Heineken F1 Experience

Heineken, official sponsor of Formula 1, brought a big event to the streets of 2 brazilian cities: F1 cars, famous brazilian drivers and more, to reconnect the audience to the Sport, lost for years.

The idea at a glance:
A pop-up Heineken F1 Racing Team that took the thrill of the Formula One beyond the Racing Track.
THE MESSAGE = Inspired by the message behind the TV Ad featuring David Coulthard, “GREAT PERFORMANCES ARE ALWAYS A TEAM EFFORT”, we handpicked our stars:
THE “UNSUNG HEROES” = Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa. 8 Constructors World Championships combined. No tributes.
And gave them a chance to celebrate their careers in the streets of Brazil, driving a F1 car one last time, facing their home crowd.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Vitoria-Gasteiz 2019

Official events of the Final Four at the Fernando Buesa Arena: introducing the Tournament, the Championship Game, the Teams before matches and celebrating the winners of the Championship Game Trophy

Concept Title: 4 Pillars of Devotion. Each of the main show moments within the Tournament have been conceived to maximise their emotional impact on the audience. We have aimed at transforming the Fernando Buesa Arena into the temple of European basketball, by dramatically changing the look of the court in a matter of seconds. For this purpose, we have taken an unprecedented approach, adding vertical dimension to the usual video mapping floor projection techniques, by implementing a gauze screen that suddenly appeared at the centre of the Arena. The 15 m tall screen, shaped like a cylinder and mapped with 360° projections, virtually and physically symbolised the pillars of the Final Four, that is to say the core values of the Tournament and of the Euroleague brand. The 4 “Pillars” (Fans, Teams, Action and Glory) have inspired a visual narrative capable of going beyond language and cultural differences amongst fans, uniting them under the same feeling of Devotion for the sport.


Opening Ceremony of the African Cup of Nation in Egypt. The AFCON is the 3rd biggest football competition around the world, gathering the best of African Football viewed by 300 millions pax.

In Football, the match is the heart and the ceremony is the soul of the competition. A football ceremony is always a challenge because it is right before the match, which by no matter what, cannot be delayed. Therefore time is of essence. For this AFCON 2019, we wanted to raise the bar and create a new standard and a ceremony people will talk about.
It was the 1st full 360 video mapping ever made for a football event.
We build and raised on the field 3 giants Pyramid (1 of 19 meter height, and 2 others of 9 meters) in less than 4 minutes on which we project contents on all faces.
We create a full Video content of 12 minutes that we project on all the scenic element (Pyramids, Carpet, Performers)

VM I DØDS – World Championship in Death Dive (Belly Flop jumping).

The World Championship in “Death dive” is a family-oriented public event for showcasing the sport of Døds.
The “Death dive” can best described as a extreme form of diving. The athletes throws themselves flat out in an X formation from 10 meters height, holding the X-position or doing tricks on the way down and ultimately cut through the water surface all crunched up. The concept startet out in Norway in the 60s and 6.sans has used the last years too develope a new sport.

We have created a brand new sport. In Norwegian called “Dødsing”. It has become a very public friendly concept. The young crowd and the families love it. The event experience is a portion of diving, with a bit of Jackass, combined with a bit of deardevil contest. The sport have its own jury and a full set of rules.

Terzo Tempo Peroni Village

For the 10th edition of the Terzo Tempo Peroni Village” we provided the set up in occasion of the Rugby 6 Nations Tournament of two house matches (Italy-England and Italy-Scotland)

Every year we have enlarged the format with creative contents to edit and innovative ideas. In 2018 we had:

The CBvNL (De Coolste Baan van Nederland) is the coolest” ice rink in the Netherlands

After 125 years, the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships returned to Amsterdam, at a public pop-up skating rink at the holy ground of the Olympic Stadium. The CBvNL welcomed more than 120,000 skating visitors and hosted the Championships for more than 50,000 spectators.

For the first time ever, an ice-skating championship was placed in a historical context. The graphic design, based on the work of Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp, provided a visual context for the venue, and for all communications.

The Rematch

The Rematch is a celebration of Norway’s biggest sporting moment, the victory over Brazil at the 98 world cup. Every Norwegian remembers the game, where they were, with whom, the celebration etc. To focus on the poor status of Norwegian football now, to reposition Aftenposten as a natural newspaper for sports, and to give all of Norway a chance to re-live old memories and create new ones: Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and the other superstars came to Oslo to get their rematch against Norway98

Historically, Norway has never been one of the greatest football nation. However the match against Brazil was a huge moment in the norwegian sport history.
The idea in itself was controversial and high risk. Nevertheless, we had both the editoral and commercial support to implement this unique event.
Never before there has been an “official” rematch of a major national sports moment. The profiles from 20 years back are for many of us bigger than today’s football profiles. The sports moment is so special and important in Norwegian history that it generated a massive media attention.
The main challenge was to transform a new idea into a sustainable economic project, sign in some of the world’s biggest football profiles, find a possible and ideal date that suited the players, Aftenposten as well as a date closer to the World Cup. In order to reach our goal we had to get in place sponsors, collaborators and all practicalities, such as a TV production, venue director, ticketing and so on.

