Urus Dynamich Launch Rome 2018

Dynamic launch of the SSUV Urus. During this event, World press, Dealer and After Sales have tested the new car on the track, road and off road.

The creative idea starts from the key visual, and materializes the promise of two opposing driving emotions that meet in a unique, immediate and original synthesis. The uniqueness of the launch of Urus generates the birth of a new segment the SSUV. The vertical, curved screen in LED has been designed to make a leap from a visual only to an experiential dimension, with a potential for greater involvement. The aim of the communication is to show the ease of Urus in dealing with the different driving tracks projected on the parabolic screen. A true installation, characterized by an enveloping minimalism that delivers a more complete, unique emotion, thanks also to the zenit projections on the public platform. Every day World Press, Dealer and After Sales, during the press conference and the workshops, are prepared to guide the different configurations of Urus to test the performance of the car with the right competence.

Volkswagen Group – shaping the future

A 3-day innovation journey making Volkswagen’s future viability, the Group’s know-how as well as its innovations in the field of Future Mobility” come alive and thus, turning them into a long lasting experience.

Under the tagline H2H communication, the shaping the future”-event enabled the journalists an intense personal exchange with the employees of the various departments as well as with their managers such as Michael Mauer (design), Johann JJ” Jungwirth (digitization), Martin Hofmann (IT) and Axel Heinrich (research and development). The guests were invited to have a look behind the scenes for exploring the processes before the final product.

A close communicative interplay of the various topics and teams  (design, IT, digitization, research and development) as well as the efficient use of synergies (X-Shuttles, Vfl Wolfsburg team bus, presentation of four autonomous driving concept vehicles).

360° audience: from media representatives to kids and families (12m2-city model of the future at Autostadt)

WELLA Passionistas First Edit

To help launch their latest hair colouring product, Koleston Perfect, WELLA wanted to engage leading global influencers from the hair dressing world with the new product to gain both user generated content as well as capturing branded content.

Traditional media events often one-way conversation: brand to media. Winning the hearts and minds of influencers requires a different approach. 029 wanted to make the influencers WELLA’s co-creators, to be an active part of the event, not just bystanders. By enabling them to immerse themselves in the experience, they become contributors, stakeholders and dedicated ambassadors.

TUI Cruises Naming Ceremony for Mein Schiff 1

The new edition Mein Schiff 1” represents a genuine upgrade of the first and longest-serving ship in TUI Cruises’ fleet. It redefines premium standards on all levels. It deserves more than a normal naming ceremony. insglück crowns the new number one” in the strict sense of the word – with unforgettable moments and a majestic, breath-taking coronating ceremony that impress the guests, the employees and the media with a one-of-a-kind PR image taking Mein Schiff 1” around the world.

The new Mein Schiff 1” marks a new generation of ships at TUI Cruises. More space, more comfort, more sports is the motto of the new number 1 that takes premium comfort to the next level.

S.Pellegrino Young Chef Grand Finale 2018

An international contest. A voyage through talent via a large show with television pace to find the world’s best young chef.

An event that evolves edition after edition. After the world selections from more than 3000 young chefs, the 21 finalists cook their signature dish under the supervision of their starred mentor-chefs. The jury of 7 starred chefs, ‘the 7 Wise People’, is from the 5 continents. The energy of the kitchens is shown in a scenic, visual system that immerses the public in the storytelling settings: the world, cooking, talent, the chefs and the brand’s values. The show is based on the power of images, which turns every chef into a star, and a screenplay that tells of the emotional times of the 21 participants and mentors in 60’, the progress made and the eliminations. This year, 2 guest stars – singer Tom Walker and Massimo Bottura. At the end, the 7 Wise People will create a gala dinner under Bottura’s direction. A path through food and excellence for the guests – welcome dinner by Cracco at Garage Italia, dinner at Villa Necchi by the former winners, and lunches by Cerea, Oldani and Pepe.

Nuvola Lavazza – Opening

A press conference-show to present the new Nuvola Lavazza headquarters. Introducing the project to italian and international journalists, institutions and friends. Bringing to life the atmosphere and the philosophy of a unique project. Valuing and maximizing the contribution and testimonies of the Lavazza Family along with leading figures in architecture, food, scenography and design, named Golden Team starring: Cino Zucchi, Ferran Adrià and Federico Zanasi,Dante Ferretti and Ralph Appelbaum

A press conference-show within a schedule of events integrated for the opening of the new Lavazza headquarter. 560 attendees, among national and international press, institutions and important guests. The historic façade of the Centrale, dominated by a large window that, thanks to an impressive projection system, became a dynamic video surface able to transport the guests on a journey inside Nuvola. An exceptional moderator, the Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, led the story of the system of spaces, through the testimonies of the Lavazza Family and the Golden Team who designed it. At the end of the press conference, journalists visited Nuvola in thematic tours with excellent guides: one member of the Lavazza family and one of the Golden Team unveil the places of Nuvola: from the Bistrot to the Lavazza interactive Museum, from the Condividere restaurant to the headquarter, from IAAD (institute of Applied art and design) to the archaeological area discovered during construction.

