Porsche Sound Night 2018

Symphony of 82 cylinders.
To mark the 70th anniversary of “Porsche Sportwagen”, we developed a production that brought its brand’s essence to life. The unmistakable sound of the Porsche vehicles.

STAGG & FRIENDS developed and staged a unique new overall concept:
70 years of Porsche history told by the engines of the 13 legendary Porsche models.
The Porsche sound served as the unifying element over various decades.
The interior of the Porsche-Arena was the Motordrome. This is where, one by one, 13 Porsche vehicles from different decades and racing eras made their grand entrance. During a lap of honor through the Motordrome, each vehicle provided a taste of the rich sound of its engine, before these high horsepower sports cars were presented in detail on a turntable on stage by renowned speakers. The uproar and rumbling of the engines was the focus here; after all, the Sportwagen series’ unmistakable soundscape formed the dominant theme of the evening.

The Russian Seasons: Re-inventing Russia for the World

The Russian Seasons festival shares the beauty & richness of Russian culture with the world. Held in a new country every year, in 2018 it traveled to Italy. 310 events in 74 cities gathered 6M people.

The Russian Seasons revives the idea of the Ballets Russes, the world-famous ballet project launched by the great impresario Sergei Diaghilev in 1900s. Dazzling shows based on groundbreaking collaborations between prominent choreographers, composers, designers, and dancers, traveled across the globe ‘reinventing’ Russia for foreigners. However, if Diaghilev focused on ballet the Russian Seasons go further featuring multiple disciplines (music, drama, visual arts etc.) and thus expanding the concept of Russian culture for the international audience.

The Firebird, a theme from Russian folk tales and Stravinsky’s ballet performed by les Ballets Russes, was chosen as the festival’s symbol. Each festival opens with a beautiful ceremony of passing this symbol to the host country.

Internationally known Russian cultural figures, such as conductor Valery Gergiev, pianist Denis Matsuev or dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze, were invited as lead artists and key speakers of the festival.


The first ever festival held in Portugal, dedicated to celebrate the Portuguese passion for coffee. An event designed to promote coffee culture and get together all those who love and work with coffee

After the briefing we went to brainstorming, and found as common point that Portugal is a country of coffee lovers. Also Portuguese coffee association as almost 90% of the coffee brands in Portugal as associates. About 80% of Portuguese consume coffee daily. As industry according to Nielsen the market value in Portugal is around 556 millions €. So, what was missing ? Get everyone together at the “conversations table” (independent coffee specialists, big commercial companies, small roasters and stores, speakers and specialists) and join forces to create and promote the first and ever biggest event dedicated entirely to Coffee. And the Lisbon Coffee Fest was created. Since the very beginning of all we decided to create one of the most trendy, cool and spectacular festival around Coffee, inspired in the best coffee festivals around the world, and fitted to the Portuguese coffee culture. A festival that was designed to promote and fill and empty space on the Portuguese coffee history.

The magic of the summer in the Giant with Circus Theater Roncalli

In July 2019 the artists of Circus Roncalli offer more than 100.000 visitors a glimpse behind the scenes of the circus. Daring acrobats are turning the garden of the Giant into a circus ring.

Circus. The word alone sets the imagination running wild, conjuring up childhood afternoons spent in tents or spectacular performances by world-class acrobats.
In cooperation with Circus Theater Roncalli, this summer at Swarovski Crystal Worlds we are reinventing the circus. Our circus is not limited to a tent for one big show; the whole garden has turned into a playground. The whole day evolves naturally with only a few show times set.
Beautiful antique circus trailers give the impression that a traveling circus has decided to stay and enjoy the lush landscape for a bit. A striking carousel shimmers with 15 million Swarovski crystals, evoking feelings of freedom and joy.
Colorful backdrops, ornate costumes, and spectacular performances are transporting visitors into the magical world of the circus ring. The audience gets the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the artists and immerse themselves in the world of the circus.


Since 2004 a premium music festival held in Cascais, Portugal, at historical patrimony gardens during month of July. A line-up composed with artists from Jazz, Blues, Soul, RnB, Pop.

EDPCOOLJAZZ stands out for being a non-standardized festival, with atypical and distinctive characteristics, that primes for its innovative environment. It occurs every year in three different spaces and in separated days with paid and non-paid live acts. Thus, it gives the opportunity for different types of audiences to enjoy not only the music but also different surroundings, each and every one with its unique atmosphere. Moreover, EDP developed several eco-friendly measures as for example the C02 compensation project that consists of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions with carbon credits from the “Argibem” project in Brazil. EDP supports the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable biomass residues in ceramic factories, contributing to the fight against climate change and to a more sustainable circular economy. This initiative contributes to making EDPCOOLJAZZ environmentally sustainable.