Circus on water

A unique way of getting to know the fauna of the Canary Islands. As the world increasingly responds to animal performances in the circus arena, the Water Laser Show has expressed its solidarity.

CIRCUS ON WATER project became fun for the whole family. The impressive design capabilities allowed the show to be performed in a space more than 10 meters high and 100 meters wide. With these dimensions and the professional application of technology, it was possible to create a promising show that fascinated every participant and, at least for a short time, every child was cared away into a magical and mysterious world of 3D WATER CIRCUS.
Stationary system that can be used to enjoy water show in areas where are no water. This is the only system in the world created by WATER LASER SHOW! Patented invention! Now you can see the water show on the football field, in the meadow or even on the sandy arena, with the aid of this world’s only patented device the place of water show event belongs to your imagination. The future starts now!
Last year, the very first directory of sustainable businesses in the Canary Island was launched! We’re very excited to be a part of it!

Bastogne: The roads to freedom

Bastogne – The Road to Freedom, an original approach, beyond commemoration, to make everyone a bearer of history. 30000 spectators dove into the Battle of the Bulge to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After having carried out the 70th commemoration of the battle of the Bulge on the same site, the stake here was, beyond renewing the commemorative experience, to renew the “how to tell” the great History in a modern, concise and understandable way, on a large audience, outdoors in December in the Belgian Ardennes.
A resolutely modern approach, beyond the commemorative aspect, had to be put in place in order to make each of us bearer of history.
Beyond the 180 ° video-mapping, oversized elements such as the heads of soldiers as well as the tanks of the two large armies in conflict, were used as a scenographic element, increasing the immersion of the spectators. Aerial performances have reinforced the narrative, fire scores as symbols of the violence of the fights, more than 120 reenactors, and the hundred extras, civilians from the region, taking part in the fresco.

Day of German Unity

There is no tradition for the German National Day, unlike most other countries. That’s why we set out to do what no one else has tried: to establish a tradition in which everyone can participate.

The central question: what suits us and the time? The topic of environment/sustainability moves us all – which is particularly evident in the topic of forests. Forests are an important part of the German culture/mythology – as well as currently a topic that moves mankind.
Our idea was to use this and to initiate the planting of trees as a ritual – the symbol for this is a symbol that we know from decades of the 50 “Pfennig” coin and serves as a signet for the campaign #einheitsbuddeln (unity diging) on social media.
Our idea: #einheitsbuddeln – every human planting a tree on the day of German Unity!
Step 1: a rousing target – 40,000 trees in the first year. And then more every year!
Step 2: Building credibility – through a broad coalition of world-class forestry experts and climate researchers.
Step 3: Create reach without budget! Through influential multipliers who support the action – suddenly everyone talked about it!
Step 4: Invite to participate – a tradition must take everyone.

EDP Surf Experience

EDP Surf Experience was a project designed to create an opportunity for children in institutions and public in general to participate in free surf classes, yoga and art workshop classes.

Encouraging the practice of sport was the main objective of the EDP Surf Experience initiative, aimed at children from social institutions and those who wanted to try surfing. From the 7th to 14th September it was possible to experience the feeling of surfing the first waves with the help of EDP in Carcavelos beach with the truck “Let’s Go”, offering surf lessons, drawing and painting workshops and yoga classes.

At EDP, we believe that the development of creativity has a positive impact on the self-esteem of young people and the practice of Yoga provides a healthy mind, and therefore, everyone present, had the opportunity to try it for free.

Given the current circumstances, EDP had to reinvent and be closer than ever to the public, and so we decided to create this new event and always be aware of the safety measures towards the fight against COVID19.

ŠKODA Goodness Car

Digital integrated engagement event, targeted all škoda users and animal lovers. We aimed to create awareness for stray animals and gain brand familarity.

Turkish people, who are known for their love of stray animals, started to worry about not being able to feed the stray animals which they would normally feed in front of their stores, start their days together and keep their food and water bowls full at all times. So we used our test vehicles, which were sitting idle with almost no foot traffic to our showrooms due to the pandemic, to solve this problem. We branded five of our test vehicles as “Goodness Car” and put them in service for “goodness”; for those who felt sad because they were not able to go and feed the stray animals, those who try to be good. We launched our campaign on Instagram on April 21st.
We introduced the “Goodness Car” as a brand new Skoda model vehicle, with specifications such as “Active Urban Goodness System” as technology, “Reaches a happy face in one second” as acceleration, “Superior spacious interior, as wide as your heart” for interior measurements.

Tournai d’été

Tournai d’Été 2020, a successful challenge, a real feat: the only multidisciplinary show conceived, staged and performed in Belgium during the covid crisis!

While the measures imposed by the Covid are restrictive and disabling for the festivities that punctuate the community life of a city, they can also be a source of creativity in order to reinvent customs, processions and large gatherings.

Taking into account all the components of the equation: heritage, history, tradition, folklore, fervor, audience, music and songs, colorful exhibitions, etc. LPC Patrimoine has reinvented the formula to make it a “COVID-SAFE” version.

Reservations allowing tracing, ventilated and spaced gauge, management of public flows, distancing, health precautions at the entrance and between sessions, wearing of the mask, everything is taken into account so that the magic of the party can occur in all security.

