Day of German Unity

There is no tradition for the German National Day, unlike most other countries. That’s why we set out to do what no one else has tried: to establish a tradition in which everyone can participate.

The central question: what suits us and the time? The topic of environment/sustainability moves us all – which is particularly evident in the topic of forests. Forests are an important part of the German culture/mythology – as well as currently a topic that moves mankind.
Our idea was to use this and to initiate the planting of trees as a ritual – the symbol for this is a symbol that we know from decades of the 50 “Pfennig” coin and serves as a signet for the campaign #einheitsbuddeln (unity diging) on social media.
Our idea: #einheitsbuddeln – every human planting a tree on the day of German Unity!
Step 1: a rousing target – 40,000 trees in the first year. And then more every year!
Step 2: Building credibility – through a broad coalition of world-class forestry experts and climate researchers.
Step 3: Create reach without budget! Through influential multipliers who support the action – suddenly everyone talked about it!
Step 4: Invite to participate – a tradition must take everyone.

Latvia – Best Kept Secret

The idea was to present Latvia as a well- kept secret on the world map. The goal was to strengthen Latvia’s image and ensure that Asia, US include Latvia in the list of priority travel destinations.

The idea was to present Latvia as a special and mysterious place, which attracts travellers and those seeking inspiration.
The event consisted of interconnected episodes in which Latvian culture, creativity, nature, taste, traditions and even Latvian landscapes were revealed.
As we could not take our guests to the forest or the sea, but it was the key to convey our sense of authenticity of the land, the landscapes and nature of Latvia were brought to the venue. Premises – transformed into a forest. Tables – made of real grass. Clouds-edible. Stones-talking. Artistic performances integrated Latvian landscapes-morning mist, smell of grass after rain, and so on. Gastronomic delights-edible seashells, chestnuts and leaves. For days, experiments were conducted to ensure that the food tastes good and resembles pine needles, leaves, etc. Together with scientists and using modern technology, we were able to create talking stones. In other words, to reflect Latvia’s values in an innovative way

Theater by telephone

A unique, experimental adventure – a one-day audio theater, created in an extraordinary situation. Five actors call listeners who become part of the event.

Not a few hours of a regular show, but a whole day’s adventure.
Especially exclusive feeling. A personal call from popular actors, which provided a new experience for both the listeners and the actors themselves. During the performance, the listeners, before the actors’ calls, received sms with tasks, becoming the participants of the event themselves.
Listeners could be at home and together with the actor cry, laugh, party, to grieve and even dance without being together. All scenography functions were performed by the listeners themselves, performing the tasks given by sms. For example – turn off the lights, open windows to hear noises, turn on music, turn on the water taps, look in the mirror and so on. The show was successful in Latvia, and at the same time in other countries, because you can call almost anywhere.

Tournai d’été

Tournai d’Été 2020, a successful challenge, a real feat: the only multidisciplinary show conceived, staged and performed in Belgium during the covid crisis!

While the measures imposed by the Covid are restrictive and disabling for the festivities that punctuate the community life of a city, they can also be a source of creativity in order to reinvent customs, processions and large gatherings.

Taking into account all the components of the equation: heritage, history, tradition, folklore, fervor, audience, music and songs, colorful exhibitions, etc. LPC Patrimoine has reinvented the formula to make it a “COVID-SAFE” version.

Reservations allowing tracing, ventilated and spaced gauge, management of public flows, distancing, health precautions at the entrance and between sessions, wearing of the mask, everything is taken into account so that the magic of the party can occur in all security.

“Yes it is possible”, possible to rediscover its folklore from a different point of view by bringing modernity, design lighting and daring soundtrack in order to shake up traditions while respecting sanitary measures.

summermagic – Gartenschau Kaiserslautern

For the Garden Show Kaiserslautern we developed a campaign connected with an interactive staging of the park – generating voluntary workers. More than 60.000 visitors – 20% more than the year before.

Instead of only illuminating the park we connected the Summermagic 2019 to a campaign. The campaign shows the stories and faces of the park, intertwinded with the show. The stories which were spread and collected via social media were transformed into interactive light and sound installations. The show integrated the guests and their stories – interactively, co-created and especially activating.

Omniva’s Multimailbox Project

This is a story where with 10K euros we created a nationwide Brand Experience with 300 events, fixed an ongoing problem, reached 1/5 of the nation and left a long-lasting brand and national heritage

The creative idea which held the concept together was linking these series of events to solving an issue and promoting rural roots to Brand Experience. People saw the need to fix the dying mailboxes and were proud to promote Estonian culture. Omniva’s goal was to link their events to Estonia 100, centennial celebrations, we achieved this by prompting each community to research their historic background and respective national patterns. Partnering with VIVA colour, we provided paint to each of the participating communities. Their role was to build, paint and place the stands for mailboxes, focusing on their local national patterns and colors. As inspiration from these events spread quickly, many private mailboxes were renewed as well and are now bringing joy to households around the country. In parallel to this project, a book was published on national patterns of Estonian parishes – a truly long-lasting outcome for the series of events. This book became a gift to Estonia from Omniva.

