VM I DØDS – World Championship in Death Dive (Belly Flop jumping).

The World Championship in “Death dive” is a family-oriented public event for showcasing the sport of Døds.
The “Death dive” can best described as a extreme form of diving. The athletes throws themselves flat out in an X formation from 10 meters height, holding the X-position or doing tricks on the way down and ultimately cut through the water surface all crunched up. The concept startet out in Norway in the 60s and 6.sans has used the last years too develope a new sport.

We have created a brand new sport. In Norwegian called “Dødsing”. It has become a very public friendly concept. The young crowd and the families love it. The event experience is a portion of diving, with a bit of Jackass, combined with a bit of deardevil contest. The sport have its own jury and a full set of rules.

Studios L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris has been the official make-up partner for the Cannes Film Festival since 1997. For 2018, L’Oréal wanted to re-invent its role at one of the most famous cultural events in the world in two specific ways: First, making the magic of beauty and cinema more accessible at the Cannes Film Festival. Second, supporting women’s empowerment at a time when the movie industry is confronting a vital question: the place of women in the cinema industry and, more broadly, throughout our societies.

To popularize the presence of L’Oréal Paris, we decided to be more inclusive, disruptive and open to the public through a behind-the-scenes approach. The result was Studios L’Oréal Paris”, a platform dedicated to rich content creation through: an influencer-centric approach, avoiding traditional media channels and focusing on social media channels instead. International L’Oréal Beauty Ambassadors and influencers were given the opportunity to create their own content on four different cinema stages. a gender-centric approach, generating debate about women’s empowerment in the cinema industry and beyond via a TV show, the Worth It Show, broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube and produced live with an audience from the general public. The Worth It Show is all about developing self-confidence and self-realization in partnership with L’Oréal Paris which pioneers the celebration of beauty in all its manifold forms.

S7 Night Flight Show vol.2

S7 Airlines celebrating the birthday of the S7 Priority bonus program gives passengers the opportunity to win 1mln miles. The main task was to make the competition for a valuable prize in the way that no one had any doubts. The event was held in an immersive format where people traveled to different countries and, as a result, received a ID of one of the participants of the bonus program who received the million miles. There were only 120 people at the event and millions people watched online.

When developing the concept, we took into account the behavioral habits of the S7 Airlines target audience, as well as the latest trends in the event market. Hence we got the idea to make an immersive show, which will not only be interesting to participate, but also to watch online. (The goal was to broaden the audience of the project ). Analogues could not be found, so the entire format was invented from scratch. In the course of the project, the holding title Experience Fiction, which goes now with it together, was assigned to the new format. At the event, each location was created in a separate room and with its own specifics.

Mercedes #24RIDE

#24RIDE, the first ever 24-hour livestream game show, announced the launch of new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. 12 participants drove 20 influencers through 9 cities while getting tasks from mission control.

Anyone could join this trip because the car and all stops were wired with cameras and broadcast to YouTube & FB. Livestream viewers could win one of 200 prizes, including a new A-Class.

KPIs: reach of 400k people, target audience of 25-34 yo., NPS of 9, increase client’s social media audience.

Typical new car ads involve shots of the car and a few happy people.

We came up with a completely new format. A 24-hour road show all around the country and livestreamed on the client’s social media (FB & YT). People could join in at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

The car has multiple drivers and passengers, both well-known & civil figures, including a scientist, actor, singer, YouTuber, economist, and presidential candidate.

The driver/passenger teams have to visit various places and perform tasks, to make thigs more interesting for those following along on social media.

Throughout the trip, everyone in the new car uses its features and shows how they work in real time.

We also had to livestream from the car so that it would work no matter what they were doing or how fast they were going, so that viewers could connect and follow along anytime, anywhere – at home, at work, on the road. Livestreaming is currently the most effective way of reaching the targeted demographic.

Just like you. Launch of the new A Class.

A cutting-edge event for the new A Class entrusted AI with the task to humanize technology through art.

The most extraordinary thing for a car to make is being almost human. This was the starting point for a concept that relied on the most human-like trait AI can aim to reach: the creation of an artwork, specifically, a portrait that builds on the “Just like you” launch campaign tagline. The engagement phase started out with a teaser: in selected Italian piazzas, an AI-guided robot took portraits of bystanders and signing them with the #justlikeyou hashtag. Inside a mysterious creative hub, other AI-guided robots tirelessly worked on countless new portraits while a live video feed showed the machines’ progress in large catchment areas like airports and railway stations.
A connection with the brand is to be revealed by the same media used in the teaser phase and in dealership screens through a video reveal.
Over 30 influencers engaged followers in connecting to justlikeyou.it to have their portrait made and collect it during the open weekend held simultaneously in 90 Mercedes dealers.


