The COVID-19 outbreak forced the event industry to its knees in Hungary, too.
We have decided to raise attention to the industry and present ways of organizing safe events in the current situation.

The initiative has started as a social media campaign to highlight and spread the message: the experience of a live event is irreplaceable.
We have united the industry members (clients, organizers, service providers, professional associations) to join forces and collaborate. We have organized a conference with the participation of hundreds of industry members to cover local and international best practices and highlight the economic and psychological importance of live events. Besides discussions, motivational speeches with event professionals we have offered networking opportunities.
The focus was on the present situation and the future of events.
We have showcased how to blend protective measures and creative ideas to create a contactless and safe environment during the whole guest journey.
Following the conference two social events with concerts were held where guests enjoyed themselves. The most beautiful sights, event locations in the city were lit in blue to raise media awareness


Opening Ceremony of the African Cup of Nation in Egypt. The AFCON is the 3rd biggest football competition around the world, gathering the best of African Football viewed by 300 millions pax.

In Football, the match is the heart and the ceremony is the soul of the competition. A football ceremony is always a challenge because it is right before the match, which by no matter what, cannot be delayed. Therefore time is of essence. For this AFCON 2019, we wanted to raise the bar and create a new standard and a ceremony people will talk about.
It was the 1st full 360 video mapping ever made for a football event.
We build and raised on the field 3 giants Pyramid (1 of 19 meter height, and 2 others of 9 meters) in less than 4 minutes on which we project contents on all faces.
We create a full Video content of 12 minutes that we project on all the scenic element (Pyramids, Carpet, Performers)

29th Summer Universiade Taipei 2017 – Opening Ceremony

The 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipai was the largest multi-sport event ever to be held in Taiwan.

The staging sequences fused traditional and modern art forms in extraordinary collages.

A symbiosis of sport and show that played out on a centre stage that was the largest LED floor display ever created for a stadium show. 1200 m² of high resolution LED, showcasing content produced from a dozen of Taiwan’s leading studios.

3,500 performers interacted with content in harmony and elegance, creating a simultaneous juxtaposition of reality and fiction.
The connection between tradition and modern forms of art, between drama and animated movie sequences produced outstanding, expressive compositions of live pictures.
In finale, the cauldron was lit by baseball star Chen Chin-Feng, the first Taiwanese player in MLB.  He hit a ‘home-run’ fireball on a line rocket, guiding it into the cauldron.