got2b @GLOW – Festival Hub

The co-creation line of got2b and Dagi Bee was launched at the beauty convention GLOW by dm. The goal was draw the young offline and online audience into the fascination of the brand and its new line.

We composed a festival hub that creates connection through the foundation of a magic atmosphere, a moving community, and electrifying acts. A live-communication scenery that emotionalizes and incorporates the crowd on a physical and psychical level to open their minds and to make them want to stay forever. We created a feel-good atmosphere, which gloried the trendy design of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival as well as sparkled in the product design and color scheme, pink, purple, turquois and holographic. While entering the got2b festival hub, through the butterfly and flower gates, the visitors felt the grass under their feet and the bass of the DJ Sounds under their skin. The glittery sea container, with the DJane as the pre-act, towered above the crowd, just like a stage on a festival. The stylish interior design complement this extraordinary interaction between the brand and the visitors. A brand activation that sets trade fair communication to a completely new level.

BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

Four destinations, three continents within five days. The BMW iNEXT was brought to the global press in a highly efficient Lufthansa Cargo converted into a future driven presentation lounge.

The BMW VISION iNEXT is the start of a new era for BMW; it’s future mobility brought to life and for such a quintessential moment, BMW wanted a completely different way of presenting the car to the media and gather undivided and exponential attention for their future mobility vision. Inspired by Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, we took the BMW Vision iNEXT to media representatives across the globe: to Munich, New York, San Francisco, Beijing and thus to 4 destinations on 3 continents within 5 days. Never before a car was presented in such a way to any audience: A cargo plane was converted into a high tech, future driven stage. In the purposely designed and tailor-made exclusive closed-room concept, 400 selected media representatives experienced the theatrical staging of BMW’s vision vehicle, the BMW Vision iNEXT and thus the future vision of the BMW Group. The grueling time schedule allowed the global press to see the car almost at the same time and limited embargos.


Spanish Launch of Philip Morris’ IQOS3.
More than 700 attendees present at the Palace of Cibeles, Madrid’s City Hall, on February 13 13 2019, including influencers, celebrities and national press.

The concept was based on UNBOXING, interest in discovering what is inside a box increases expectations regarding the product.
The selected venue was a very well-known and traditional building located in the center of Madrid.
The invitations were in the form of packages, boxes, sent to invitees homes. The event was a tour of discovery of IQOS3’s five promises, represented by PROMISES BOXES via stands, videos, decoration and scenography.
Invitees could become part of the UNBOXING process, living the experiences hidden inside the boxes:
BEAUTY, a structure of mirrors and LEDs in which invitees could reflect on their own beauty in an infinity room.
HEALTH, a tailor-made facility that linked technology and sustainability, in which vapor water pumps cascaded from a ceiling made of tobacco leaves.
TASTE, molecular cuisine tasting and show cooking by Ramón Freixá
INNOVATION, two robot bartenders serving cocktails with the the brand’s names and colors.
IMPROVEMENT. time to discover the future.

BMW Preview – closed rooms for the model innovations of the BMW luxury class

The BMW Preview is a disruptive format showing BMW’s a new understanding of luxury: “The Studio” completely abandons the convention of closed rooms in favour of a sociocultural meeting place.

“The Studio” completely reverses the mechanics of a closed room: It no longer focuses on the vehicles, but on the people. It thus ideally conveys the BMW attitude of “Contemporary Luxury” which is no longer defined by status symbols but by the attitude one carries within oneself. It offers a social occasion to talk with personalities from the worlds of art and culture about current topics and thus give each other the most valuable thing that people can give each other: Time for personal conversations. A closed room becomes a meeting place. Inspirations and themes inspire discourse and trigger something in the visitors that ultimately radiates onto the products and associates themes with them. The studio meets its visitors at eye level.
The concept is so far-reaching that the product does not impose itself on the visitors, but they even have to actively engage in it (passive activation) if they want to learn more about it – thus the activation develops from a push to a pull activation.

Banco Deséa – Lavazza a modo Gufram

During the Milan Design Week the new Lavazza coffee machine with its golden body was presented in a specially created vault.

La Buccia interprets the creative concept assigned by Gufram, transforming one of the Magazzini Raccordati of Milan’s Central Station into an impenetrable vault, the most suitable place to protect the precious golden coffee machine. In line with the creative concept assigned to the event, La Buccia absorbed the bank’s iconographic aesthetics and painstakingly moulded them in every single detail of the setup in order to transfix each visitor with an experience worthy of the best action movie.
A team of security officers and a network of laser beams acting as the alarm system were the obstacles to be overcome for reaching the coveted treasure.
A golden cage suspended in the air protected the Deséa Golden Touch, ready to drop down at the first attempt at theft.
Some of the codes for visiting the space were hidden in the QR code, which allowed for discovering additional contents about the event, all in augmented reality.

