Anti-Panic Platform™

Anti-Panic is a virtual platform, whose task is to showcase crisis solutions explained by an interdisciplinary group of leaders sharing information & motivation critical to right decision making.

Key elements were
#3 CHAMBERS: 1.Leaders & Public chamber. 2. Essential 100 room – leaders whose work has significant economical, social, or scientific impact. 3. Speakers.
#INTERACTIVITY – each chamber has a different level of interactivity access allowing polling, engaging in debate, or steering the conversation topic.
#TECH – we combined several powerful tools into one state of the art virtual platform. The main elements are Zoom for AV access, Media server Ventuz for 3D realtime distribution, for interactivity and Youtube,FB and LI for community management and live streaming.
#ART – we have employed 3D artists and illustrators to create brand new environments on the WEB and in the VIRTUAL to achieve max. engagement, convey given messaging and attract attention.

This setup allowed many News to stream our program on their homepage. The platform is solution oriented, therefore speakers, reporters, or schools re-shared the program and contributed to the positive thinking.

Joint Dialogue Forum

2-day event for industry and business world with employees, employers and public institution, with live broadcasts and AR technology, 50 C-level guests attending physically in the same location.

The forum, focused on the Future of Work topic, should have taken place in an environment where we should use tomorrow’s technology in the most effective way due to the pandemic. For this reason, we have integrated the augmented reality technology into the forum that we organized physically last year in order to execute in the most realistic way this year. Each session was broadcast live over the digital studio, and we used advanced real-time ‘compositing’ tools and special keying technology in digital studios with the Zero Density software prefered in professional channels used in the game world, and prepared advanced AR visuals for different sessions. In this way, we increased the expression power of the speakers. In addition, we created a special mobile application for this event and we kept the attention of the participants alive like a physical event by sending regular notifications to the participants through this application, organizing surveys, competitions and gamifications.

The Heart of Jazz

“The Heart of Jazz” was created during Covid, from an idea of Blue Note Milano (part of Casta Diva Group) in collaboration with Huawei, JVC, Extra with the aim of bringing great music to those at home

An innovative, live experience that, thanks to the Huawei Video streaming platform, allowed users to immerse themselves in the cosy atmosphere of the Blue Note and to experience a live concert and its emotions directly from home. The star of the concert was Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet, presented by Nick The Nightfly, artistic director of the club. During the concert, donations to Italian Red Cross were made to thank those who lived the difficult months of the pandemic on the front line. A concrete way to celebrate the 8th of May, the World Red Cross Day and the Red Crescent.
The concert was broadcast full HD live streaming on the Huawei Video platform, in Italy and 11 countries where this was available: Spain, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and Russia, because music has no borders, neither physical nor geographical.

Landing on Earth. Everyday.

Worldwide Digital Launch Event of the new MF8S tractor.

Riding the digital wave and pushing technology beyond its known limits, combining techniques from the world of cinema, post-production and video web apps to deliver a truly seamless experience.

DSDE online – a two day digital interactive event

Transformation of an annual live meeting into an interactive, co-created and online-live event. Streamed centrally and therefore available to 400 employees in their home offices: close and informative

The two-day digital conference managed to combine meaningful content, exciting entertainment and real interaction – and received extremely positive feedback regarding closeness, active dramaturgy and fun from the 400 participants.