“Yes it is possible”, possible to rediscover its folklore from a different point of view by bringing modernity, design lighting and daring soundtrack in order to shake up traditions while respecting sanitary measures.

Miss You Mom!

Many people found themselves in difficult situations because of virus. We joined forces with partners and delivered 1000 flower bouquets to those who really needed it with a free, Covidsafe solution

On March 16, 2020, a ban on events came into force in Hungary thus the event industry was paralyzed, putting many agencies and suppliers in a difficult situation. Customers, suppliers, and colleagues, all suffered from the uncertainty. We wanted to give our staff some work, to give suppliers the opportunity to feel useful, and at the same time to show our customers that we still exist and have a positive view of the future.

Hungary imposed stay-at-home restrictions on March 28, 2020.
Some people lost their jobs and found themselves in difficult situations, even more difficult than those of us in the event industry.
Most people were unable to meet their parents or grandparents who belong to the vulnerable age group for months.
Mothers’Day was around the corner so we decided to help those who had no possibility to greet their parents because of the difficult situation.


The COVID-19 outbreak forced the event industry to its knees in Hungary, too.
We have decided to raise attention to the industry and present ways of organizing safe events in the current situation.

The initiative has started as a social media campaign to highlight and spread the message: the experience of a live event is irreplaceable.
We have united the industry members (clients, organizers, service providers, professional associations) to join forces and collaborate. We have organized a conference with the participation of hundreds of industry members to cover local and international best practices and highlight the economic and psychological importance of live events. Besides discussions, motivational speeches with event professionals we have offered networking opportunities.
The focus was on the present situation and the future of events.
We have showcased how to blend protective measures and creative ideas to create a contactless and safe environment during the whole guest journey.
Following the conference two social events with concerts were held where guests enjoyed themselves. The most beautiful sights, event locations in the city were lit in blue to raise media awareness

Mobility Week

On the occasion of the Mobility Week 2018, VO Citizen staged a decongested Brussels for the benefit of its inhabitants. A vision that inspires and drives a change in mobility habits.

VO Citizen developed a simple and effective slogan “My car? No need to own it, sharing is all it takes”; a bold and engaged positioning if there ever was one for Public Authorities. The campaign’s key visual reveals the ‘before and after’ effect. The current situation presents a congested Capital, and a vision of what Brussels could look like if everyone embraces the concept of Shared Mobility.

The mobility week, and the carless Sunday in particular offer the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of SPRB Mobility’s vision: fewer personal vehicles equals fewer parking spaces, so more reallocated spaces for an improved quality of life in Brussels.

After studying and presenting a comprehensive overview of the Brussels Shared Mobility solutions matched against the citizens’ habits, VO Citizen mustered all the actors involved in car-, bike- and scootersharing, (…), so as to allow citizens to trial their services during the week.

adidas Run for the Oceans Barcelona

Run For The Oceans Barcelona was a public event to raise awareness and educate people of all ages about the problem of marine plastic pollution whilst empowering them to take action through running.

By highlighting the problem of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea & proposing Barcelona, Spain’s 2nd biggest city, a major tourist hotspot & one of the region’s largest ports, we helped adidas Spain convince adidas global management & Parley to bring the event to Spain.
To make the event contextually relevant we set up the Run For The Oceans House along the Barcelona seafront. This experiential hub was an open inviting multifunctional space, which over the course of a week staged seminars, workshops, science masterclasses & sports training sessions. The design turned the medium into the message using refurbished shipping containers, solar energy & ecofriendly materials to create a 100% sustainable event.
On the final day we staged a 7K race, where for every KM run $1 was raised. KMs were clocked using the Runtastic app. This was followed by a live concert, where Macaco, a famous Spanish singer & environmental activist, closed the event on a high & spreading the Parley message

Guía Repsol Sensorium

We proposed an artistic installation, immersive and inclusive, that let blind people cross the most evocative landscapes through their senses. We toured Spain with the exhibition.

We create an action that appealed to the emotions. The exhibition had 5 areas, corresponded to the 5 senses, that put our senses to the test:
VISUM: a projection on several canvas sculptures that submerged in landscapes of beach, forests or popular celebrations.
AUDIVI: different elements in which to guess traditions and places through the ear.
ODOREM: a challenge, to guess without the use of sight, the smells of the gastronomy and culture of our country.
TANGE: travel to places just touching their characteristic elements, without being able to see them.
GUSTUM: eat the Sagrada Familia, the Puerta de Alcalá, candies with national flavors such as wine,oil or cheese.
In addition, of course, we also have a corner so that, after that sensory trip, people could continue traveling through the new Guía Repsol app.
Furthermore, the messages were reinforced through workshops, in which attendees cooked without seeing or children toured Spain cooking traditional recipes.

summermagic – Gartenschau Kaiserslautern

For the Garden Show Kaiserslautern we developed a campaign connected with an interactive staging of the park – generating voluntary workers. More than 60.000 visitors – 20% more than the year before.

Instead of only illuminating the park we connected the Summermagic 2019 to a campaign. The campaign shows the stories and faces of the park, intertwinded with the show. The stories which were spread and collected via social media were transformed into interactive light and sound installations. The show integrated the guests and their stories – interactively, co-created and especially activating.