Circus on water

A unique way of getting to know the fauna of the Canary Islands. As the world increasingly responds to animal performances in the circus arena, the Water Laser Show has expressed its solidarity.

CIRCUS ON WATER project became fun for the whole family. The impressive design capabilities allowed the show to be performed in a space more than 10 meters high and 100 meters wide. With these dimensions and the professional application of technology, it was possible to create a promising show that fascinated every participant and, at least for a short time, every child was cared away into a magical and mysterious world of 3D WATER CIRCUS.
Stationary system that can be used to enjoy water show in areas where are no water. This is the only system in the world created by WATER LASER SHOW! Patented invention! Now you can see the water show on the football field, in the meadow or even on the sandy arena, with the aid of this world’s only patented device the place of water show event belongs to your imagination. The future starts now!
Last year, the very first directory of sustainable businesses in the Canary Island was launched! We’re very excited to be a part of it!

Day of German Unity

There is no tradition for the German National Day, unlike most other countries. That’s why we set out to do what no one else has tried: to establish a tradition in which everyone can participate.

The central question: what suits us and the time? The topic of environment/sustainability moves us all – which is particularly evident in the topic of forests. Forests are an important part of the German culture/mythology – as well as currently a topic that moves mankind.
Our idea was to use this and to initiate the planting of trees as a ritual – the symbol for this is a symbol that we know from decades of the 50 “Pfennig” coin and serves as a signet for the campaign #einheitsbuddeln (unity diging) on social media.
Our idea: #einheitsbuddeln – every human planting a tree on the day of German Unity!
Step 1: a rousing target – 40,000 trees in the first year. And then more every year!
Step 2: Building credibility – through a broad coalition of world-class forestry experts and climate researchers.
Step 3: Create reach without budget! Through influential multipliers who support the action – suddenly everyone talked about it!
Step 4: Invite to participate – a tradition must take everyone.

Coca-Cola HBC Leadership Conference, Warsaw 2020

Annual Conference of a global range that set new directions of development for the brand. Dedicated for leaders and main partners of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company held in Poland, Warsaw.

The idea was to create a complexed event but to keep it simple at the same time. In matter of its structure, the meeting was a multilayered combination of different events that consisted of big conference, experimental sessions, fair, webinars, workshops, sightseeing, gala dinner, casual dinners, award ceremony and amazing party time, when the work was done. As for the impact on the environment, it was important to reduce unnecessary waste and to decrease the carbon footprint to the minimum. To do that, the technology came into play and together with smart logistics the event became a big celebration of ecological awareness. Another crucial feature of CCLC 2020 was the level of engagement of guests that was stimulated long before they arrived, was intensified on each occasion during their stay and lasted weeks after they left. Finally, something that stood up and made this meeting authentic was to settle universal idea of sustainability in undiscovered context of Polish heritage.

Botanical Watergarden

Botanical Watergarden was a multifunctional place, showing how one event may become multifunctional. Created with added value – education, entertainment, art, music, and sustainable thinking.

An old and forgotten greenhouse was renovated with environmentally friendly materials, it was flooded in water, creating a splendid watergarden that during evening gastronomic performance bloomed in gigantic flowers at the sound of piano concert. Tables were formed as waterfalls. Food was served on natural, recycled materials, and visitors were engaged in making plates out of flowers. Actors were telling stories about flowers that related with the ways the food was served. During the performance, the environment and tables were transformed several times. Tables turned into mirror-tables, levitating boats of flowers and candles were lowered. Organic products were used during the performance, demonstrating how flowers, insects and fruit of nature can be used in contemporary cuisine.
In the Botanic Watergarden, attracting popular lecturers, educational lectures were conducted where visitors were engaged, creating tasks that promoted a broader view on environmentally friendly activities.


We built H&M festival zone at music festival Colours of Ostrava, which is attended by 40.000 visitors. Beside the fun, the sustainability was the key element reached by Temple of sustainability.

The entire H&M zone looked like a “temple complex” and was unmistakable thanks to the use of the temporary bridge construction system (PIŽMO) from the 1950s, which was never used in this way.
We connected 4 natural elements and the 5th element was H&M itself. Water, air, fire, earth. The four elements necessary for life on our planet. Four basic elements overlapping the H&M zone.
For each of the elements we built a temple within the H&M zone, which was dedicated to the element – design, color, activities, pictogram. Each zone was represented by one Czech influencer.

TRANFORMING music festivals

We strive to create moments to engage with the audience. Our presence in music festivals took the physical form of a stand built out of 3 trucks that can be rearranged to create different structures.

EDP wanted to take a step towards making a difference. In this sense, a pilot project was developed and built in Portugal in just six months. In this period, three semi-trailers have been built, creating innovative structures that can be used in small or big version, occupying an area of approximately 300 or 700 square meters of brand activation.

Suono Positivo (Jova Beach Party 2019)

During 2019 Jova Beach Party,we thought to realize a 100% sustainable and recyclable structure that has been moved throughout the 17 stages of the tour promoting the first time project Suonopositivo.

Create,during the 2019 Jova Beach Party music tour,a 100% sustainable and recyclable structure to tell Suono Posivito,Sammontana’s project which for the first time used recycled plastic to create vynils.On those 45rpm records a live performance of Jovanotti’s single “Nuova Era” has been recorded.The vynils have been awarded throughout the 17 stages of the tour and sold on and the proceeds have been donated to WWF.The modular structure,perfect to be moved to all the 17 different locations,has been completely created in wood and aluminum with the aim to give to it a second life,after the tour,becoming a recycling laboratory for the schools that Sammontana collaborates with,in order to augment the sensibility linked to environmental protection and to the recycle as people’ contribution for the pollution reduction.

