Unbreakable Rainbow

In 2012 a giant rainbow sculpture appeared in Warsaw. It triggered hate among opponents of LGBT rights despite its joyful purpose. Set on fire and rebuilt 7 times until it was removed in 2015, it became a tragic reminder of Poland’s issues – it now ranks as EU’s 2nd most homophobic country.  Since the story of the rainbow still evokes strong emotions in Polish society, Ben&Jerry’s and NGO partners decided to reinstall it as a water-light hologram, making it an unbreakable symbol of love.

The rainbow event’s tagline was Love is love – every love is equal and just as important. Similarly, the rainbow is simply a rainbow, not a tool of provocation or propaganda, as right-wing supporters suggest. We wanted the restored rainbow to be indestructible this time. In reference to previous arsons, we decided to use water to make it fireproof. This is how we came up with the idea of a hologram rainbow on a water curtain.

The Human Safety Net

Generali Group presented in Venice The Human Safety Net (THSN), an initiative in support of helpless and disadvantaged people from all communities of the world. The venues involved during the event were 3, all in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

A red line, symbol of Human Safety Net, ideally connected the 3 venues involved during the event.

One Ocean Forum

A two days Forum powered by Unesco e SDA Bocconi, with the aim to reach out to general public, experts and stakeholders highlighting the sense of urgency in relation to marine ecosystems . We have involved Keynote speakers from the most important international institutions , such as United Nations and Universities. A extraordinary governance and an advisory board made of key leaders in different businesses as well as ambassadors from unconventional background (sport to art).

An innovative format, with an international approach. Open, direct, simple and shared with a clear pragmatic orientation. This is how we built the first Italian forum on the theme of sea protection, with the aim of creating the Charts Smeralda, an ethical code of good conduct towards our oceans. Rich in contents and meetings, the forum brought together a governance of excellence combining sport, finance, business, art and NGOs, with the common goal of launching a strong message on the urgency of acting together. With a scientific committee chaired by the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission, with SDA Bocconi and other international universities, and the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, the forum has developed in two days of debates and workshops to proceed concretely towards the objectives. An edutainment clear, emotional and engaging.


Event to present the new S/S 2019 Arena Sportswear & Swimsuit collection

Palermo, the institutional partner of the event, granted, for the first time, permission for the use of the Castle of Zisa gardens, a UNESCO heritage site. The space, within one of the most deprived districts of Palermo, was subject to a major redevelopment project. The garden, the pools and the mosaics were restored to their former glory with a major renovation. This restoration was a gift from Arena to the citizens. For the occasion, the Councillor for Culture attended and closed the event. The location and its multidimensional character (Arabic, Christian) was the inspiration for Kaleidoscope, in which Arena took and staged the concept with an interactive show, a sequence of scenes, in which the nuances of man and his relationship with water are narrated. In fact, water accompanies the most important moments of life: to be born, to dive, the feeling of equality given to each of us, while maintaining our uniqueness.

La notte del maestro

Friendly match organized at San Siro stadium with Legends and World Football Stars to celebrate Andrea Pirlo’s farewell to football.

Andrea Pirlo has been one of the greatest champions of all time, his farewell to football deserves a special event. Because of that, the idea “La Notte del Maestro” was born, to have a great match in the temple of San Siro. Get inspired by his nickname, ”Maestro”, we have approached football to art, giving life to his famous brush strokes on the field in the event creativity to communicate the event to everyone on TV, print, website and social media.
in addition, the painter Francesco tricarico made paintings inspired by Andrea’s best plays, which were sold at auction for charity.
to make the event unforgettable and innovative, an eSport football game was played for the first time on the maxiscreen of San Siro stadium, during the pre-match and during the match, on the maxiscreen of the stadium, the social live activation was broadcast: both the fans present at the stadium as well as those at home could see each other sharing their photos with dedicated hashtags on social networks.

Equal streets

Equal Streets is the first-of-its-kind sustained community movement that Mumbai has seen that makes space for citizens to step out and enjoy the outdoors in an otherwise cramped infrastructure in our city. Equal Streets gave every Mumbaikar access to open spaces on Sunday mornings. Activities like Yoga, Zumba & Street Dancing were conducted among a host of other healthy & engaging initiatives like walking, cycling, games, hopscotch, arts, etc. making it something that people of all ages looked

The event was held every Sunday from 7am to 11am. The event locations are spread over 6.5 kms on the Linking Road and SV Road from Santacruz to Bandra (Mumbai).
This CSR initiative by the TOI Group became the platform for several CSR initiatives to be heard. These included:
• Road Safety
• Save Aarey Initiative
• Save The Girl Child
• Awareness for Parkinson’s disease
• Awareness for the importance of playing spaces
• Health and Fitness
• Urban Green Cover
• Pedestrianisation
• 15+ NGOs

Festival of Lights Svetlo Valmez

A group of local artists and entrepreneurs got together to organize a special event – to celebrate the 720th anniversary of the city Valašské Mezirící, the Festival of Lights. Valašské Mezirící, a Moravian town with 27 000 inhabitants, ranked alongside the world’s metropolises such as Berlin, Paris or New York with this city-style event.

To satisfy the needs of the event as defined under the Objectives, the organizers had to provide the right set-up and technical support. Emphasis was placed on interactivity and gamification.

The biggest installation was a seven-minute video show on the facade of Žerotín Castle. However, the most popular one was the interactive light show in the Granary Chapel with intensive laser beams responding to live music. And for the first time at this type of festival, virtual reality was involved in one of the installations.

Many of the interactive installations were designed specifically for children. They could ”paint” with a virtual brush on the facade of the town hall or, on the other side of the square, there was a mapping comprised from designs made by children from the local kindergarten –  everyone could find their picture during the evening projection. For the smallest visitors there was a competition in which they received gifts for visiting all the festival installations.

Beltehelt – Seat Belt Heroes

In 2016 research was conducted in Buskerud County regarding use of seat belts among pupils traveling with school buses. The research was carried out on 64 local school bus routes on more than 1600 passengers. The results revealed that on average only 11% of the passengers used seat belts. 6.Sans got the task of creating a campaign that would increase the focus on seat belt use when traveling by bus. Seat belt heroes was a campaign targeting children from 7-12 traveling by bus too and from school

We created a hero for the children. A hero with the traditional shape of a Superhero. The superheroes goal was to save children before they get into serious trouble or accidents. This was conducted through a surprising personal visit from a superhero at the school bus. All parents where informed about the stunt in advance, but this was a surprise for all the children. Parents was instructed to discuss if something exciting had occurred during the school day. Teachers were instructed to do the same. This gave parents the opportunity to talk to their children over dinner or breakfast about wearing seat belts on the school bus. The tone of voice was child adapted and the pay off was Smart Superheroes use seatbelts

Break the Taboo

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in adult men. Early detection can save many lives, but the examination used to detect it is considered a taboo topic. On top of this, many believe it’s an uncomfortable, painful and invasive procedure. To prove that it isn’t, and to help shatter that taboo, we created a radio spot in which the test was carried out on the speaker as he recorded himself. At the end of the spot, the speaker invited listeners to discover how inoffensive the test by watching.

We created a radio spot in which the test was carried out on the speaker as he recorded himself. At the end of the spot, the speaker invited listeners to discover how inoffensive the test by watching the video of the experience on the social platforms of the Argentine Society of Urology