yoga by the bay

Times of India, being a socially conscious brand & an enabler for several social initiatives wanted to put an end to the struggle of living an unhealthy lifestyle for every Mumbaikar by creating an initiative that would motivate the members of this society to lead a more fulfilling & healthy lifestyle.

Yoga enables healthy living as it brings together your mind, body & soul as one with nature and enables you to focus on yourself & experience a sense of calm & well-being. The most ideal way to practise Yoga is one where you are not confined to an indoor space but are in an open one with fresh air, a picturesque view & serene ambience.
Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi in his UN Address announced 21st June as the International Day of Yoga for the world to come together & practise this intrinsically Indian art form. So we created a Yoga initiative for TOI where Mumbaikars came together as one with nature within the confines of the usually chaotic Mumbai lifestyle at Mumbai’s very own Queen’s Necklace – the Marine Drive to practise this art form to lead healthier lives..
No one had ever witnessed a mass fitness movement in Mumbai apart from when the marathons came to town or when there was a ‘Huge’ clearance sale in a mall.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

The CBvNL (De Coolste Baan van Nederland) is the coolest” ice rink in the Netherlands

After 125 years, the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships returned to Amsterdam, at a public pop-up skating rink at the holy ground of the Olympic Stadium. The CBvNL welcomed more than 120,000 skating visitors and hosted the Championships for more than 50,000 spectators.

For the first time ever, an ice-skating championship was placed in a historical context. The graphic design, based on the work of Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp, provided a visual context for the venue, and for all communications.

Riga Street Food Festival

Riga Street Food Festival is the first Baltic winter street food festival with a unique concept – during the event, fourteen famous Latvian chefs prepare bold meals using locally grown ingredients. The festival has achieved its goal of becoming a tradition after tremendous success in 2017. The festival is a great opportunity to work for a beloved city, represent deep-rooted values and organise it all with love and passion.

In 2017, Latvia was probably the only country in the world without its own street food festival. As global street food festivals were becoming an increasingly popular occurrence, we decided to create a local gastronomical tradition of our own. 2018 saw the second edition of the Riga Street Food festival. This time, we received even more affirmation that we were doing the right thing; this wasn’t just an event anymore – we were laying the foundations for celebrating Latvian gastronomic culture. The process also helped illustrate the municipal government’s support for local entrepreneurship.
Riga’s Top chefs and restaurants eagerly took part. This year, we challenged the chefs to channel their inner hooligans and prepare meals they would never serve in their own restaurants. That’s how we got to taste fantastic meals like the “Duck chili con carne with black chocolate” or the “Black garlic cake with hazelnut jam”.

King’s Day 2018

Organizing King’s Day 2018, which marks the Dutch King’s 51st birthday. On this day, the city and province of Groningen offered a warm welcome to the Royal Family. The story of the Groningen region was told during a two-hour route through the historic center: the opportunities, developments, and the unique character of the region, as well as the problems in and around the city, were all meant to give all of the Netherlands an inspiring and festive experience of Groningen.

We approached eight ambassadors who (pars pro toto) each in their own way welcomed the King and his family to their Groningen.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” thereby became the leitmotif on which the entire route was designed.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” also became the theme of the marcom campaign that welcomed visitors and the general public to the city of Groningen. This theme offered us the opportunity to divide the route into various target groups: youth, students, entrepreneurs, etc.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” was also the title of the song that was composed especially for this occasion, and which thus provided the musical heartbeat of the whole event, and the route, as they were broadcast on TV.
The theme and its musical translation resounded in the smallest details, and made it possible for a massive public event to be experienced as one coherent whole.
The live event thus became a Royal campaign for the city of Groningen that will be proudly remembered for years to come.

Generation Discover Festival 2017

The amazing five-day Generation Discover Festival. An event that showcases science & technology to a young audience. A place where the most curious youngsters explored science & technology experiences and joined hands-on workshops such as; future cities, cybercrime, drone flying, and building & racing salt water cars. Learning by doing and learning through playing, that is Generation Discover Festival. A rewarding way of truly sparking the interest of the next generation. Generation Discover.

We created the amazing five-day Generation Discover Festival. An event that showcases science & technology to a young audience. A place where the most curious youngsters explored science & technology experiences in a unique way. They were able to join hands-on workshops such as; building future cities, act on cybercrime, controlling a 2 meter tall robot,  drone flying, and building & racing salt water cars. Learning by doing and learning through play, that is Generation Discover Festival. A festival by Shell and its actively contributing partners to celebrate science & innovation.

