BWT @ ISH Frankfurt 2019

To present BWT´s product range at ISH MediaApparat & Wilkenwerk created a bespoke interactive world. In different settings, guests enjoyed a journey through the company’s vision for a better planet.

As common theme we used BWT´s claim “perfect water wherever you are“ and designed a one of a kind human centered trade fair experience. Being one of the biggest trade fairs in the world comes with a few minor downsides, one of them: it can be a quite hectic experience for the visitors. This insight gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase BWT’s new corporate design, which focuses on the calming effects of water and the good feeling you get when using their eco-friendly products.
To stage this approach, different real-life surroundings were created: The best-water-home, a kitchen and bathroom showcasing products and their advantages in a modern and sustainable home. The best-water-Hotel showcased the benefits of BWT’s products in a real B2B environment and finally the hospitality area, a big open space, which invited the guests to relax and network. On top an 8k portal immersed participants and informed about BWT’s mission by showing marine life visuals in a subtle way.

Russian Copper Company Pavilion at Innoprom 2019

The future is getting closer. This is the concept developed by Simmetrico for the Russian Copper Company Pavilion, dedicated to its 15th anniversary.

Future is getting closer – under this concept Simmetrico created and developed the project of the RCC Pavilion this year. The main installation is the “Accelerator of the Future” – a futuristic bridge consisting of 12 frames, trimmed with LED panels with mirror covering.
The heart of the exhibition is a Holographic theater. With the help of LED surfaces, laser projectors, image synchronization with movements and photogrammetry algorithm, viewers are immersed in a fascinating and interactive show about the RCC copper production. The 15-year history is creatively presented on a dynamic wall, 3m high and 11m long installation. The wall is covered by 45 synchronized high-definition “dancing” monitors. Major projects of environmental protection, social responsibility and development of high-tech industries are reflected in the Interactive cubes installation, where using touch panels visitors can choose content.

ESC 2019

Booth for Bayer in the exhibition hall at annual European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019 with the goal of communicating with an audience of health care professionals who specialise in cardiology

Pharmaceutical events present a unique challenge because there is no physical product to showcase – what it looks like isn’t important, but what it means for patients is. We therefore used a powerful metaphor to demonstrate this. It informed HCPs about the benefits of the treatment and showed them how they could positively impact their patients’ lives. Our in house Creative Technology department invented a digital experience that would help Bayer grab attention. Our holistic approach combined architecture, graphics, motion design and interactive technology. The culmination of this was a dynamic, moving mountain sculpture. Our bespoke app collected complex data from interactions and translated this to a physical set of actuators inside the sculpture. This was in turn synced with projection mapped graphics showing each HCP’s personalised journey in an impactful display – a true feat of innovation.

SAP Interactive Showcase “Augmented Reality” with Eye-Tracking at Hannover Messe 2019

For SAP at Hannover Messe 2019, we set up an interactive highlight installation within a consistent 2-level storytelling: a booth tour and an AR showcase with eye-tracking on transparent OLED screens.

To present the seamless character of the SAP digital supply chain, five transparent OLED screens were arranged in a circle around a real double-seat valve placed in its center. Five ‚virtual stories‘ (played back/running on the OLED screens) transformed the exhibit into one product hero.

A successful long distance effect was achieved through the positioning of the well lit valve surrounded by transparent screens and centrally placed on a pentagonal tabletop.
The interactive staging of the valve was carried out using an innovative augmented reality solution: a combination of head & eye tracking plus real-time playback on 55” OLED screens.

The new interaction (eye-tracking), innovative augmented reality solution (AR without devices), as well as the for long distance optimized user experience ensured continuous interest and stimulating conversations.

Step into the new Reality

HERE collaborated with Jack Morton to create an arresting brand experience for CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The outdoor two storeys pavilion immersed the audience into the world of location technology.

The majority of the human population uses HERE’s services but have little to no understanding of the depth of data involved in supporting our everyday lives today and tomorrow. HERE’s data solutions are in our cars, our smart phone, delivery services, public transport and the world surrounding us. Every corner of our cities is mapped with a thousand layers of data, available at all time. It is the new reality.
Yet, for people to fully comprehend HERE’s functions, we needed to make the data tangible, visible, and invite the audience to enter it, explore it, touch it.
The idea was to create an journey that progressively immersed the audience into the new reality of data intelligence. It invited the audience to move from the physical to the digital world, layer by layer, in order to comprehend the potential of location data intelligence.
The pavilion took the audience on a journey inviting them to “Step into the New Reality”.

Gala Perspectives

Our client, GALA, asked us to design a novel and unconventional stand concept that would make us become a focus for visitors at one of the world’s most important ceramic trade fairs.

Our stand was conceived to surprise the visitors.
The central idea was to highlight the brand materials showing that only with GALA products, environments come alive, getting color and protagonism. With perspectives we managed to focus the observer’s gaze to make him aware of the transforming power of the Gala products, thus making them visible to a new perspective.

