sublime abyss that must be crossed to reach ecstasy.
For Dardust, music is the one and only tool to reach the sublime, a vision which is shared by Spotify whose committed to “allow everyone to enjoy an immersive artistic experience that enables us to empathize with each other and to feel part of a greater whole.
The “big idea” was then to use a wearable tech to help Dardust & Spotify to fully reach their vision of total experience and accessibility: we made the deaf “hear” live music, even if for just one, sublime, night.

“Sopra Steria Flix” – Sopra Steria Scandinavian Kick Off 2019”

A biannual gathering for 1600 employees from Sopra Steria Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with the purpose of celebrating and strengthening company culture. Date & Venue: 22nd of March 2019 in Oslo Spekt

It was important to us that we created a unique user experience for all participants reflecting their work and the culture of Sopra Steria, meaning that we wanted each participant to make choices that would influence how the evening would turn out in the end. Both for each individual working in the company, and for the company as a whole. Therefore, we created an audience generated, interactive, non-linear show, inspired by the values that Sopra Steria delivers to their clients. Our idea was to make an interface for making choices inspired by how digitalization has transformed the entertainment industry. A “Netflix-inspired” interface in which the audience decided on all the content and the flow of entertainment on stage. This to secure individuality and tailored user experiences. The “Netflix-interface” presented the audience with the alternatives, and they used cell phones to vote and decide on which content they wanted to view both live content and prerecorded.