In LOOP.gl campaign we created the largest urban street gallery in the world. Photographers, graphic designers, architects, poets and other creatives presented their work in five categories (Design / Photography / Illustration / Painting / Writing) on Digital CLVs through the downtown of London. They just needed to sent their work over the LOOP.gl data transfer platform and they were automatically entered in a contest for £10,000. Winners were announced at the awards ceremony in Shoreditch.

The world has never seen anything quite like the LONDON LOOP GALLERY project. Even senior artists don’t often get the opportunity to present their work to such a large audience. Displaying thousands of pieces on the street where millions of people pass by every day made for a revolutionary change.
A panel of highly experienced judges met in person with their admirers and selected from 6,000 works by more than 2,000 artists for four weeks, thereby giving creative talents the opportunity to get invaluable experience.

Similar exhibitions are planned for other major cities around the world that have expressed interest in this type of gallery. Giving young artists the opportunity to display their work on the street, legally & digitaly is a greatly welcomed innovation in the art world and immediately made a favorable impression on urban leaders, as it promises to raise the perception of street art to the next level.

Change the world, change the way – A sitcom that doesn’t speak the language of insurers

20 episodes telling the half-serious adventures of a Generali agency, dealing daily with demanding, knowledgeable and sometimes bizarre clients!

A new strategic brand position, a new way of communicating with the Net (16 thousand agents and consultants). Change the World, Change the Way is a branded content operation, based on the conception and production of a web-based series. Twenty episodes divided into a six 5 minute situation comedy format; semi-serious adventures within a Generali agency, dealing with demanding, knowledgeable and sometimes bizarre customers! An ironic and surreal fictional production, inspired by reality, created by interviewing agents and consultants to form characters and situations that fit into the daily life of an agency. The performers of the bizarre agency team are the comic quartet Amalgama of Zelig, Ippolita Baldini and Orsetta Borghero, as well as some top managers at Generali. The episodes were broadcast live both daily and on demand on a dedicated web-tv platform. In interactive mode, users were able to comment live during the episodes and download extra information and training content.

25 Years of JOKE Event AG – Now it’s our turn

Since 1992, we have implemented over 250 anniversary events for our customers. We turned 25 last year and were finally able to organize our own anniversary.

Under the motto “25 Years of JOKE Event AG – Now it’s our turn,” we implemented an unconventional anniversary campaign, which was created in co-creation with our entire team and that tells a story. A story by us, about us.

There are a lot of big agencies in our industry and the range of services and communication is very similar. Almost all of them work for well-known brands, implement elaborate projects and use strong images of customer projects and marketing bullshit texts to convince customers.

But what makes the difference? What is the USP? How do you stand out from the masses?

Our approach: We are the difference. We are a great likable team. We love the power of staging. We love our job. We think outside the box, are courageous, unconventional and do not take ourselves seriously. In short: WE are our brand.

With our entire team, we have developed and implemented a live communication campaign in a wild co-creation process with 5 events for different target groups.

The events built on each other in terms of content and provided us with content for a multi-channel story. A story by us, about us. Approachable. Likable. Real.

Adidas Deerupt

adidas Originals launched a completely new silhouette called Deerupt all over the world incl. Prague, key city & the capital of Czech Republic.
We have created an event concept driven by key ambassadors, key places and key moments. The multi-channel launch event took place on social media, Prague Fashion Week, the best sport shoe shops, fashion showrooms and escalated in an abandoned venue in the heart of Prague.
Everything is built on a grid, and when you understand that anything is possible.

A lot of effort has been put into invitation process. We have created local content with selected ambassadors who were inviting followers to key places(best sneaker shops like Footshop/fashion designer showroom/Prague Fashion Week) through IG Stories and photos. Whoever came there,took AR code and stood in the augmented reality installation, realistic Deerupt sneaker appeared on the screen in their hand. They took a creative or funny photo, posted it on their social and waited, if ambassador will choose them to be part of the VIP launch event for just 200 people.
As the world tires of complexity, seeking streamlined experiences, trends, simplicity arrives in its most disruptive form with Deerupt.
Integration of creator Lukas Machacek, well-know czech fashion designer, was key part of the whole experience at the VIP event. He has created the collection based on the grid which was showcased throughout the performance by the best dancers in country accompanied by an amazing light show.