Create a great event for the UniCredit sales network were celebrate the results achieved, create the path for 2020 and talk about the importance of each one as an individual and as part of a team.

To convey the determination and courage of the company, Synapsy organized a rock festival where corporate messages were converted into Music. The location was transformed into a Concert Arena and a Village. Keywords and company messages were expressed with music and TED like speeches inserted within the festival. The host of the event was Paola Maugeri, who told the story of Queen in a parallelism on the vision, innovation, teamwork and passion that drives the company. In the village, the participants challenged each other with guitar riffs, dressed up as Queen band members, created T-shirts and banners to be displayed during the evening show. The highlight of the event was the evening Tribute Concert on Queen for which Synapsy gathered the best musicians and singers from all over the world in a big band created ad hoc. Written and directed by the agency, the evening concert staged Queen’s most famous songs, combining music, choreography, light design and video in a great show.


Show of Hairstyling to present the last trends of the sector at a professional level. Involve and excite the audience, transmit the know-how in a spectacular and surprising way.

The world hairstyling icons have shined like stars on stage to guide professionals, present at the event, towards the new hairstyling trends.
The star became the emblem of the show, characterizing the overall communication: from the logo event to the stage, till the videos content and the artists performance.
After an opening video, the welcome speech of the General Manager of Oréal Professionnel has launched the emotional video. Entrance to the stage of La Pina and Diego, hosts of the event, who kicked off the main part of the show: the alternation of the greatest international artists of Beauty. Many different worlds, ever-changing settings and spectacular performances, created ad hoc for each hairstylist on stage. The event ended with a dj set and a barman freestyle.

Focus LIVE 2019

Focus Live is the event that brings science among people. Focus created an experiential event to share emotions and widen its target audience. After 2018 success, the event triples its dates.

This was Focus approach: talking about science in simple, accessible and engaging language, always keeping in mind that the real objective of the event was inviting people to be curious.
The format included one main stage, two speakers corners, a wide expo area; it was moved on a roadshow in Genoa, Trento and Milan. Main speeches were streamed. Focus Live also included special areas and workshops for kids and teens.
Many experiments were highly engaging, ie.: Mars walking simulator, the static apnea pool, then a suit that simulates aging, the nursing robot, the scanning booth that creates your own avatar, the Aeronautica Militare’s flight simulator.

Behind the spotlight

The purpose was to enable the employees to experience the process of event creation from the idea to the realization by implementing it in front of the viewers through unconventional solutions.

The idea of the event was to provide the spectators with a unique opportunity to witness the top-secret creation process and to offer a taste of “live” action – construction of decorations, stage, the writing of scenario, rehearsal of roles, etc. Each scene was a cinematic film directed, filmed and shot and approved by director’s shout – “cut!”. Decorations change, new characters appear and the show goes on.
In these scenes each character appeared at the exact time, playing a definite role no matter what the role was – a waiter, a firefighter, a ”live” David sculpture or an opera singer descending from the sealing. Guests were involved in construction of event playing their part without realising it.
The entire event, scenography and stage construction were built in front of the audience. The scenography of the event hall was transformed three times with a change in mood for a specific film scene. The whole process took guests through three emotion levels – shock, chaos and euphoria.

TCS Summit Europe

TCS Summit Europe is an exclusive annual event for senior leaders to debate the latest digital technology and gain insights on how to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

For the 2019 Summit:
•We revised the format of the conference into a much more complex, multi-faced offering across the board. By switching the traditional CIO focus to include CEO, CFO and CMO sessions, we were able to promote TCS’ brand new technologies and solutions to the wider C-suite.
•To secure high quality of content across all presentations, professional public speaking training service was provided to c-level client speakers.
•The theater style and multi-layered stage gave participants a new way to experience the conference in an immersive setting. The Grand Hotel Kempinski’s theater fascinating past was woven into the conference narrative.
•The fully customized Summit app improved attendees’ experience by allowing them to check and be up to date with the conference and all activities. Push notifications were used to keep the communication ongoing.
•The new Summit knowledge hub created on ‘Digital Directions’ provided delegates with daily insights and summaries

Coca-Cola Christmas House

A proprietary event, in collaboration with Madrid council, created to leverage Coca-Cola’s big Christmas heritage. Aimed at families the experience is designed to bring to life the magic of Xmas.

