Zeen — platform for online events

Zeen – online event platform. The platform fits for any event organizers’ purposes: from business forums and corporate events to presentations of new products. It allows you to engage audience with number of mechanics: text broadcasting, voting, polls, virtual stands, commentator, any materials, it makes it possible to manage and work with content and share it on social networks. So broadcasting is the minimum basis of ZEEN.

DSDE online – a two day digital interactive event

Transformation of an annual live meeting into an interactive, co-created and online-live event. Streamed centrally and therefore available to 400 employees in their home offices: close and informative

The two-day digital conference managed to combine meaningful content, exciting entertainment and real interaction – and received extremely positive feedback regarding closeness, active dramaturgy and fun from the 400 participants.

Direct e-conference

B2B2C conference for a progressive insurance company Direct, new product launch, 5 years report, real time satisfaction survey & brand experience exploration thru state of the art virtual platform.

The client gained the title to be the “different” insurance company through the 5 years of growth with honest marketing & friendly services. Therefore we aimed to fulfil this expectation in virtual space too. The whole experience took place in a chalet in the middle of the Austrian Alps in a natural green setting. Our studio was a mix of real decoration and 3D generated motion graphics. The program included product launch & product experience presentation, real time satisfaction survey and 5 years report all structured not only to be engaging for the employees and brokers, but also for fans from the public, who follow client’s social networks. We kept attention of all participants and achieved high engagement through well structured storyline, gamification & fun live sketchnoting. Everyone had a chance to interact with the virtual studio and 3 founders, who took a role of moderators, through Sli.do, word cloud and over 20 brokers were awarded for their exceptional business results.