TUI Cruises Naming Ceremony for Mein Schiff 1

The new edition Mein Schiff 1” represents a genuine upgrade of the first and longest-serving ship in TUI Cruises’ fleet. It redefines premium standards on all levels. It deserves more than a normal naming ceremony. insglück crowns the new number one” in the strict sense of the word – with unforgettable moments and a majestic, breath-taking coronating ceremony that impress the guests, the employees and the media with a one-of-a-kind PR image taking Mein Schiff 1” around the world.

The new Mein Schiff 1” marks a new generation of ships at TUI Cruises. More space, more comfort, more sports is the motto of the new number 1 that takes premium comfort to the next level.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

Viking Orion Naming Ceremony

An event-experience that reinvents the ceremony with a hi-tech show in the Fortezza Vecchia and a narration-show with surprise ending.

The idea is to create an artistic, hi-tech story to unite the Fortezza and the ship, the port and town, Nordic spirit and Italian character, with a breath-taking finale.
The Fortezza hosts 7 installations on the role of stars navigation and science, a parallel homage to Galileo and the Vikings. The ceremony starts at nightfall, but is interrupted at the highpoint because the axe to cut the tape is missing. A show of 6 scenes starts. Inspired by the Norse sagas, it is illustrated by a videomapping on the castle and interpreted by 6 artistic performances. The story tells of the liberation of the sun and ends when the supernatural axe returns to the heavens in the hands of a god. Immediately afterwards, a luminous man really flies around the ship in the night and then lands on the bow and delivers the axe for the naming. Then fireworks synchronised with the Planets Suite.

The CBvNL (De Coolste Baan van Nederland) is the coolest” ice rink in the Netherlands

After 125 years, the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships returned to Amsterdam, at a public pop-up skating rink at the holy ground of the Olympic Stadium. The CBvNL welcomed more than 120,000 skating visitors and hosted the Championships for more than 50,000 spectators.

For the first time ever, an ice-skating championship was placed in a historical context. The graphic design, based on the work of Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp, provided a visual context for the venue, and for all communications.

TAPI gas pipeline – Afghanistan side ground breaking ceremony

On February 2018 the ceremony, dedicated to the TAPI crossing the border between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan was held. TAPI is the largest gas pipeline, currently under construction in Central Asia. This milestone event was attended by top-officials of 4 involved countries and about 500 distinguished guests from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 2 shows on both sides of the state border were created by our team: multidimensional flythrough video and 360° panorama presentation.

Turkmenistan is a strict country, strongly carrying its traditions. Multimedia technology is not widely used there. However, they want to show themselves as an innovative country, which looks to the future.
Both locations were complicated in terms of logistics. In Turkmenistan it lies in the desert: in 1 hour from the closest village and almost 18 hours from nearest airport. Our idea was to build an immersive space, where, during the show, all walls, floor and ceiling become a seamless screen.
This event had two parts: formal, where top-officials speaks and multimedia show. During first one screens were hidden behind white fabric, that is quite traditional for Turkmenistan, and visitors had no idea where the presentation will held. After all reports light goes down and magic begins!
In Afghanistan we built up a 360-degree screen inside of existing conference hall. The story, shown there, was about friendship between countries, with breathtaking panoramic views of both.

Real Madrid´s Thirteenth Championship Celebration

The request of Real Madrid was divided into two slopes. On the one hand, the live broadcast of the UEFA Champions League Final at the Santiago Bernabéu. A retransmisión designed to the millimeter for the fans that managed to transmit to them what his team was feeling at the foot of the field. The second request of Real Madrid was that, in case of winning the match, all the necessary machinery would be activated to live a big celebration in Plaza de Cibeles and in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadi.

In this celebration we wanted to increase the expectation and creativity betting for the technology. We use huge screens arranged in the shape of a circle and those in the central cylinder of the field to project a summary of the history of the Real Madrid Football Club from their origins, going throw the 12 Champions League that the team has won so far and noticing the fact that with the 13 it has beaten all the records. Furthermore, after this visual spectacle, a few LED screens moved by automated arms gave the welcome to each of the players that crossed one by one the laser tunnel to do their appearance in the field. An audio-visual spectacle promoted by the music and the interventions of the emcee who put on foot the 80.000 live audience in the stadium.

REVLON Professional Style Masters Awards 2018

The Style Masters Awards is the biggest hairstyling contest in the world, recognizing the work of the best hair professionals. Awards are bestowed in a gala show where hairstylists present their creations live, in front of 4,000 attendees. Revlon Professional event comprises several hairstyle catwalks, every of them inspired by the brand’s main product lines.

