Beach parties to increase Aperol Spritz trial and sell out in the Se-med region. Consumer 25-35 years old. Key moment of the party : Amphibious car landing from the sea and transformation into a bar.

The event format is an international summer tour with an Italian crew (8 people), 3 vehicles for the transportation of the amphibious car and the set-up equipment travelling 12000 km on road and thought more than 8 countries and 13 cities of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region. The event take place in 13 beach bars carefully selected by type of beach and target: local people not tourists. Aperol Spritz’s objective is to be an Aperitivo that spontaneously gathers people together and sparks nothing but good vibes, whatever the occasion. The amphibious car is a symbol of this attitude, bringing people together and creating happiness. The amphibious car is a custom-made land and sea vehicle, unique and smart tool in the world, certified to navigate in all the SE-MED Region. This vehicle, having sailed into the sea and driven on to the beach, let down its windows and doors to reveal itself as an Aperol Spritz bar and DJ stand to lets the party start.

BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

Four destinations, three continents within five days. The BMW iNEXT was brought to the global press in a highly efficient Lufthansa Cargo converted into a future driven presentation lounge.

The BMW VISION iNEXT is the start of a new era for BMW; it’s future mobility brought to life and for such a quintessential moment, BMW wanted a completely different way of presenting the car to the media and gather undivided and exponential attention for their future mobility vision. Inspired by Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, we took the BMW Vision iNEXT to media representatives across the globe: to Munich, New York, San Francisco, Beijing and thus to 4 destinations on 3 continents within 5 days. Never before a car was presented in such a way to any audience: A cargo plane was converted into a high tech, future driven stage. In the purposely designed and tailor-made exclusive closed-room concept, 400 selected media representatives experienced the theatrical staging of BMW’s vision vehicle, the BMW Vision iNEXT and thus the future vision of the BMW Group. The grueling time schedule allowed the global press to see the car almost at the same time and limited embargos.

Google Saathi Day – “A Women Empowerment Initiative”

In order to bridge the online gender divide in rural India, Google Internet Saathi was conceptualised, and we came on board to make it a reality.

We knew that not only the message, but the source of delivery of that message would have to play a key role if regular folk, with time constraints that come with life in big cities had to be engaged. The remote villages of Brahmani and Chedgaon in Maharashtra were selected as venues for media interaction. We zeroed in on the spirited Aparna Bankar, who set up a factory for sanitary napkins after learning everything off the internet!
A key strategy was to rope in digital influencers as the best people to take the message across the country. So the invites for the events were the media and these influencers, and ground zero was the very heart on the action – Aparna’s factory in the remote Brahmani village.


Flight 1: TRAINING DEALERS: MSK,12 days, 1012 ppl Flight 2: ROAD SHOW: B2C, 14 cities, 41 days, 2485 ppl
10 autos in column, 3 trucks
23 days on the road
4 683 km route
20 events
32 rebuild

The new Renault ARKANA crossover is designed to bring out the inner energy of roads and deliver it to the driver. Only you are worthy of this ARKANA’s hidden power. Just get behind the wheel and — DISCOVER THE POWER OF RENAULT ARKANA! Five forces of the ARKANA are the FORCE OF CHARACTER, THOUGHT, INTUITION, WILL and SPIRIT. ARKANA’s power becomes yours when you are behind the wheel. Test it yourself!

Preliminary phase included concept development, naming and intense work with branding including 3D-visualization, 800 sq. m of site constructions and 45 branded items.
We deployed branded tents for presentations, activations and rest. We designed mobile constructions to minimize costs and time to rebuild. We’ve set up vending machines and created digital assets for event’s interactive parts. 5 sites were designed to identify 5 forces.

High-quality analytics and targeting substantially reduced client’s budget. “Cost of contact” was reduced to a minimum.


We realized a very unconventional roadshow around Ireland in a unique vehicle brought all the way from central Europe. A classic Tullamore D.E.W. branded three-wheel Velorex was the perfect medium to catch people‘s attention; the vehicle has a strong connection to the product‘s character and as we expected, coupling the Velorex with Tullamore D.E.W drew huge interest on site resulting in lots of social media activity.

We brought the idea to use the legendary Czech-made Velorex three-wheeler to a branded communication medium into reality. A car with a strong connection with Tullamore D.E.W. even if these two brands had no prior combined history, and Velorex had probably never before been on Irish soil. Both brands are in no doubt legendary, were affordable to everyone, although today they are regarded as premium products. The history of both brands is firmly connected with tradition and the art of production, and with their qualities they are both unique with no competition. Moreover a three-wheeler helps to reinforce the fact that Tullamore D.E.W. is the only whiskey in the world which is triple distilled, matured in three different types of casks and blended with all three types of Irish whiskey.

Volkswagen Amarok Hero

To increase the unaided brand awareness of the Volkswagen Amarok model. The Brand Reinforcement as the best manly car of the conception Man in Everything. To show the Benefits of possessing this car. To stir interest in the model with a V6 engine.

