Music Awards Ceremony – MAC

MAC is a formal celebration event to honor the excellence of the professionals in the music industry in the region (SRB, CRO, BH, MNE, NMC) held in Belgrade, Serbia, in Stark Arena on January 29, 2019

Huge sport Arena became huge TV studio, and TV demands highest production level. MAC is unique TV and live show connecting 5 regional countries, so Skymusic made 5 stages merging into one grandiose stage. Elements such as cube screens connecting into one mega screen, as well as impressive 36 million pixels, demanded special preparations and video directing setting, which included 5 most modern 4K processors connected by a specific Analog Way system. 300 1t chain hoists, 30 Variable speed chain hoists, 700 moving fixtures and over 280 tons of production in the roof of the Arena –a perfect match of creativity and innovation.

Scarlet sails 2019

A cultural and entertainment event in the form of a unique multimedia pyromusical show aimed at motivating young people, just graduated school, to respect the cultural heritage of their native country

A story from the book “Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Grin lies in the festival’s core. The main figure of the festival, a brigantine under scarlet sails, is a symbol of love, hope and a brighter future. It is the message of the holiday’s organizers to the graduates of the country.
The main surprise for the graduates of 2019 was the sailing brig “Russia”.
The theatrical performance on the Palace Square and water-pyrotechnic show on the Neva River were connected with appearance of the new ship.
The scene on the Palace Square turned into a real ship-building yard – the image of the future ship was creating in full view of the spectators.
The centuries-old history of the Russian state has become the leitmotif of the water-pyrotechnic show in the Neva water area.
Together with the whole Russia, young people entered a new adult life.
The new brig gave each of them unforgettable emotions, helped to believe in dream and understand the main truth: if you believe, then the dream would come true!

SD Worx Intimate Concerts

To thank their employees and clients SD Worx celebrated their 15th anniversary by organizing 81 intimate concerts. In 1 night, in living rooms of 81 employees. The audience: employees & clients.

The objective of the initial question was to thank the customers for their confidence over the past 15 years, that is why SD Worx wanted to give a huge party. We evaluated the question and decided that what we were asked was not a match with the DNA of SD Worx SME e.g. proximity. That is why we broke the briefing and came up with a different concept. We wanted to thank as many customers and employees in a personal and surprising way.

The Oval Office proposed a live-communication approach that had a much greater impact than what could be achieved with just a big party:
The employees of SD Worx had to open their living rooms for an intimate concert together with the customers. The result: 81 living room concerts spread over Belgium. A living room concert itself is maybe not that innovative, but the fact that the concerts were all organized on one evening at the same time in the living rooms of SD Worx employees, together with their clients as guests, is.

Latvian School Bag opening event – 100 Latvian Stories in 100 Minutes

The concept was to showcase the unlimited capacity of human creativity through innovative solutions. Simultaneously illustrating Latvian history, culture and values from a contemporary perspective.

The concept of the entire event (which consisted of 3 parts: creative workshops, multimedia exhibition, concert performance) was to showcase, through innovative and non-traditional solutions the unlimited capacity and abilities of human creativity: simultaneously illustrating Latvian history, culture, traditions and values from a contemporary perspective.
The idea was by blending 700 artists from diverse fields (symphony orchestras, choristers, instrumental groups, soloists, ethno musicians, percussionists, dancers, painters, bagpipers, sounds of living nature, multimedia artists, illusionists, levitating performers) etc., different genres of classic and modern art, combining dance with sports and even acrobatics, mixing technology with science, to ignite children’s interest in areas they are seemingly not very interested in, for example, Latvian history and culture, musical genres (for instance, opera), traditions and values, by presenting them through a modern-day prism.


OBOS 24 – The world’s first attempt to create 24 festivals, every hour for a very special day and night.
All of the festivals were streamed live on Facebook, completing a 24-hour broadcast on Facebook live.

OBOS’ goal was to create an activation to accentuate their partnership with the festival “Oslo Sommertid”, and to offer cultural experiences to a broader audience.
By creating OBOS 24 – JCP Nordic and Ekko Agency created the best ever sponsorship recognition measured in Norway.

We wanted to use this opportunity to give back to all those who didn’t have the chance to experience ”Oslo Sommertid”, OBOS-members and non-members alike. We also aimed to strengthen ties with OBOS’ partners in the cultural field.

To achieve this, we created a mobile festival – bringing music to the places where people live, work, go to school, and hang out.

We wanted to cater to everyone, and in a vibrant city like Oslo, there is always someone awake. From the early morning garbage man to the late night club-goers, we wanted to make sure everyone could join in on the fun. So we went live for 24 hours. 24 festivals in 24 hours.

To make sure everyone in the country could take part in the event, we set up a Facebook Live broadcast with hosts in the studio who interviewed various guests and engaged the viewers with competitions and giveaways for 24 hours, in addition to the livestreams from all 24 festivals. This has now proved to be Norway’s longest Facebook Live broadcast ever.

IDays Festival 2018

IDays Festival 2018 is the main rock festival based and produced in Italy. After the great success of  2017 edition in terms of audience, headliners, bands, brand sponsor, content and media value generated, 2018 edition was based in the great venue of Expo Milano.
More than 170.000 people joined the 4 days festival, from 21st June till 24th.
A huge 20000 sqm village, hosted 14 brand sponsor and 3 media partners in order to generate engagement activities and experiences for the public.

2018 I Days edition will be remembered with the image of Expo’s iconic venue, which re opened to the public after the great success of the Universal Exhibition of 2015. This venue has been elected for the current and next years as main venue for live music and rock festival in Milan.
For the first time in Italy I Days presented two different mainstages, following the tradition of the greatest rock festivals in the world, such as Primavera sound, Glastombury and Loolapalloza.


EDPCOOLJAZZ – Cool Energy is a festival that believes in the innovation and fusion of sounds, from blues, soul, jazz, funk and disco. An intimate environment is the starting point for an original concept that provokes unique sensations and experiences, where you can find shows from internationally renowned artists in symbolic locations in which historic heritage, coupled with nature are a statement for these hot summer nights.

Edpcooljazz stands out for many reasons: for firsts, the fact that it creates an outdoor coliseum, meaning that people can be either standing up or in a seating audience surrounded by nature.
Edpcooljazz is a festival that occurs in 3 different spaces and in separated days, which is something a bit atypical for a music festival. Besides, the program includes paid and non-paid concerts, giving the opportunity for different kinds of audience to enjoy not just the music but also the space, the nature, the architecture and the culture that all spaces where the festival is held have. It is also a very intimate festival given the fact that you can be really close to the artist.
This festival has a zero CO2 impact, because together with EDP we compensate all the emissions we make during the festival. Apart of this edpcooljazz makes a Solidary Guitar, that is an auction of a guitar signed by one of the artist where the money that is raised goes to a local institution to help people in need.