Only 6 days after lockdown, we created and started a long-term, online internal/external communication to support corporate culture and togetherness.

Only in 6 days, we were able to transform from live events to online events communication company, which deliver outstanding and customized content for both internal and external audience. We wanted this new concept of internal/external communication to be sincerely crafted with a human touch. We co- created content pretty intuitively and spontaneously where inspirations came from everywhere: agency, management, and employees. This flexibility, proactivity, and reactivity to the community needs leading to well-balanced and unique content for our audience. Playful challenges brought us to the homes of employees.
An authentic custom-made fairy tale was designed based on the everyday life of the T-Systems employees. The story was extremely appreciated because of the personalized aspect of it. From a schedule perspective, it was smartly structured in several blocks and streamed at specific times so that it could become an organic part of the lifestyle of the employees

“Sopra Steria Flix” – Sopra Steria Scandinavian Kick Off 2019”

A biannual gathering for 1600 employees from Sopra Steria Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with the purpose of celebrating and strengthening company culture. Date & Venue: 22nd of March 2019 in Oslo Spekt

It was important to us that we created a unique user experience for all participants reflecting their work and the culture of Sopra Steria, meaning that we wanted each participant to make choices that would influence how the evening would turn out in the end. Both for each individual working in the company, and for the company as a whole. Therefore, we created an audience generated, interactive, non-linear show, inspired by the values that Sopra Steria delivers to their clients. Our idea was to make an interface for making choices inspired by how digitalization has transformed the entertainment industry. A “Netflix-inspired” interface in which the audience decided on all the content and the flow of entertainment on stage. This to secure individuality and tailored user experiences. The “Netflix-interface” presented the audience with the alternatives, and they used cell phones to vote and decide on which content they wanted to view both live content and prerecorded.

Event Horizon 2018

The energy sector is on a turning point where the blockchain technology will shift the whole industry.

EventHorizon is the ONE exclusive annual event centered on blockchain solutions in the energy sector. In April 2018, representatives of the industry and startups from more than 50 countries visited the Kraftwerk Berlin to push the decentralization of the energy market.

A playful interactive „data theme park“ was interconnected with a database with millions of data bits. Combined with unique media and storytelling.

-personal & fun facts (via online questionnaire)
-live-data on the event

web-based, device-independent platform, replacing event app, boosting usage to nearly 100% & 75,5 page views pp

NFC badge triggered interactive personalized experience stations:
-Welcome screen greeting each person individually; live data & news ticker
-Official photographs immediately tagged & displayed on navigator. 49% tagged
-Video station with branded & live-keyed backgrounds
-Mood meeting rooms transformed into personalized feel-good environments
-Matchmaking wall showing details and statistical fun facts
– live generated personalized newspapers with 16 individual articles, shown live & emailed afterwards
– Lead generation via NFC interaction
– AR signposts showed personalized directions
Navigator allowed interaction on stage