Press conference about airBaltic new final destination Riga – Bordeaux

The press conference is created as a 2-hour long interactive gastronomic performance. During the event, participants were presented the necessary information in unusual ways, enjoyed theatrical elements, tasted various culinary treats, experienced various surprises and got acquainted with Latvia through music, food, visualizations, people and elements from nature.

The whole press conference is created in an untraditional form as a gastronomic performance, including theatrical elements, culinary treats and musical vibrations. The necessary information is presented through visualizations, as well as audio and musical presentations using earphones. Various artistic tricks, like information suddenly appearing and disappearing, are also performed. Instead of wine being offered in glasses, the wine trickles down from the birch trees. The basement’s arches are transformed into river beds and bee meadows, while the tables become small rivers.

Renaming of the Johan Cruijff ArenA

What’s the best way to rename Amsterdam ArenA stadium after one of the greatest soccer players ever, namely Johan Cruyff? By engaging as many people as possible, in the Netherlands and abroad, despite a very limited budget. At iconic Johan Cruyff locations, locals, fans, and friends got the unique chance to honor Cruyff with the stadium that was renamed after him. Everyone got the chance to press a specially designed red button, helping to turn the Amsterdam ArenA into the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

We wanted the stadium to be opened by the real fans and friends. It was definitely not supposed to be a VIP party. So we gave everyone the chance to rename the stadium with a personal touch. We brought the red button on the red carpet” to the people. At 14 (Johans shirt number) different iconic locations over the course of a weekend, we asked the public to officially rename the ArenA. Not to only inform them, but to involve and engage them! Johan was after all, of ‘all the people’! A selection of the most personal and special messages was edited down and shown to the press during the official event, which took place on the birthday of Johan Cruyff. The last person to be shown in the series was Johan Cruyff’s personal friend and famous soccer player Frank Rijkaard, who pressed the same red button in the same setting where more than 4,000 fans had pressed it before him.

New Wrangler Media Drive – Camp Jeep 2018

The New Jeep Wrangler Media Drive was held in Spielberg, Austria, from 3rd July to 18th July 2018* with a suggestive outdoor press conference and test drive among spectacular mountain peaks to present the arrival of the brand Icon, the new Jeep Wrangler, to the journalists of all Europe. The natural and untouched frame of the location allowed to highlight the adventurous and authentic spirit of the brand.

A creative approach to the project, inspired by the brand, whose core values are embodied in Jeep’s DNA throughout its history, proving that “Go Anywhere, Do Anything®” is a way of life, not just a slogan.
As Jeep Wrangler arrives everywhere, the Jeep Camp location was built in a spectacular location, a hidden place in the mountains, a place where no one would have expected to find such an impressive ensemble.
The spirit that guided our agency was a strong commitment to design a camp that had to meet the expectations of the brand. The Camp was actually built with marquees, but these structures lost completely their aspect: they became as a matter of fact real buildings, with a design that blended perfectly with the surrounding nature and at the same time communicated a language of solidity and authenticity .
In this way it was possible to make the media drive an integral part of the Styrian mountains, letting the journalists enjoy the true heart of the Wrangler brand.

King’s Day 2018

Organizing King’s Day 2018, which marks the Dutch King’s 51st birthday. On this day, the city and province of Groningen offered a warm welcome to the Royal Family. The story of the Groningen region was told during a two-hour route through the historic center: the opportunities, developments, and the unique character of the region, as well as the problems in and around the city, were all meant to give all of the Netherlands an inspiring and festive experience of Groningen.

We approached eight ambassadors who (pars pro toto) each in their own way welcomed the King and his family to their Groningen.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” thereby became the leitmotif on which the entire route was designed.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” also became the theme of the marcom campaign that welcomed visitors and the general public to the city of Groningen. This theme offered us the opportunity to divide the route into various target groups: youth, students, entrepreneurs, etc.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” was also the title of the song that was composed especially for this occasion, and which thus provided the musical heartbeat of the whole event, and the route, as they were broadcast on TV.
The theme and its musical translation resounded in the smallest details, and made it possible for a massive public event to be experienced as one coherent whole.
The live event thus became a Royal campaign for the city of Groningen that will be proudly remembered for years to come.

IDays Festival 2018

IDays Festival 2018 is the main rock festival based and produced in Italy. After the great success of  2017 edition in terms of audience, headliners, bands, brand sponsor, content and media value generated, 2018 edition was based in the great venue of Expo Milano.
More than 170.000 people joined the 4 days festival, from 21st June till 24th.
A huge 20000 sqm village, hosted 14 brand sponsor and 3 media partners in order to generate engagement activities and experiences for the public.

2018 I Days edition will be remembered with the image of Expo’s iconic venue, which re opened to the public after the great success of the Universal Exhibition of 2015. This venue has been elected for the current and next years as main venue for live music and rock festival in Milan.
For the first time in Italy I Days presented two different mainstages, following the tradition of the greatest rock festivals in the world, such as Primavera sound, Glastombury and Loolapalloza.