The first All-Russian competition of manhood “AMAROK Hero”. The first stage: Large-scale digital campaign through cities participating in the road show, enrollment of competitioners, selection by the editorial jury. The second stage: attraction of TA (target audience) attention, online voting, selection of participants of the “live” finale, meeting of the finalists of the regional stage, final competitions within the framework of the two-day event on the basis of Dealers’ Centers and independent sites of complex off road. The third stage: Presentation of the car, test drive, awarding the winners of the regional stage of the contest.

Watson Summit (European Series)

Twenty-seven events.  One consistent, consolidated approach.  IBM Watson Summit is the flagship Europe-wide event series for IBM.  The 2017 events attracted 18,660 registrations. Attendees were drivers of digital transformation across the C-Suite level (CMO/CDO, COO/VP Bus Ops, CIO’s [Innovation], CIO & CTO’s), Marketers, Innovation Managers, Start-ups, Developers and Data Scientists. The primary purpose was to reinforce IBM as the leader in cognitive business and cloud platforms.

GPJ recommended Watson Summits be brave & bold in their design to differentiate from competition and attract new audiences. We identified festival-style event trends in the entertainment industry & recommended IBM brought this immersive festival approach to senior IT executives:

-Agenda designed with freedom of movement & different passions in mind. Not just one traditional keynote theatre, but multiple activities occurring concurrently

-Multiple engaging event formats devised to inspire info exchange – stage in the round, fishbowl sessions, silent theatres, rotating seating

-IBM Watson technology woven into the event DNA – choir singing a song composed by Watson, cognitive refreshments served based on a participant’s mood, stage lighting adjusted according to Watson’s analysis of the event social sentiment

-IBM branding displayed in new & playful ways

-Impressive range of speakers designed to surprise. Chris Hadfield (astronaut) played guitar & sang David Bowie’s Space Oddity

Mercedes #24RIDE

#24RIDE, the first ever 24-hour livestream game show, announced the launch of new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. 12 participants drove 20 influencers through 9 cities while getting tasks from mission control.

Anyone could join this trip because the car and all stops were wired with cameras and broadcast to YouTube & FB. Livestream viewers could win one of 200 prizes, including a new A-Class.

KPIs: reach of 400k people, target audience of 25-34 yo., NPS of 9, increase client’s social media audience.

Typical new car ads involve shots of the car and a few happy people.

We came up with a completely new format. A 24-hour road show all around the country and livestreamed on the client’s social media (FB & YT). People could join in at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

The car has multiple drivers and passengers, both well-known & civil figures, including a scientist, actor, singer, YouTuber, economist, and presidential candidate.

The driver/passenger teams have to visit various places and perform tasks, to make thigs more interesting for those following along on social media.

Throughout the trip, everyone in the new car uses its features and shows how they work in real time.

We also had to livestream from the car so that it would work no matter what they were doing or how fast they were going, so that viewers could connect and follow along anytime, anywhere – at home, at work, on the road. Livestreaming is currently the most effective way of reaching the targeted demographic.

New Dacia Duster Roadshow 2018

In the beginning of 2018 spring , brand-new SUV Dacia Duster took the place for automotive industry. Groupe Renault & dsm group came together to create something new and extraordinary. Unlike the other roadshows done before , As a dsm group , we put more technology and experience in test drives. With great combination of Virtual Reality and Mix Reality , guests who have visited Roadshow to test new Dacia Duster ,they have left with a first in the world experience.

As a dsm group , we have tried to put more technology and experience in test drives. With great combination of Virtual Reality and Mix Reality. Guests who have visited Roadshow Area to test new Dacia Duster ,leave with a first in the world experience.

Latvian Alphabet

After 17 years of operations, telecommunications company Tele2 has evolved from a price competitor to the leading mobile operator in terms of clients and Internet speed. To highlight its local values, Tele 2 launched a major campaign revolving around 4G drone expedition.

This is a unique project. Its story began with passionate innovators within the company who created a method for testing 4G internet in remote areas. Discovering nature-made letters was mere coincidence.

Citroën Winterland Tour

The first travelling tourist village. 8 Winter resorts with Music, Games, Entertainment and a unique protagonist: Citroën C3 Aircross. The goals: get as many leads as possible, promote the car’s features, entertain families and young people that love skiing & enjoy mountains, boost the brand awareness on field, on air and online with all the media of Radio Italia’s Group. The target was: +18 years old.

Citroën Winterland Tour was not created for sports-addicted. It’s  for families, for young people who loves to enjoy the weekends spent in the most beautiful mountain’s resorts. It’s fun and entertainment. It’s positivity and responsability. It’s been 8 great moments for everyone.

Coding Tomorrow

Teaching coding, practicing makey makey and mbot innovation kits, to the children of ages between 7-14, who are living in socio/economically disadvantaged locations of Turkey, with the aim of increasing the awareness and experience of technology production.

Previously, we were able to reach out to less amount of children at pre-determined activity locations. We have designed a special truck to reach out to more children and to geographically and socio/economically disadvantaged locations. We have equipped this truck with computers, Scratch program, high speed internet, Mbot and makey makey innovation kits.

In other words, we have developed a mobile technology classroom.

We have offered them something different from their standard daily life: We invited them to the exciting world of the future by letting them live a surprisingly unique experience.