Four Elements Challenge

The incentive tour to Cappadocia for 150 employees of iDeas IT company from several countries in March 2019. The objective – emotional shake for the team before new joint professional assignment.

What does a long-established team need to start working in harmony in new re-formatted groups and to feel readiness for professional challenges and changes? The answer is: not just to leave but to rush out its shell. To go through fire and water. How? Literally. However, we decided to take it a step further and to conquer all 4 elements.
Number 4 became sacral: preparation to 4 new projects, 4 days of the event, 4 teams and challenging 4 elements.
Where? We’ve chosen a unique place where all 4 elements are united – CAPPADOCIA.
For 24 hours, iDeals employees were staying at the peak of their emotions: under the ground, on earth and in the sky.
Only when they overcame the power of all four natural forces and activated four elements, they finally became aware of the power hidden in them.
Then it was time to disclose the main secret – the mystery of the Fifth Element.
The employees themselves became this Element. The international team of iDeals that is capable to do anything.

SD Worx Intimate Concerts

To thank their employees and clients SD Worx celebrated their 15th anniversary by organizing 81 intimate concerts. In 1 night, in living rooms of 81 employees. The audience: employees & clients.

The objective of the initial question was to thank the customers for their confidence over the past 15 years, that is why SD Worx wanted to give a huge party. We evaluated the question and decided that what we were asked was not a match with the DNA of SD Worx SME e.g. proximity. That is why we broke the briefing and came up with a different concept. We wanted to thank as many customers and employees in a personal and surprising way.

The Oval Office proposed a live-communication approach that had a much greater impact than what could be achieved with just a big party:
The employees of SD Worx had to open their living rooms for an intimate concert together with the customers. The result: 81 living room concerts spread over Belgium. A living room concert itself is maybe not that innovative, but the fact that the concerts were all organized on one evening at the same time in the living rooms of SD Worx employees, together with their clients as guests, is.

Alter Domus 15th Anniversary

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, reinforce the collaboration and the engagement, Alter Domus asked VO Event to bring together 2,000 employees from across the world for a 3-day trip in September 18.

Given this particular context, our guiding principle from the outset was that Alter Domus needed more than a 3-day incentive in order to achieve the expected level of bond between the participants. We therefore proposed to work way upstream in the preparation of the project so as to develop a strong interaction process that would consolidate the federative impact at the event itself. We achieved this by building a customized online platform that hosted workshops for several months, composed of international and cosmopolitan teams. This first phase on online meetings acted as ice-breakers initiating inter-office connections so as to maximize the engagement and participant expectations.

For the concept, we proposed a decisively forward-thinking message: “today you are 15 years old, so let’s look ahead into the next 15 years during which each employee will play a significant role”. This message was shaped into a baseline, flagship statement for the entire project: “Let’s Shape the Future

KFC Sanders’ TOP League

Format: Creative contest between KFC employees from all over Russia and CIS&CEE.
Audience: 1500 employees
Objectives: recognition, motivation and engagement of the team

From year to year, the format of the creative duel between the teams consisting of employees remains unchanged. Moreover, every year teams are created from employees of 34 countries and this is also a challenge. The preparation not only gives creative realization to the participants, but also creates a powerful internal communication between representatives of completely different regions, establishes the strongest emotional connections within the multi-thousand collective.
The context genre is changing from year to year. In 2019, it was a dance battle, which overlapped with the increasing trend of dancing in the country.
The creative concept of Sandres ’TOP League was primarily inspired by the brand’s relaunch, which itself is an event of a planetary scale, and in addition, once again emphasized that the level of the show can only be TOP. The participants subscribed to this challenge, and the audience’s expectations were once again justified.

Life Goals 2.0

Audience was a select group of high-profile bankers who had experienced everything ,the objective was to make them drop their customary guard and introspect on their life goals.

A quick dipstick survey revealed the various new age aspects of ‘life goals’ our audience valued. Our concept from ‘goals’ to ‘life goals’ covered:
Friendship Goals – Where we got teams from PAN India come together.
Health and Fitness Goals – They were made to bond while walking in the streets of the very traditional Amritsar.
Spiritual Goals – Golden Temple being the one of the most iconic locations in the world was visited by our guests to tick of the spiritual goals off their list.
Family Goals – A true family man, Sandeep Singh who overcame hurdles unlike another was achieved while his entire family Patriotic Goals – Wagah Border, the ultimate location that defines the Pride of India.
Environmental Goals – Our guests undertook tree plantation activity where they plotted numerous plants in order to give it back to the Mother Nature.
Social Goals – A session on changing the education system in Ladakh was presented by none other that the distinguished visionary Mr.Sonam Wangchuk.

Henkel: Think BIG

Full organization of the annual conference for 250 employees: motivational creative concept, logistics. Social and environmental activity as a must: in accordance with the values of Henkel.

The concept of the event emphasizes the main value of the brand – global thinking, concern for the environment, about the future of the planet. Therefore, we chose the vision of Think Big. And the event itself, as the saving region’s ecosystem – is this value in action.

