Mazagrande Promo Tour

Tchibo, a well established coffee brand was entering the Slovak market with it’s new brand Mazagrande. This product is creating a whole new segment of coffee lemonades. The client’s brief was to design a promotional tour through the whole Slovakia focusing on maximizing the product brand awareness and sampling or trial contacts.


Educational community event and a networking reception to raise awareness of the proton therapy in oncology

This project was a corporate sponsored event to raise awareness of the innovative non-interventional treatment methods in the field of oncology. The event run in conj with a global industry tradeshow where the client exhibited, and consisted of educational sessions and a networking reception.The objectives and the outcomes of the event: to position company as the leader in the proton therapy, inform and show the newest treatment methods. Target audience:1.Healthcare practitioners 2.wider public


Atea Landstreff – Explore

Atea is a Nordic company, that specializes in IT. Their goal is to become the top provider of IT-knowledge in the Nordics. To achieve this, they needed to boost internal commitment and engagement. The 2018 Atea Landstreff was the perfect opportunity to do just that. Our task was to create a concept and content for the event that would generate a hunger for new and exciting knowledge within Ateas employees and be a source of inspiration for the rest of the year.

Ateas goal is to be a knowledge-based company. The pursuit of new knowledge never ends, and the Atea employees’ thirst for it is crucial for the company to achieve its goal. Therefore, we made Explore the main message of the Atea Landstreff.

AC Spider Launch

The new AC Spider has been presented in Milan on the 2nd of March.

The event aims at spactacularity with light shows, music and entertainment. It involves the most advanced technologies such as drones filming the entire night and facial recognition replacing lists at the entrance.