For this Style Master Show 2018 our teams created different areas of live show, in separated or interconnected levels, according to the event dynamics and rhythm. Large see-through fabrics of 9×3 meters, shaped a giant rectangle (33x18m) fully projectable both in its outer part and its inner floor. This, this versatile geometrical form allowed choreographies to be performed in the inside, while the outside projections interacted with the dancers; other times, the surface projections were hiding the scene inside the rectangle; and finally, shows and parades took place in the outer perimeter, and fabrics could move upwards to reveal the show from the rectangle interior, now elevated 5 meters over the floor. A great live show, ever-changing and unique.

Merck 350 – Global Employee Event

The vibrant science and technology company Merck wanted to celebrate its 350th anniversary with all employees worldwide. Curiosity is the driving force at Merck. Therefore, we developed CurioCity: a digital city for all employees that grew through their engagement. In April 2018 CurioCity became real when 53.000 employees celebrated together. In a 24h livestream 12 locations worldwide passed a virtual baton and showed a 30-minute creative show and an individual interpretation of the Merck hymn.

Merck in Darmstadt developed from the oldest pharmaceutical company to a vibrant science and technology company. For Merck, curiosity is the driving force behind human progress and development. In 2016 Merck started the global brand and award-winning initiative of curiosity”: breakthroughs begin with curiosity. The 350th anniversary also evolved around curiosity and the claim: #alwayscurious – imagine the next 350 years” was chosen as the overall theme for all anniversary activities.
For the Global Employee Event we created an event-concept based on this claim, but truly unique for the target group of employees. Therefore, we create the idea of “CurioCity” – the city of curiosity. We wanted the employees to build their own place to meet, connect, get to know each other and explore the whole Merck world and to foster the feeling of “ONE Merck”.
53.000 employees should get a virtual place to celebrate curiosity and 350 years of Merck: CurioCity.

Mother’s Day Brand Activation

The main purpose of this project was to surprise mothers who shop at the Continente hypermarket, in the context of Mother’s Day.

Show customers of Continent stores the most beautiful love story. The unconditional love that children feel for their mothers. These real love stories were told by the children and filmed inside the shop.

MSC Seaview Christening Ceremony

Organisation of the christening of the new MSC Cruises flagship, the Seaview, the largest cruise ship ever built in Italy.

The stage and video contents were inspired by the features of the new MSC Seaview, designed to win over passengers with the most open and direct contact with the sea. A wide-open stage, with full and total visibility of the ship, a horizontal vision recreated by a scenic front with a led screen measuring 40m by 4m high, offering a wide horizon on which the contents were laid out. For the event, we wanted an authorial and television approach which, by integrating live action and video content, made the show dynamic and engaging. The main creative content was to con-ceive, script, shoot and edit a video in 8k ad hoc for the event during the four days sailing from Monfalcone to Genoa. A subject by Havas and Duccio Forzano, during which Michelle Hunziker, the event’s MC, is not on stage! The ship is indeed so beautiful that Michelle does not want to disembark. In the video, we see the comic actions of two bodyguards looking for her, ending with a dramatic turn and her live entry on stage.

King’s Day 2018

Organizing King’s Day 2018, which marks the Dutch King’s 51st birthday. On this day, the city and province of Groningen offered a warm welcome to the Royal Family. The story of the Groningen region was told during a two-hour route through the historic center: the opportunities, developments, and the unique character of the region, as well as the problems in and around the city, were all meant to give all of the Netherlands an inspiring and festive experience of Groningen.

We approached eight ambassadors who (pars pro toto) each in their own way welcomed the King and his family to their Groningen.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” thereby became the leitmotif on which the entire route was designed.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” also became the theme of the marcom campaign that welcomed visitors and the general public to the city of Groningen. This theme offered us the opportunity to divide the route into various target groups: youth, students, entrepreneurs, etc.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” was also the title of the song that was composed especially for this occasion, and which thus provided the musical heartbeat of the whole event, and the route, as they were broadcast on TV.
The theme and its musical translation resounded in the smallest details, and made it possible for a massive public event to be experienced as one coherent whole.
The live event thus became a Royal campaign for the city of Groningen that will be proudly remembered for years to come.

La notte del maestro

Friendly match organized at San Siro stadium with Legends and World Football Stars to celebrate Andrea Pirlo’s farewell to football.

Andrea Pirlo has been one of the greatest champions of all time, his farewell to football deserves a special event. Because of that, the idea “La Notte del Maestro” was born, to have a great match in the temple of San Siro. Get inspired by his nickname, ”Maestro”, we have approached football to art, giving life to his famous brush strokes on the field in the event creativity to communicate the event to everyone on TV, print, website and social media.
in addition, the painter Francesco tricarico made paintings inspired by Andrea’s best plays, which were sold at auction for charity.
to make the event unforgettable and innovative, an eSport football game was played for the first time on the maxiscreen of San Siro stadium, during the pre-match and during the match, on the maxiscreen of the stadium, the social live activation was broadcast: both the fans present at the stadium as well as those at home could see each other sharing their photos with dedicated hashtags on social networks.