BNP Paribas Cardif Russia on France day

France day sponsor integration: first BNP Paribas Cardif insurance brand activation targeted at B2C potential customers. Main aim – involving audience by ‘clear and simple insurance’ key brand message

The creative solution for this event was based on the 5 main provided conditions, such as: 5 insurance products to present to visitors, Flacon design factory – artistic venue, ‘clear and simple insurance’ as the key message to communicate, France theme of the festival and… a bus stop standing in the area provided to the brand! Our idea to combine all the factors into 1 creative story was – Theatre on a bus stop (Theatre l’arrete) with the main motto ‘Clear without saying’. Mimes are traditional French artists – and putting mini-pieces about every day life insurance situations and Cardif products in their hands would make the information clear without saying)))

Run For The Oceans

RUN FOR THE OCEANS is a global movement that harness the power of sport to raise awareness around the threat of marine plastic pollution and inspire action amongst adidas consumers.

We used the Think global-act local approach to illustrate the problem, to increase participation and to show tangible ways of making a difference.
We focused on presenting local environmental issues and their global impact.
• We partnered up with celebrities and Influencers in order to show their unique stories and their individual approaches to the cause, inviting people to join the movement and take part in local events.
• We set up a local event – a kick of run pulling the community of runners, Influencers and sustainability activists together.
• We ran for sustainability. We chose to be one hundred percent ecological.
• Instead of printing posters we cleaned the message to the sidewalks we used Aqua Ads
• Instead of polyester for branding flags we used cotton and other natural and recycled materials
• Catering was vegetarian and served on biodegradable dishes (paper, wood & corn starch plastic)
• info panels


We realized a very unconventional roadshow around Ireland in a unique vehicle brought all the way from central Europe. A classic Tullamore D.E.W. branded three-wheel Velorex was the perfect medium to catch people‘s attention; the vehicle has a strong connection to the product‘s character and as we expected, coupling the Velorex with Tullamore D.E.W drew huge interest on site resulting in lots of social media activity.

We brought the idea to use the legendary Czech-made Velorex three-wheeler to a branded communication medium into reality. A car with a strong connection with Tullamore D.E.W. even if these two brands had no prior combined history, and Velorex had probably never before been on Irish soil. Both brands are in no doubt legendary, were affordable to everyone, although today they are regarded as premium products. The history of both brands is firmly connected with tradition and the art of production, and with their qualities they are both unique with no competition. Moreover a three-wheeler helps to reinforce the fact that Tullamore D.E.W. is the only whiskey in the world which is triple distilled, matured in three different types of casks and blended with all three types of Irish whiskey.

The Blind Fitter – Should´ve gone to…

Specsavers store opening in Oslo Norway Februar 2018. How to do a low budget store opening in the most crowded area in Oslo City before, during and after an actual store opening in a creative way using the brands identity and slogan. The target audience was the population of Oslo who needs glasses or eye test so we wanted to communicate to them in a playful way before the opening of the new store. How do we get most people and sales to the opening day and engage them to spred the word…?

The creative concept The blind fitter should´ve gone to is playing with the slogan of Specsavers (Should´ve gone to..) in an relevant and fun way when we pretended that the fitter who set up the boards actually did not manage to do it right because he/she must have a bad view and need glasses…The print on boards was half upside down and was of course not wrong but on purpose. Creative way to engage the target audience to tear down the paper hiding the store on the actual opening day.

The Human Safety Net

Generali Group presented in Venice The Human Safety Net (THSN), an initiative in support of helpless and disadvantaged people from all communities of the world. The venues involved during the event were 3, all in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

A red line, symbol of Human Safety Net, ideally connected the 3 venues involved during the event.

Roche Healthcare Consulting Brand Launch

Roche Diagnostics International came to a point where a new brand was about to be born. A new brand which will communicate the start of the new era. The aim of Roche Healthcare Consulting brand launch was to engage the internal and external stakeholders in the new brand’s world.

We knew, we need to come with something big. To strike and surprise, so the emotional experience will create a deep impact and seed the new brand’s communication intensions. So we decided to do something unbelievable, something that no one has never done before. We set everything to present the brand’s values and clearly explain the drivers behind focusing on the 4 key elements, like thorough, precise, evidence-based and smart.