“Time to be audacious” show, a symmetrical experience live and digital. A “racing opera”, born from the sound, voice and heart of Maserati, to guide the guest through its vision to unveil the new MC20

Maserati “Time to be audacious” is the definition and the common denominator, which inspired this project. Starting from the brand’s vision and to transcend genres and definitions, the show was designed to blend real and virtual in a symmetrical experience between live and digital. A colossal screen, a monolith emptied inside and a sky to complete the anamorphic and alienating nature of the scene. A halo of cars as a parterre to host part of the public and a functional location: the Modena racetrack. A temporary theatre in a racetrack to host a “racing opera”, a celebration of legendary daring and style. The concept originates from the sound and is based, also visually, on the interpretation of the brand’s voice, creating parallelism with the beating heart of the Maserati genius: the Neptune engine. The pace is fast and cinematic to guide the user through the contemporary vision of the brand, paving the way for the unveiling of the new MC20.

Pensar Maior 2019, Fidelidade

This event takes place every 2 years, bringing together Fidelidade’s workers and partners from different parts of the world, with the main goal of discussing and sharing the company’s strategy.

From the “Think Bigger” concept we switched from the classic stage to what we call the “BOX”, which provided an immersive experience throughout the event! A three-dimensional projection box, with 42×22 meters in size, a resolution of 12.287×9.578, approximately 118 million pixels and 420,000 lumens. All projected content was created from scratch, specifically for the BOX format. All in all, 7 agencies were responsible for creating and producing the contents for the speakers, ensuring that they explored the box potential to its fullest. Since the projected content was tailor-made, and to ensure that everything was pixel perfect, prior to the event we built a small replica of the box, to test all the contents and fine-tune editing details.

Circus on water

A unique way of getting to know the fauna of the Canary Islands. As the world increasingly responds to animal performances in the circus arena, the Water Laser Show has expressed its solidarity.

CIRCUS ON WATER project became fun for the whole family. The impressive design capabilities allowed the show to be performed in a space more than 10 meters high and 100 meters wide. With these dimensions and the professional application of technology, it was possible to create a promising show that fascinated every participant and, at least for a short time, every child was cared away into a magical and mysterious world of 3D WATER CIRCUS.
Stationary system that can be used to enjoy water show in areas where are no water. This is the only system in the world created by WATER LASER SHOW! Patented invention! Now you can see the water show on the football field, in the meadow or even on the sandy arena, with the aid of this world’s only patented device the place of water show event belongs to your imagination. The future starts now!
Last year, the very first directory of sustainable businesses in the Canary Island was launched! We’re very excited to be a part of it!

Anything is Possible – Rise in Dubai 2019

Celebrating APAC’s achievements; 160 leaders, 10000 top ABO’s, Amway’s 60th. Propelling into broader visions, setting the team’s new goals, delivering thrills and the wow factor to the finest detail.

RISE DUBAI 2019 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  For 9PM the concept and live implementation of the project has been: the sky has no limits!
It all starts from a symbolic and concrete position of conquered height which, if willing, can be overcome beyond imagination.
Narration is consistent in every second and detail, both on the stages and in spaces.
Security brief by Emirates cabin crew: on the 126 mt LED, Amway’s A380 takes off flying above 10000 audience with the coaching of 3 actual astronauts – the power of “believe” is in the team.
On 63 screens, space is the new possible with Sir Richard Branson, living proof that if you can think it, you can do it.
All 11 flags choreographed by Uffizi flag-wavers followed by 20,000 cocktails by Bruno Vanzan, Maestro Loprieno’s Orchestra perform National songs, talent & VIP photo session, crews set the new stage in 45′, close with a “wow!” performance by Katy Perry.
Her “Rise” song & motivational videos added exclusivity in communication for one year.

Digital Landscapes

Eastpak was challenged to re-think the perimeters of their seasonal sales presentation. So, we’ve created an unexpected digital immersive environment that emphasises the product design families.

Rethinking the concept of sales meetings and space, we set about delivering something above and beyond what was done before. It’s still about storytelling, but with a different set of tools. Implementing alternative elements can establish a format for programming that successfully elevates the brand experience.

Live experience and its values remained the starting point, because it’s the human touch that draws people toward a brand story. By spreading the message through a digital landscape with technological environments amplifying the product stories, the perfect balance was found for the collections of the new season. Engaging the audience with the right balance of live and digital segments. Every space had a different transformative element, created by video and lighting effects, leading teams on a highly exploratory, visual, virtual adventure as they backpacked through digital landscapes and discovered new territories.

Qatar Science & Technology Park 10th Anniversary Celebration

The 10th anniversary of Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) was the first major anniversary celebration in the fledgling research, development & innovation sector of the emerging nation of Qatar.

The event captured the curiosity of its 300 guests by welcoming them with an exhibition showcasing innovations and achievements from the QSTP members along with national and international partnerships. At the heart of the ceremony: a purpose-built setup for the official part with speeches, films and a custom-produced interactive 4D show production.. The main screen, used for films, motion graphics and live feed, was aligned with a 3D projection mapping on the building façade to form one giant media canvas for the interactive show production. The show named the “innovation machine” featured innovative elements:
– Combination of main screen and 3D projection mapping for an integrated media surface
– 4 performers with a dynamic choreography interacting with media content on different physical levels
– A motion tracking system combined with real-time content rendering & synchronized lighting effects allowing the performers to direct the content for an immersive and seamless show experience

Panattoni Gala & Party 2019

Panattoni Gala & Party is a ceremonial summary of the year of presence on the European market with 1,000 invited guests including the most important business partners.

