Different Christmas Dinner – Closer to the stars

A private event with an emphasis on an unusual, unprecedented space dinner for friends and business partners, with contemporary technology, applications and sophisticated technical solutions.

The space dinner took place in several rooms. Special installations were created: a well of light years, planets working on motion sensors, an intergalactic cloud room with special space table discs held by the participants themselves. A newly created round table, which during the event turns into a Saturn in front of all guests. The culmination of lasers, mirrors, cosmic projections. The event used lasers, 3D animation, applications and online video chats. Direct connections were made with “stars” to popular personalities in Latvia, as well as a direct call to an astrologer, a star interpreter, who told about the future of each constellation.For dinner, nine dishes were served, each served in specially created cosmic containers: liquid gingerbread tubes, spray coffee, crater luminescent debris, soup ball bowls, galaxy plates of colors, gleaming edible star carts. The ice cream was enjoyed with musical headphones, licking it in different rhythms of music, which caused a lot of laughter

An Indian Wedding Odyssey

About 450 rooms for outstation guests and vendors to stay across 7 hotels. 250 cars were deployed for guests’ movement; for the 3 main events at dinner,900,1400 & 2200 guests respectively .

In each event, different art installations were infused, both floral & non-floral. Especially created never seen before structures were designed with the help of the inspirations shared by the couple & the family. Technologies like LED mapping, 3D mapping, Aqua Script, Specialized VFX were liberally used during events where showmanship needed to be enhanced.

Different Christmas Dinner

A Different Christmas Dinner was a new private event, which put emphasis on an unusual and unprecedented dinner with friends, relatives, business partners.

The A Different Christmas Dinner took place at a transforming table. The table emitted smoke, smells and mountains even arose. Guests used tablets to arrive at the main dinner location. Also used at the event were lasers, 3D animations, apps and on-line video chats.
App snapchat – without the knowledge of guests, they were photographed behind a hidden mirror. During the dinner, the transformed photographs appeared on the table as elves, reindeer or Santa Claus. Also during the dinner, the guests were able to call Santa Claus directly, ask him questions and receive answers via a live stream, to the joy and applause of the guests.
A nine-course meal was then served for dinner, which was specifically created as a combination of Christmas traditions with modern technologies. For example, dancing ginger bread cookies, virtual gifts which transformed into edible gifts, as well as a previously filmed reindeer rolling a snowball, which suddenly roll onto the plates of the guests.

Chateau Nicolas

Celebrating the anniversary of a man in the French palace style on July 9, 2019 at the Kozin Golf Club (Ukraine).

Masterpieces of French architecture were recreated, both in the exterior and in the interior. On the lawn with a real ornament like the Palace of Versailles, guests ended up in the Chateau Vaux Le Viscount-the palace of envy of King Louis 14, in which Vatel once served – the founder of catering. Inside the Chateau, the Mirror Gallery of Versailles was recreated using a real mirror and led screens, on which the picture “outside” changed from the interiors of the Palace of Versailles, the landscapes of its garden, antique sculptures to the customer’s logo. At the front door was a visualization of the power symbols of the King of the Sun in white and gold colors. Inside the tent, a wine tasting area was provided, where a baroque bar was installed against the background of the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild wine cellar and led screens – round barrels on which the name and year of the tasted wine was demonstrated. A chess area and two poker playing tables were also provide.

The Godmother – Celebration in Sicily directed by Alexandra Juran

Immersive private event – birthday. It took 10 months to create this Sicilian extravaganza with 200 artists, production & costumes. Our clients called it “a once in a lifetime experience”.

This immersive event was spread over a very big territory. Guests moved from one scene to another changing the locations and scenery, and walking on the gigantic red carpet they became a part of the overall scenario.
In order to effectively monitor technical provision we created the mobile FOH control centers with the sound engineers, light designers and special effects crew dressed as guests and moving among them operating the central system via iPads within the crowd.