Ecovidrio Blessed Bathrooms

Ecovidrio gave us the challenge of sparking a change in the musical festival scene with its focus heavily placed on the younger attendees and the mass consumption.

Events are one of the biggest producers of garbage, especially festivals. Music, alcohol, with young people being the key ingredient in the accumulation of waste. The Arenal Sound Festival, generates around 78 tons of garbage every summer and its star guests, young people, are not at all aware of the problem. This is where we decided to act. So we pondered, what would need to be done in order to raise awareness amongst millenials about this ongoing problem? A direct incentive! What did we need? A miracle. While doing some digging through the rubbish at these festivals we found it, The toilets! Toilets found at these festivals are a complete nightmare, dirty, small, flooded, disgusting but they became a blessing in disguise. This is how we created “Blessed Bathroms”, a true heaven on earth for festival lovers. The idea was simple,if they kept the Festival clean, we would provide the most luxurious and clean bathrooms, your throne away from home. Quick and easy with no hassle whatsoever.

UN Climate Change Conference 2017 – COP23

In 2017, Vagedes & Schmid took on the responsibility for the greatest project in political communications of that time and the largest ever international conference to be held in Germany: the UN Climate Chance Conference 2017 or Conference of the Parties (COP). As general contractor and lead agency, the company created a 55,000 square meters temporary conference site in the Rheinaue Park in Bonn. Since the Republic of Fiji held the COP presidency the Fijian Spirit had to be present at the venue.

For the UN Climate Change Conference, Vagedes & Schmid developed a unique dialogue concept: One Conference – Two Zones. Under this concept, varied rooms were created for personal exchanges about complex subjects and issues, spread over the entire area. The interior and exterior design and the event program were designed around the dual zone concept. The Bonn Zone, as it was called, featured many colourful special events, exhibitions and country pavilions and was used for intensive civil society dialogue. The diversity of this zone was reflected in country-specific decorations combined with a wide range of natural materials, bright colours and modern designer furniture. In the Bula Zone (Fijian for welcome”), negotiations were held in the World Conference Centre and the UN Campus. To create a connection between the Bonn Zone and the UN buildings, design forms based on the colours of the logo and the wavy visual imagery of Fiji, the host nation, were incorporated into this location.

Zero waste management

Having created large events in the past, Capgemini needed to conduct its annual celebration for over 1 Lakh Employees across 8 Cities. Instead of creating a celebration of fun, we created the concept of ‘RESPONSIBLE FUN’, that went beyond entertainment , fun & dining. With three levels of waste segregation and managing over 16.4 tonnes of waste, we recycled the plastics and used the food waste to create gas for cooking. 

Held across 8 cities in India with an average turnout of over 20000 people per city, the waste generated per event exceeds that of a small sized village. We identified this as our biggest platform to create an efficient on ground initiative that furthered the cause of Waste mgt for Capgemini as a brand & raised the social consciousness of the employees by creating a Concept of Responsible Fun”.Our aim was to reduce the waste dumping to a bare minimum through events across each city. With events spread nationwide which catered to large audiences, we knew we couldn’t opt for the traditional dry & wet waste bins.Our solution – 3 Levels of waste segregation on site.With many organisations & households using a single segregation system, we knew that segregating the plastic & wet waste would be an impossible task if done just once or twice.We carefully mapped & identified the key areas for waste disposal across acres of land & started setting up segregation bases at those places.

The Xynteo Exchange 2018

Xynteo is a platform for galvanising leaders and catalysing ideas – and fusing them into new projects, for new growth. They wanted to create an event that would contribute to a positive change. A platform where business leaders, sources of capital and ideas could come together, and create actual commercial projects with the potential to advance a new growth model.

We wanted to create an event where the attendees felt as if they were standing in the midst of the status quo of the world. The shipping industry represents a major role in our globalized world, therefore hosting the conference in an old docking warehouse seemed both appropriate and significant to the nature of the event. We wanted to highlight the venue and accentuate its raw features by filling the location with shipping containers. The containers were used to create areas in an open space, giving it a raw and almost unpleasant atmosphere. To make the most out of this set up we utilized the containers as a surface for communication. This was an extraordinary opportunity that made it possible to communicate ideas for a solution directly on the challenge. By doing so we sought to awaken the participants true will and need to take action.


Event to present the new S/S 2019 Arena Sportswear & Swimsuit collection

Palermo, the institutional partner of the event, granted, for the first time, permission for the use of the Castle of Zisa gardens, a UNESCO heritage site. The space, within one of the most deprived districts of Palermo, was subject to a major redevelopment project. The garden, the pools and the mosaics were restored to their former glory with a major renovation. This restoration was a gift from Arena to the citizens. For the occasion, the Councillor for Culture attended and closed the event. The location and its multidimensional character (Arabic, Christian) was the inspiration for Kaleidoscope, in which Arena took and staged the concept with an interactive show, a sequence of scenes, in which the nuances of man and his relationship with water are narrated. In fact, water accompanies the most important moments of life: to be born, to dive, the feeling of equality given to each of us, while maintaining our uniqueness.