The core idea is about creating a 20-minute immersive experience using micro-theatre which brings to life the magic of Christmas. Our intention is to transport people to a fantasy world of Santa Claus and elves. They become part of the show. The visiting children become little assistants, who aided by an actor elf, succeed in resolving a problem or finding a lost object which helps to save Xmas.
The experience is based around a series of themed rooms or spaces, which people visit as part of a guided tour. Almost like a labyrinth it is a journey of discovery. Each space has a special set decoration and is hosted by an elf. The last room is where our guests finally get to meet Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men if visiting after Xmas.
The design follows a traditional German-Scandinavian aesthetic which very much forms part of Coca-Cola’s Christmas DNA.
Upon leaving visitors teenagers and adults are offered a free Coca-Cola drink and children are given a small gift.

The Festival of Love

La Triennale di Milano hosted the second edition of a multidisciplinary event conceived and produced by the philosopher Franco Bolelli, and the artistic director of Piano B, Mario Viscardi.

The Triennale was set up with a hundred of hearts decorated by over 70 artists who donated their message to the festival, each with its own technique and identity, to create a true widespread exhibition.
The honour hall of Triennale hosted the celebration of free weddings, enriched by the clothes and sets of the Fine Arts Academy students.
Big beds, off-scale sculptures, historic motorcycles, a sculpture by Federico Clapis, a video installation by Andrea Zingaretti, decorated the Triennale.
An interactive video installation of lights, sounds and performances developed with an Artificial Intelligence system was hosted in the Agorà Theater: the different emotions of the visitors, while they were listening to a story played by an actor, became a multimedia artwork. A wide screen in the garden hosted a night marathon of love films, both classic and contemporary movies.

WATERFRONT Costa Smeralda

A three-year project (2018-2020) which aims to increase the tourist offer of Costa Smeralda, making it even more exclusive and competitive

• Construct the “street of absolute style” in Porto Cervo. Waterfront is a luxury temporary store which renews its identity each year, providing visitors from all over the world with a new theme for their holidays. A project rich in consultation content, for which we provide our experience in the management of complex events and in the creation of quality visitor experiences. A showcase of luxury brands containing the Nikki Beach cocktail bar, a space for tourist promotion as well as a programme of initiatives for children. The square is the heart and soul of the project, dedicated to free events, an area which changes based on the season’s concept. In 2018 the stage, shaped like a giant magazine, hosted “Iconic Tales”: interviews developed around four different themes, presented in a background entertainment formula. Waterfront ’19 was all about music and art, with the involvement of musicians including Bowland, Morcheeba and the street artist Mr Brainwash

L’Usine Extraordinaire

A life-size factory created at the Grand Palais in Paris, in November 2018, with over 100 industrials, aiming at changing the French people’s opinion and preconceptions about industry.

The « Usine extraordinaire » isn’t an exhibition or a forum like the others but an exceptional event which proposes to live a “life size factory” experience in an exceptional location – The Grand Palais. Over 100 industries made the event together, all pushing the banner and colors of the “Usine Extraordinaire”, not of their own brand or company. The event is divided in 4 key areas, showing the 4 core assets of a factory, each with a specific set design symbolizing this asset and interactive experiences:
INVENT: a monumental design chimney to discover the innovation power of the industry.
PRODUCE: real production lines showing today’s high-tech processes, and new kind of jobs.
CONNECT: showcasing the economic but also social link and role the industry is playing on the French territory and beyond.
SHARE: a crystal dome to share the extraordinary stories of those who make the industry today and believe in it.
In short, a multi-actors, multi-formats, “extra-ordinary” event.


International contest centred around case studies for Legal and Corporate Affairs managers of the Enel corporation.
32 teams involved,with qualification stages and a final in Rome for the best 4 teams

(IL)LEGAL is a copy-trick aimed at rewarding what we have dubbed(with a degree of creative license)the “IL-Legal factor” of employees in Corporate&Legal Affairs.
After the great success of the first edition,where the semi-finals took the format of a true-to-life police investigation and the final was staged in the Enel Auditorium,the second edition was centred around a challenging concept:OUT OF THE BOX. A“business game”based on the ability to cope with a range of issues divorced from conventional logical thought processes and patterns–instead being forced to think‘out of the box’.
The participating teams staged a case study that encompassed a series of compulsory tests;each challenge forced the teams to collectively come up with creative solutions that utilised unconventional tools, aids and methods to successfully deal with the contents of the‘mystery box’.
The American ironman Tim Don,who motivated the audience with his moving life story,proved to be an exceptional juror.