Return on Experience (ROX)
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Return on Experience (ROX)


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The events sector lacked a specific method to measure the Return on Investment of experiences, a form of financial accountability that is increasingly being demanded by brands to help justify their marketing spend and quantify the effectiveness of experiential campaigns. At the same time, we believed it to be of great value to the industry to help demonstrate the huge value of events with tangible figures to back it up. Motivated by this idea, we created ROX, Return on Experience, a totally innovative method in the events sector to comprehensively measure the ROI of brand and communication actions, adapted to the needs of the customer using quantitative and qualitative results of both physical and digital campaigns. It is applicable to both B2C and B2B, offering an analysis that uses numerous parameters to measure the experiential ROI, enabling clients to make informed choices about future strategies, and giving a precise and objective assessment of the activity undertaken.