Toyota – Start Your Impossible

Toyota Motor Company launched the global campaign Start Your Impossible, an initiative born from the partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games Committees. Objective of the event was the presentation to the press, authorities and stakeholders of the new campaign and of the Toyota Team, a selection of athletes as Ambassadors of the campaign in Italy.

The set up was studied all around the symbol of the Olimpic Games, as a celebration of it: the five circles were an exclusive showcase containing the trophys of the Toyota Olimpic Team, placed in the centre of the main stage. All around immersive projections followed all the moments of the events with lights and images of the emotional campaign Toyota – Start your impossible.

ORLEN Warsaw Marathon 2018

ORLEN Warsaw Marathon 2018 was one of Poland’s largest running events in the recent years. It was conceived by PKN ORLEN, one of Europe’s largest oil and gas companies. We were tasked with creating an event combining elements of professional sport (marathon and 10K run) with attractions for families and Warsaw citizens, set in the context of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. The two-day event was advertised as the ‘National Running Day’ and reached thousands of people.

To provide the client with the best service, agencies MyPlace and endorfina events joined forces for the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon project. They worked with PKN ORLEN to create a concept of a two-day event that meets the challenge. Patriotism is an incredibly important value to Poles, which is why the complex event was expanded by elements related to the anniversary of independence. The event was advertised as ‘the National Running Days’, which formed the basis for all communications. During the event, participants could enjoy attractions provided by the Historical Re-enactment Society and undergo an actual military drill. At the starting line, the participants sang the national anthem and started to a gun salute. Participants of the marathon and 10K run were given red and white jerseys respectively. They started from the same spot but in two different directions, forming the Polish flag as seen from above. At the finish line, all runners were given medals in the shape of the Polish map.

La notte del maestro

Friendly match organized at San Siro stadium with Legends and World Football Stars to celebrate Andrea Pirlo’s farewell to football.

Andrea Pirlo has been one of the greatest champions of all time, his farewell to football deserves a special event. Because of that, the idea “La Notte del Maestro” was born, to have a great match in the temple of San Siro. Get inspired by his nickname, ”Maestro”, we have approached football to art, giving life to his famous brush strokes on the field in the event creativity to communicate the event to everyone on TV, print, website and social media.
in addition, the painter Francesco tricarico made paintings inspired by Andrea’s best plays, which were sold at auction for charity.
to make the event unforgettable and innovative, an eSport football game was played for the first time on the maxiscreen of San Siro stadium, during the pre-match and during the match, on the maxiscreen of the stadium, the social live activation was broadcast: both the fans present at the stadium as well as those at home could see each other sharing their photos with dedicated hashtags on social networks.

ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2018

ISU World Figure Skating Championships organised by FISG – Italian Ice Sports Federation in Milan, at Mediolanum Forum of Assago, from 21st to 25th March 2018. The ISU WFSC are a yearly sport competition in which athletes from the whole world, and the most important for them with Olympic Games. its aims are focused on the competition, as well as on increasing the awareness of this discipline. The targets are not just the fans, but all the families with children and people of all ages.

As we approach the 500th Leonardo Da Vinci’s death anniversary, Milan, Italian creativity and style dominate the project, from the visual identity and the logo inspired by the Da Vinci’s Knot, to the whole experience. The innovation of this event was to conceive it, the supporters and other targets communities as a single open ecosystem, to maximize the exposure and audience engagement. This way, the sport competition evolved itself in an event engaging the whole territory with its economic flows, and satellite activities of many different businesses.

Eurobasket Finland

Finland hosted the first major international basketball event in 50 years in Helsinki. The organizing federation wanted to create a spectacle that spans out of the arena and touches everyone in Finland – at the arena, in the host city Helsinki and all across Finland. Elämys Group planned and executed a modern era sports experience with fan zones, parties, hospitality events and a broad campaign in digital and non-digital marketing and media platforms.

Creative idea was a concept called “The 6th Player” including: 1. Launch of “6th player” official fan network to collect new fans to database 2. “6th player” partner concept to engage existing corporate partners and find new ones. a. Extensive marketing campaign for partners under “6th Player” umbrella. b. Exclusively tailored promotion campaigns for all partners c. Social video campaign where “6th player” partners got to show how they support National team – similar videos were made of fans, players parents, etc. 3. Event concept including
a. Official fan zone next to Arena b. Additional “6th Player” fan zone in the center of the including public viewing and basketball field for everyone to try the game c. 20 local “6th Player” fan zones around the country. Local clubs organized – tool pack provided by event agency. d. “6th Player” night club for fans to gather after every game e. 4 Different hospitality experiences to suit all kinds of partner needs.