Mercedes-Benz Offroad Driving Experience Tunisia

An incentive event for 60 of Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic‘s most important customers, combining elements of adrenalin, unique experiences and exotic entertainment.

The creative idea was based on the necessity to bring an absolutely unique experience to people who have seen almost everything and have been almost everywhere. We bet on the fact that most Czech men dreamed about taking part in the Dakar Rally since their childhood, in which the Czech Republic is historically one of the world’s great powers. Therefore, the idea came to bring Central European customers into the harsh conditions of the desert and experience the feelings and emotions of the Dakar rally.
The most technologically challenging aspect was to bring the brand’s and customer’s standards to a place where there is nothing, where nothing works…


X5 CITY is a summer corporate event aimed to increase employee loyalty, build a strong team spirit, and trigger positive emotions.

X5 CITY is a corporate event arranged as a game. The employees find themselves in an imagined city, become its citizens and get some X5 CITY cash. With this money they can participate in various entertainment and educational activities; there are also special games where you can earn some extra money.
The main element of the game is the Startup Battle, where everyone is given an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Every team can choose a business to their liking, set up a store and get down to work. The main goal is to earn as much money as you can. The Startup battle is a part of the city, and you use the same X5 CITY cash to pay for goods or services.

All these elements help create a unique involvement model similar to the market economy. The only difference here is that you both earn and spend your money as a game.

10º Anniversary AIRBUS San Pablo Site

Airbus’ remit was to design and organise the space for the 10th Anniversary of the San Pablo plant, an event that was to be held at the plant itself.

It had to be an event where everyone can discover what is done in San Pablo and by who, but always in a simple, attractive, recreational way. To this end, we turned the plant into the Knowledge Core, which took shape through a large technological and experiential space. This is where the COMPETENCES of the PEOPLE who make it possible where born. We created and distinguished 5 different competences, grouping them into the Knowledge Areas and activities. The experience would therefore be lived from the moment they receive and design the aeroplane parts, through to their delivery to the customer.
We designed an event that ensured the worker would feel proud to belong, along with a sense of teamwork and loyalty to the company. We colour-coded each competence, which we turned into the concept of the event, flooding the whole plant with colour.
The competences –PRECISION, RELIABILITY, SAFETY, BETTERMENT AND DELIVERY– came together in the Knowledge Core, an immersive audiovisual experience

TransferWise Summer Days 2019

Revolutionary money transfer startup epic internal teambuilding event. Diverse and uniting at the same time. Good parallels from core business objectives.

Concept from values and product messages – It all began with Transferwise launching their card and boarderless account which is meant for … well all sorts of people actually. It’s a word play what begins with “For …” and ends with “people”. The middle part is free to fill. For the wolrd is a village people. For the jetlag people. For the live in london for a week people. etc.
We wanted to create an event which would match the same communication idea. We called it “For flying the fast flag People.” BTW, fast flag is a symbol of TransferWise.

Program diversity solution – An other important creative solution was to hold a team-building event for 1300 that would be uniting and diverse at the same time. So we changed the whole understanding of summer days program and divided it into 6 smaller team-building events, uniting them again in the evening through videos presented to everyone at the same evening.


Annual international meeting of one of the world’s largest strategic consulting multinationals. Three days of sport, team building and fun, all under the “ONE BAIN” battle cry.

Rome, Caput Mundi.A long weekend featuring a program of activities designed to immerse guests from all over the world in the characteristic atmosphere of the capital.This also applies to the sports and team building activities.A real “World Cup”,in which multisport competitions alternate with recreational activities and festivities in a way that combines the unique styles and cultures of Italy and the USA.
On the opening night guests were greeted in the splendid surroundings of Borgo Ripa on the banks of the Tiber,where they enjoyed a welcome dinner accompanied by musical entertainment.
Football,social soccer,rugby and volleyball tournaments were organised at the prestigious”Giulio Onesti”Olympic Preparation Centre,whilst the finals were exceptionally staged at the Olympic Stadium.
A closing toga party,held on the ‘Ancient Rome’ set at Cinecittà studios,perfectly evoked the spirit of the Roman edition of the 2019 BWC;the event featured a show, live performances and a DJ set.

Svyaznoy Energy incentive program

Unique Svyaznoy Energy retail incentive program aimed to motivate sales force in shops all over Russia provides a chance to show best KPI’s and win a life-time experience – travel to an unforgettabele teambuilding site, join a team and spend 3 exciting days with a big game, creative tasks, parties, gala dinner – win the money prize and have your heart filled with Svyaznoy Energy forever! 6 years and counting, 6 legends (a new one for each season), 3 events each year, total over 4000 participants

The project requires huge creative potential to create a new legend for every season, fully implied during the 3 days of event. That involoves big creative team work and includes actors team (MCs and team leaders), costumes, athmosphere, venues decorations, game plot, facilities for the competition, party theme (with decorations, photo zones, dress-code and costumes, interactions and challenges), participants’ uniform and equipment, gala-dinner idea and direction, show pieces, songwriting, first impression video compiling right after the big game, headliner stars, special effects, traditional hymn and glowing sticks flashmob and much more to fill each detail fo the 3-days-event with theme pieces for the unforgettable experience.