Panattoni Gala & Party is an original, creative idea for an event summarizing the year of operation and appreciating the most important business partners. The gala consists of two parts – the first is an official business meeting during which statuettes for the best business partners were awarded. After the official part related to the award ceremony, the guests enjoyed themselves in a fairy-tale setting referring to Tim Burton’s films, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Beetle Juice or Alice Through the Looking Glass. She referred to films, among others set design, catering, animators. Guests have at their disposal a bar with 12 flair bartenders. A French cover band and one of the most popular Polish DJs performed on stage.

The most popular among guests was the “ice chamber” – a room with a constant temperature of -7 degrees Celsius, an ice bar, bartenders referring to White Walkers from the Game of Thrones movie and … a great ice throne.

Dardust’s Wearable Live Performance

To celebrate Dardust’s new album,we created an immersive wearable showcase which gave deaf people the opportunity to “wear” a live music performance thanks to an innovative technology: the Soundshirt.

The goal of the project was to the launch the new album by Dardust, S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS, international music producer and artist. Composing this album, Dardust was inspired by the German philosophical concept of “Sturm und Drang” and sublime which becomes in today’s world “Storm and Drugs”: a journey and a reflection on the contemporary, an exploration of how technology is the cause and cure of that discomfort, that sublime abyss that must be crossed to reach ecstasy.
For Dardust, music is the one and only tool to reach the sublime, a vision which is shared by Spotify whose committed to “allow everyone to enjoy an immersive artistic experience that enables us to empathize with each other and to feel part of a greater whole.
The “big idea” was then to use a wearable tech to help Dardust & Spotify to fully reach their vision of total experience and accessibility: we made the deaf “hear” live music, even if for just one, sublime, night.

Webvideopreis 2018

The birth of a new format for Digital Natives: Public Video Vertical Storytelling.
We developed a “non-event” which will serve as an industry benchmark.
We reinvented the awards ceremony.

Latest developments show that conventional award formats with their linear broadcast had a limited impact on the audience. How can classical elements of an awards ceremony, such as the red carpet, the show acts and the awards presentations be reinterpreted?
The Web Video Award 2018 was a radical reinvention of live communication and defied conventions on all levels: the editorial concept of a linear format, turned the awards ceremony, into a decentralized, non-linear format and created an event that became a new industry benchmark. Germany was the venue for our ceremony, the vertical screen was our stage – and our awards ceremony was unique.
This way, we overrode the (spatial) limitations of the classic award format and developed a live event with national appeal across all sections of the population. A democratization of the Web Video Award.
The awards ceremony is dead, long live the awards ceremony!
The birth of a new format: Public Video Vertical Storytelling. A non-event.

Russian Copper Company Pavilion at Innoprom 2019

The future is getting closer. This is the concept developed by Simmetrico for the Russian Copper Company Pavilion, dedicated to its 15th anniversary.

Future is getting closer – under this concept Simmetrico created and developed the project of the RCC Pavilion this year. The main installation is the “Accelerator of the Future” – a futuristic bridge consisting of 12 frames, trimmed with LED panels with mirror covering.
The heart of the exhibition is a Holographic theater. With the help of LED surfaces, laser projectors, image synchronization with movements and photogrammetry algorithm, viewers are immersed in a fascinating and interactive show about the RCC copper production. The 15-year history is creatively presented on a dynamic wall, 3m high and 11m long installation. The wall is covered by 45 synchronized high-definition “dancing” monitors. Major projects of environmental protection, social responsibility and development of high-tech industries are reflected in the Interactive cubes installation, where using touch panels visitors can choose content.

“Sopra Steria Flix” – Sopra Steria Scandinavian Kick Off 2019”

A biannual gathering for 1600 employees from Sopra Steria Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with the purpose of celebrating and strengthening company culture. Date & Venue: 22nd of March 2019 in Oslo Spekt

It was important to us that we created a unique user experience for all participants reflecting their work and the culture of Sopra Steria, meaning that we wanted each participant to make choices that would influence how the evening would turn out in the end. Both for each individual working in the company, and for the company as a whole. Therefore, we created an audience generated, interactive, non-linear show, inspired by the values that Sopra Steria delivers to their clients. Our idea was to make an interface for making choices inspired by how digitalization has transformed the entertainment industry. A “Netflix-inspired” interface in which the audience decided on all the content and the flow of entertainment on stage. This to secure individuality and tailored user experiences. The “Netflix-interface” presented the audience with the alternatives, and they used cell phones to vote and decide on which content they wanted to view both live content and prerecorded.


The world-famous Caves of Han have a fabulous surprise in store! At 100 m underground, the tour to the Caves is enhanced by the thrilling, brand-new sound, light, vidéo and laser show , named “Origin

“Origin” – as the name suggests – immerses visitors into the origins of our universe, going back to the Big Bang, but also evokes space exploration, and invites them for a voyage into the submarine, vegetal and animal worlds.

The show takes a permanent place in the visit of one of the largest caves in Europe. Luc Petit Creation team had appealed to the greatest designers to create this one of a kind project.

The soundtrack has been specially composed by Benoit Chantry and recorded In Belgium at Galaxy Studios by an orchestra made of 40 musicians.

Lighting and lasers are supervised bu ACTLD, leader on monumental lighting design such as the Christmas Lighting at Champs-Elyses – Paris or the Cinéscénie at Puy du Fou.

Video content by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé, who accompanies the shows of great artists like Celine Dion or Jean-Michel Jarre. She makes video projections on prestigious buildings around the world, such as the inauguration of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubaï.