IQOS3 Media Event

Media/Opinion Leaders event to reveal&present new IQOS3 in Ukraine
agency tasks: propose the BIG idea, include digitalization and creative invitations, to bring maximum buzz and WOM

How to astonish and involve people who have seen almost everything?
How to reveal a new product in the most immersive way?
We believe BIG IDEAS are simple ideas.
So we invite our guests to take a walk INSIDE the IQOS device, transforming their customer experience into customer journey!
Step by step discovering the device from inside, guests literally experience main components, which make IQOS so unique: the natural taste of tobacco, technological superiority of the device and the unique IQOS lifestyle.
Our main challenge was to create true feeling you are inside IQOS. And make it «instagrammable» at the same time.
To make this journey more real we engage guests to use all 5 senses: to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Porsche Sound Night 2018

Symphony of 82 cylinders.
To mark the 70th anniversary of “Porsche Sportwagen”, we developed a production that brought its brand’s essence to life. The unmistakable sound of the Porsche vehicles.

STAGG & FRIENDS developed and staged a unique new overall concept:
70 years of Porsche history told by the engines of the 13 legendary Porsche models.
The Porsche sound served as the unifying element over various decades.
The interior of the Porsche-Arena was the Motordrome. This is where, one by one, 13 Porsche vehicles from different decades and racing eras made their grand entrance. During a lap of honor through the Motordrome, each vehicle provided a taste of the rich sound of its engine, before these high horsepower sports cars were presented in detail on a turntable on stage by renowned speakers. The uproar and rumbling of the engines was the focus here; after all, the Sportwagen series’ unmistakable soundscape formed the dominant theme of the evening.

Webvideopreis 2018

The birth of a new format for Digital Natives: Public Video Vertical Storytelling.
We developed a “non-event” which will serve as an industry benchmark.
We reinvented the awards ceremony.

Latest developments show that conventional award formats with their linear broadcast had a limited impact on the audience. How can classical elements of an awards ceremony, such as the red carpet, the show acts and the awards presentations be reinterpreted?
The Web Video Award 2018 was a radical reinvention of live communication and defied conventions on all levels: the editorial concept of a linear format, turned the awards ceremony, into a decentralized, non-linear format and created an event that became a new industry benchmark. Germany was the venue for our ceremony, the vertical screen was our stage – and our awards ceremony was unique.
This way, we overrode the (spatial) limitations of the classic award format and developed a live event with national appeal across all sections of the population. A democratization of the Web Video Award.
The awards ceremony is dead, long live the awards ceremony!
The birth of a new format: Public Video Vertical Storytelling. A non-event.

Copperhead Bartender Nights

Copperhead Gin is a leading premium gin brand. MeetMarcel organised an immersive event for 200 international bartenders and distributors. A disruptive concept to surprise the brand target group.

As the target group was international and heterogeneous we wanted to use this as an advantage in the event concept. The fact that guests didn’t know each other made an immersive event concept possible. Announced as a special ‘Gatsby party night’ in Belgium with only 24 hours to register we created a concept were people stepped into a live story. Together with professional actors from a London theatre company we started a live experience of the Gatsby story. To avoid that people would think it was just a theatre play, we also integrated 40 performers. Every night of the 3 planned event nights 1 on 3 persons was involved in the story. Once the play was over and the party started, the performers made the immersive confusion complete leaving guests behind with an unclear idea of what was real and what was not. With questions on who was guest and who was not…

Le retour du jeune Prince

Create and orchestrate the book launch through an unprecedented event in the publishing world, targeting media and KOL.

– Break the rules of the publishing industry
– Highlight the story and the message of the book
– Create a universe inspired by the book to deliver communication tools able to trigger curiosity and amazement
– Use new technologies to strengthen the book’s modernity
– Build a strong PR and KOL community
– Generate engagement and create content exposure

The idea: literally dive into the book, through an immersive and dreamlike global concept.
– A poetic pop-up invitation that awaken our child’s soul.
– An augmented reality experience offered by the creative invitation, teasing the book and the evening’s program.
– A unique and distinctive location.
– An immersive evening with 360° projections during the whole event
– A famous master of ceremony
– Prestigious guests and journalists

IFA 2019

Annual B2B and B2C trade show giving audio-visual brands a platform to connect with retailers and other audiences in Berlin

We brought the features of Harman’s products to life like never before. For the display units, functionality was key; we wanted guests to be able to see, hear, touch, feel the benefits that the products offer. The interior design was carefully thought out and reflected the lifestyle of each brand’s target audience – sleek, modern home interiors for Harman Kardon and fun, relaxed bars and chill out areas for JBL. We designed a bespoke typography style that reflected the JBL demographic and was used throughout the venue to create a sense of cohesion between indoor and outdoor areas. Secondly, they had to be Instagrammable. With a host of tech influencers on the guest list, the demos needed to spark organic digital engagement. An example of this was the Pulse Room, where we used mirrored walls and 176 JBL Pulse 4 speakers to visualise sound through infinite reflection and impressive synced light and sound display – it was the most shared display at the show.

Chernobyl Predator

Bloggers engaging event developing loyalty to Acer and knowledge about Predator products, edutainment mix of quest game & immersive presentation in abandoned coal mining expo in Kyiv, August 2018

Insight told us – those guys need some strong impact to be impressed – take some trendy story, put it to a real-time VR+AR+Reality quest game in some extremely game-looking location. We took Chernobyl legend, reconstructed coal mine pavilion abandoned for over 20 years, placed there high-tech equipment keeping it creepy, and made 4 hours lasting emotional swing from shock to achievement time after time. We took guests from the sunny square by soviet style bus, where we put bags on their heads and we took it off deep underground in a scary old mine, full of monsters. Quest tasks based on radio-active and industrial motives mixed with AR intellectual tasks and VR zombies and physical cold iron or concrete interior – it all made them be maximally engaged to the game and interested in presentations looking like part of the game.

Panattoni HUB Opening

To launch the Panattoni HUB as a unique space for investors and make a huge impact on media and PR reach.

Definition of “HUB” means in common: the effective center of an activity, region, or network. “the city has always been the financial hub of the country”
An Idea of the concept called HUB- is to prove the existing goals of the investment, modern class “built to suit” space, with access to the docks and ground-level entrance, which can be used for storage purposes as well as light manufacturing. Space available for leasing at CELH includes standard units and also build-to-suit facilities
The brief was simple, we needed to show the enormity of the complex 360-degree engagement feeling. Inspire and motivate city officials, traders, and representatives of biggest companies in the region.

Grimbergen Abbey Experience

Recreating the Grimbergen beer and inviting the world to taste a recipe that has remained a secret for over two centuries.

When guests arrive, the entrance of the Community hall will be transformed too a Grimbergen setting. They enter a tunnel with warm, red lights and screens to experience a setting that is warm and “in fire”. Once, they passed the entrance they enter the big hall of the Community hall and arrive in a big black box, where we use mapping to create a full Abbey setting. Guests will take place at long tables. Food will be served with Grimbergen integrated in all dishes.

Gullruten – Bringing the Norwegian “Emmys” back to LIVE

Gullruten is Norways “Emmy” awards ceremony for the TV industry & includes media events, live TV Production event, VIP guest & sponsor events, activations & afterparty for 1100 guests.

Created graphic guide & applied it everywhere

Transitioned press launch event for 450 guests into an “after work” with our Gullbar19 concept. A fun-festive atmosphere where media interview while socialising with the nominees & the public. This created a unique & inclusive bonding experience
Used VIP guests (TV studio bosses) as DJ´s in a battle on stage at after party to over come budget issues

Choreographed dance routine for main solo artist performance with digital back up
Live streamed beauty lounge & VIP after party
Created Norways first digital choir with public submissions used on TV
Executed a plastic positive event through coop with Empower, & photo bombing on red carpet
Co-created digital & live content & activations to create value for sponsors- live: Popup wedding proposal of a recent reality show winner to her partner sponsored by a jewellery sponsors. Digital: funny product placement using stars in televised comedy skits

Ron Barceló Desalia 2019

One of the most successful and important annual projects in the spirits sector. Every year the new challenge of making the brand known to new consumers is raised, CREATING A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.

Millennials see the future with disaffection, but the Generation Z people, frankly don’t about the future: neither is expected or wanted. Their mantra is that you have to live life: the only thing that exists is the present. Inspired by the “Nowism” movement, we decided to capitalize on the current trend and create the DESALIA LIVE NOW concept: The ultimate expression of “Living in the moment” in an experience as aspirational as ephemeral, with moments as valuable for their experience as for their digital projection. A concept that delves into the roots of the brand and its leitmotif “Live Now” with more meaning and greater strength than ever. The first challenge was to find a location. We traveled more than 1,400 km to locate the perfect site. A luxury resort and an exclusive beach. Then we shifted our focus on another crucial aspect of our strategy: the selection of influencers, youtubers and celebrities closest to the target audience to maximze the calling and the experience itself.