The Next Event (#TNE18)

The Next Event stands for a new concept for tradeshows. In a period of time where traditional trade shows or subject of discussion, ‘are they future proof?’, we thought of a concept that changed the game. We had to, because #TNE18 has his exhibitors within the eventindustry and their guests are marketers and communicationprofessionals. We turned Hosted Buyers into Guided Buyers. Products and offers became knowledge. Sales-chats transformed in tips, do’s and don’ts. Welcome to The Next Event!

Therefor we had to change the game. We wanted to provid exhibitors with only quality visitors, but therefor they had to change their normal approach of a trade show. No big booths, signs or flags, but providing visitors with answers, tips, tricks and their expertise. So they had to fill in pre-event question that resulted in knowledge dossiers. There wasn’t a maze of endless booths, flags and confusion where is whom. No they had to stand on squares with their competitors: caterers with caterers, venues with venues, etc. Visitors entered those squares by downloading the knowledge dossier of that type of eventsport. The visitor also receved their personal program: on which square they good find exhibitors with the answer for their pre-filled questions. And at what time are the square-keynotes talking about that subject and what is the program for the congress silent disco-style? The free catering was vegan and tens of hostesses guided the buyers to their answers.

Russian Copper Company’s Pavilion

Simmetrico designed and delivered – in turn-key condition – a two-storey building with exhibition areas, meeting halls, kitchen, bar and restaurant. Their ability to harmonise functional, technological and aesthetic complexity led to a wow” space that captivated visitors, created photo opportunities for them and made them exclaim, This is the best stand!” The foundations of the project are the Italian taste of the design, technologies pushed to their limits and contents that are enjoyed as e

In the creative concept proposed by Simmetrico, copper plays the starring role. Copper was the first metal to be extracted and processed by human beings, and an entire age of human development is named after it. It is currently the world’s third most extracted metal and continues to be inseparably bound to the progress of technological innovation. Copper is part of our DNA of humans who are constantly evolving. The visual theme is a copper DNA chain that stretches across the entire pavilion. The building’s exterior is a trailer” of what visitors will see inside – it is almost a poster of the Russian company’s technological power, size and passion. Inside, everything is organised around a large kinetic column, the hub of the pavilion. A large helix staircase develops around it, leading to the first floor. The shiny white colour of the cover elements creates a precious space, balanced between a research laboratory and a reception hall.


Event to present the new S/S 2019 Arena Sportswear & Swimsuit collection

Palermo, the institutional partner of the event, granted, for the first time, permission for the use of the Castle of Zisa gardens, a UNESCO heritage site. The space, within one of the most deprived districts of Palermo, was subject to a major redevelopment project. The garden, the pools and the mosaics were restored to their former glory with a major renovation. This restoration was a gift from Arena to the citizens. For the occasion, the Councillor for Culture attended and closed the event. The location and its multidimensional character (Arabic, Christian) was the inspiration for Kaleidoscope, in which Arena took and staged the concept with an interactive show, a sequence of scenes, in which the nuances of man and his relationship with water are narrated. In fact, water accompanies the most important moments of life: to be born, to dive, the feeling of equality given to each of us, while maintaining our uniqueness.


Jack Morton designed the HERE exhibit for CES in January 2018. The objective was to showcase HERE’s core solutions and innovations while accentuating their partnerships and strategy for the future. This was executed by creating an immersive sensory experience highlighting the interconnectivity between solution demos. The exhibit was aimed for current partners, companies with prospects for future collaborations with HERE and individuals with an interest in data solutions.

The idea was to immerse participants into the constant flow of data to feel the Pulse of the Reality Index”. The flow of the space was intentionally systematic. HERE’s partnerships and notable collaborations needed to be highlighted to capture audience attention and intrigue through the external architecture of the exhibit. Upon entering, the audience would be presented with a holistic display of HERE’s long-term vision: The Autonomous World. Only after a comprehensive understanding of the macro-perspective, would the audience be presented with the demo space, unveiling the individual mechanisms that build this world. The Open Location Platform, strategically placed in the centre of the space would represent the heart of the HERE vision. The interconnectivity between solutions would be visualized through LED pathways. Real time data generation would feed this process demonstrating effectively that the audience provides the fuel that powers the Autonomous World.

Experiencing the Digital World of a Telecom Operator

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, incorporating a thought-leadership conference that features prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

We have thought of and executed this space as an experience zone, refraining from the common video-based informative story-telling that dominated the show. The experience-based demos of digital products brought the standards of the demo space closer to consumer-focused technology exhibitions rather than B2B telecom industry events.

Cisco at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe is the world’s leading Manufacturing Industrial Trade Show attended by over 225,000 people. It is held in Hannover on 23-27 April 2018.

Our creative approach was based on the concept of a connected journey through the manufacturing ecosystem. We wanted to create a modern factory experience: A structure that underlies and supports Cisco’s plan for optimising the future of industrial manufacturing. We wanted to inspire Cisco’s prospects to keep progressing into an integrated future with Cisco technology. To do this we took all aspects of a factory setting and applied it to the architecture and in the graphics to create an exhibition space that showcased Cisco solutions.