We delivered a spectacular event to a big audience. We amazed youngsters and gave them many good reasons to fall in love with science, innovation and technology. We convinced teachers the importance of the subject and encouraged them to spend more time on the subject in class.

Il Festival dell’Amore (The Love Festival)

A multidisciplinary festival where writers, artists, influencers, philosophers, designers, athletes have shared for 4 days their personal vision of the most important feeling for human being: love. Love as an epic challenge, as life nourishment: this is the true meaning of first edition of The Love Festival made of talk, show, reading, visions, declarations, ceremonies. An original format by Mario Viscardi, Franco Bolelli, Manuela Mantegazza, with the official recognition of the city of Milan.

ll Festival dell’amore is a Reality Festival, a true vital experience.
It has not been conceived for a passive audience, it has been made for human beings ready to be inspired.
The main players on stage were attractive celebrities but above all they were motivating personalities, that describe their stories and their experiences.
The stage has also host other stories, where the audience was the content producer.
Il Festival dell’Amore was a place to listen and discuss, to meet new people, to fall in love.
During the festival free wedding and private ritual were celebrated.
It was an original format, with 3 days of talk, reading, performance, rituals, lab for kids, serenade, free weddings +
1 Valentine’s day with romantic dinner for couples and closing party The Night Lovers + 1 entire night of love movies on double beds.

Festival of Light

Two merging companies in the field of digital security.

A new global leader and a single brand to launch and to reveal to 3 different audiences (external and internal)
+ 180 countries concerned.
One unique show : “Behind the Curtain”
A one-hour technological show mixing 3 audiences (14000 employees worldwide + 300 international clients, journalists and influencers) to reveal the new brand and launch this new world leader. A daring event that sets the stage for normally invisible data.

“Dive into a world of light and shadow, sounds and silence, nature and technology”. During cold and dark winter time, international light and media artists were transforming the park landscape and parts of the chambers of wonder into an immersive audiovisual open-air art installation. A magical experience of a special kind in the middle of the mountain landscape of Tyrol and under the alpine night sky. This is how the CW celebrate artistic creativity and inspiration.

The story (based on the original concept of the CW by André Heller): The giant (the iconic character of the CW) collected the existing chambers of wonders during his extended trips around the world and every now and then he dreams of his adventures. Each one of the three acts of our show is one of these vigorous, crazy and dramatic dreams telling and showing the guest about the fantastic experiences of the giant: talking animals, magic eyes, giants and cripples, unicorns, elephant heads, witches, medicine men and clowns.

Asian Day

Connections, the Belgian travel specialist, let the public discover one of the most beautiful cultures in the world in the Docks Dome in Brussels. In an Asian setting transformed into perfection, from floral decoration to maki-creation workshops, lush geisha to traditional Japanese art, the discovery of the Asian culture has fulfilled its promise. Thanks to a strong program and the recreation of an impeccable Asian world, true to reality, the Asian Day enticed over 1,400 travel enthusiasts.

The Asian Day was designed to be a true experience as it was a unique mix of two concepts. On the one hand, it was an event in the classic sense that there was a wide range of animation throughout the day; geisha on stilts, real Asian workshops, live cooking demos, authentic ceremonies, expert keynote speakers,… And on the other hand, Asian Day took the form of a trade show as there were booths and partners present, spread all over the different halls where all guests could gather information for their trips. This remarkable combination of two types of events turned Asian Day into an unforgettable live experiential happening.

Beltehelt – Seat Belt Heroes

In 2016 research was conducted in Buskerud County regarding use of seat belts among pupils traveling with school buses. The research was carried out on 64 local school bus routes on more than 1600 passengers. The results revealed that on average only 11% of the passengers used seat belts. 6.Sans got the task of creating a campaign that would increase the focus on seat belt use when traveling by bus. Seat belt heroes was a campaign targeting children from 7-12 traveling by bus too and from school

We created a hero for the children. A hero with the traditional shape of a Superhero. The superheroes goal was to save children before they get into serious trouble or accidents. This was conducted through a surprising personal visit from a superhero at the school bus. All parents where informed about the stunt in advance, but this was a surprise for all the children. Parents was instructed to discuss if something exciting had occurred during the school day. Teachers were instructed to do the same. This gave parents the opportunity to talk to their children over dinner or breakfast about wearing seat belts on the school bus. The tone of voice was child adapted and the pay off was Smart Superheroes use seatbelts