Nightmare in Burger King

Burger King celebrated Halloween by transforming their most popular retsuarnt in Madrid into a full-fledged House of Horrors. Only those who made it through culd get the special burger Nightamre King.

Instead of having some typical Halloween decoration in lots of restaurants, it was far more interesting to channel all our efforts in just a single venue, their largest two-floor in Madrid’s busiest street, Gran Vía. The spot was totally transformed into a them-park level Huse of Horrors, both in the outside and the inside. From the outside it looked like a creepy Victorian warehouse out of a terror movie… with an undertaker inviting the bravest to enter. If you managed to survive and make it through, you’d get a free “Nightmare King” the new burger they launched for Halloween. Our experience would also act as the main product presentation. What did we deliver? A full-fledge House of Horrors supervised and constructed by cinema and theme park professionals, filled with special effects and with a dozen professional actors perfectly dressed as zombies, vampires, psycho-killers… Want to join our social media gallery of the most scared? Just come in!

Cupra Teaser

Presentation of the new CUPRA brand + corporate image and product. The location of the event takes place in the Terramar circuit of Sant Pere de Ribes. 1 month construction, 1200 attendees, 2500m2

Creation of the entire aesthetic universe of CUPRA, framed in a space that makes the attendees feel and understand that it is more than a sports vehicle, it is a complete lifestyle:

Combine sportsmanship and lifestyle
Choose the best space (one of the first race circuits that are still standing: Terramar in Sant Pere de Ribes)
Provide it with the spirit of the brand and all the necessary services
Create a space in the middle of the track for the reveal presentation of the new brand and vehicles

T-Mobile 5G Lab

Awareness of 5G in Poland was quite small. T-Mobile decided to change that by bringing 5G Lab to its customers, explaining its capabilities and announce the entry of T-Mobile into the world of 5G.

– The creative idea was to give the consumer direct touch of 5G possibilities. Thanks to technological innovations we could show wide range of 5G advantages.
– We designed the entire journey of the consumer inside the zone that step by step showed him the possibilities of using the 5G zone in various aspects of life, provided by T-Mobile.
– Thanks to the use of virtual reality (VR), visitors had the opportunity to learn the possibilities and applications of a super-fast network and see what a smart city of the future may look like. Among the attractions were also solutions based on augmented reality (AR), 3D mapping, intelligent glasses, which presented how 5G can make everyday life easier.
– We designed and produced the space inside and outside the zone #5G_LAB, and also coordinated the work of almost 60 Ambassadors – employees of T-Mobile.
– The project was made with direct cooperation with hub:raum (T-Mobile Polska’s Department of New Technologies) and with Deutsche Telekom.

Mission V

Mercedes-Benz V-Class launch event in China featuring an immersive promenade theatre performance. Aimed to reposition an already-known business-class minivan for active family men.

By diving into market research data, we found out that the main interest of the audience (predominantly male, 34 to 45), besides their businesses and families, are movies. This led us to an idea of a Hollywood action movie film with a strong male character who is also a family man. We started to think about how to make it and then to show it at the event, and then came an epiphany: we decided to turn it into a live performance — in front of the audience, with a real car. This is how “Mission V” came to life, an action- and tech-packed live Hollywood blockbuster promenade theatre piece. As packed as the V-Class van that was the star of the show.

TUI Cruises Naming Ceremony for Mein Schiff 1

The new edition Mein Schiff 1” represents a genuine upgrade of the first and longest-serving ship in TUI Cruises’ fleet. It redefines premium standards on all levels. It deserves more than a normal naming ceremony. insglück crowns the new number one” in the strict sense of the word – with unforgettable moments and a majestic, breath-taking coronating ceremony that impress the guests, the employees and the media with a one-of-a-kind PR image taking Mein Schiff 1” around the world.

The new Mein Schiff 1” marks a new generation of ships at TUI Cruises. More space, more comfort, more sports is the motto of the new number 1 that takes premium comfort to the next level.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

Urus Dynamich Launch Rome 2018

Dynamic launch of the SSUV Urus. During this event, World press, Dealer and After Sales have tested the new car on the track, road and off road.

The creative idea starts from the key visual, and materializes the promise of two opposing driving emotions that meet in a unique, immediate and original synthesis. The uniqueness of the launch of Urus generates the birth of a new segment the SSUV. The vertical, curved screen in LED has been designed to make a leap from a visual only to an experiential dimension, with a potential for greater involvement. The aim of the communication is to show the ease of Urus in dealing with the different driving tracks projected on the parabolic screen. A true installation, characterized by an enveloping minimalism that delivers a more complete, unique emotion, thanks also to the zenit projections on the public platform. Every day World Press, Dealer and After Sales, during the press conference and the workshops, are prepared to guide the different configurations of Urus to test the performance of the car with the right competence.