Offshore Wind Energy Experience

The BOP that represents the most important players in offshore wind energy wanted to celebrate & showcase an important milestone and as a result influence the public opinion in a positive way.

We organized a campaign for a period of 6 weeks focused on PR, brand activation, online engagement & event.
‘Set sail for the energy of the future’ is the concept title for a unique offshore wind energy experience organized in 3 steps:
1-Stunt & brand activation
•Obj.: get positive press exposure, engage citizens, win a boat trip to the wind parks
•Concept: 15,000 paper windmills on the Ostend beach together made up the 1,000,000 figure and once brought offshore wind energy close to the citizens. People can pick up a paper windmill & win a boat trip to the wind parks by submitting a unique code (printed on the windmill) to a specific landing page.
2-Online campaign
•Obj.: Share knowledge about offshore wind energy with all citizens, win a boat trip to the wind parks in September
•Concept: Online quiz about offshore wind energy on a specific landing page, participants can win a boat trip
3-Boat Trips
•Obj.:Discover the wind parks in the North Sea
•Concept: 4 guided boat trips in 2 days

SAP Summer Studio “It’s Data!”

5 online shows on “Data-Driven enterprise” topic, SAP CIS held in summer 2019. Each broadcast last 2 hours and included a live discussion and recorded materials to provide deep dive into technologies.

We had one brand “It’s Data!” for the whole series. At each episode we addressed to a specific audience: IT, Supply Chain, CEO, HR, Marketing. We used a star-guest – famous Russian stand-up actress Alla Mikheeva – to explain the topic “in simple words” and attract broader audience. We used interactive technologies to communicate both with online audience and offline participants in the studio. Using online extension to the offline format we managed to reach a very broad audience.
In addition our speakers in the studio got the experience of participating in real TV-show.

Re:imagine Street ARt

By amplifying the natural immersiveness of street art, Samsung let people discover and engage with colorful AR-worlds beyond traditional art, making them actual participants in the artwork.

The answer to the brief was: by enriching one of the most analog, yet immersive forms of art, through Samsung technology: street art.
Street Art interferes with its environment and engages with the audience. We amplified these inherent principles of the form and extended the original conceptual ideas of specific artworks with the help of completely new AR layers, changing the role of the audience from passive viewer to active participant.