Bastogne: The roads to freedom

Bastogne – The Road to Freedom, an original approach, beyond commemoration, to make everyone a bearer of history. 30000 spectators dove into the Battle of the Bulge to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After having carried out the 70th commemoration of the battle of the Bulge on the same site, the stake here was, beyond renewing the commemorative experience, to renew the “how to tell” the great History in a modern, concise and understandable way, on a large audience, outdoors in December in the Belgian Ardennes.
A resolutely modern approach, beyond the commemorative aspect, had to be put in place in order to make each of us bearer of history.
Beyond the 180 ° video-mapping, oversized elements such as the heads of soldiers as well as the tanks of the two large armies in conflict, were used as a scenographic element, increasing the immersion of the spectators. Aerial performances have reinforced the narrative, fire scores as symbols of the violence of the fights, more than 120 reenactors, and the hundred extras, civilians from the region, taking part in the fresco.

Focus LIVE 2019

Focus Live is the event that brings science among people. Focus created an experiential event to share emotions and widen its target audience. After 2018 success, the event triples its dates.

This was Focus approach: talking about science in simple, accessible and engaging language, always keeping in mind that the real objective of the event was inviting people to be curious.
The format included one main stage, two speakers corners, a wide expo area; it was moved on a roadshow in Genoa, Trento and Milan. Main speeches were streamed. Focus Live also included special areas and workshops for kids and teens.
Many experiments were highly engaging, ie.: Mars walking simulator, the static apnea pool, then a suit that simulates aging, the nursing robot, the scanning booth that creates your own avatar, the Aeronautica Militare’s flight simulator.

adidas Run for the Oceans Barcelona

Run For The Oceans Barcelona was a public event to raise awareness and educate people of all ages about the problem of marine plastic pollution whilst empowering them to take action through running.

By highlighting the problem of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea & proposing Barcelona, Spain’s 2nd biggest city, a major tourist hotspot & one of the region’s largest ports, we helped adidas Spain convince adidas global management & Parley to bring the event to Spain.
To make the event contextually relevant we set up the Run For The Oceans House along the Barcelona seafront. This experiential hub was an open inviting multifunctional space, which over the course of a week staged seminars, workshops, science masterclasses & sports training sessions. The design turned the medium into the message using refurbished shipping containers, solar energy & ecofriendly materials to create a 100% sustainable event.
On the final day we staged a 7K race, where for every KM run $1 was raised. KMs were clocked using the Runtastic app. This was followed by a live concert, where Macaco, a famous Spanish singer & environmental activist, closed the event on a high & spreading the Parley message

Pasta World Championship 2018

18 young chefs from all over the world challenged themselves with Mastery Challenges to test their cooking skills and create author’s dishes that embody the culinary theme Eat Positive.

18 young chefs from around the world challenged themselves with “Mastery Challenges” to test their cooking skills and create author’s dishes that embody the culinary theme Eat Positive. This theme wanted to tell that eating, in addition to being necessary, is above all a source of pleasure. After the final round of challenges Mastery Challenges, one of the 18 chefs was named Barilla Pasta World Champion 2018. The event focused on a joyful, balanced and nutritious way of eating with quality ingredients and, enriched by talks and performances, offered new perspectives for a sustainable diet. Leading personalities from the world of Food have composed the jury; three Michelin star chefs: Lorenzo Cogo, Viviana Varese, Luigi Taglienti and, for the final “Masters of Mastery” Davide Oldani. There were also an international opinion leaders such as Holger stromberg, Brittany Wright and Filippa Lagerbäck.

SAP Summer Studio “It’s Data!”

5 online shows on “Data-Driven enterprise” topic, SAP CIS held in summer 2019. Each broadcast last 2 hours and included a live discussion and recorded materials to provide deep dive into technologies.

We had one brand “It’s Data!” for the whole series. At each episode we addressed to a specific audience: IT, Supply Chain, CEO, HR, Marketing. We used a star-guest – famous Russian stand-up actress Alla Mikheeva – to explain the topic “in simple words” and attract broader audience. We used interactive technologies to communicate both with online audience and offline participants in the studio. Using online extension to the offline format we managed to reach a very broad audience.
In addition our speakers in the studio got the experience of participating in real TV-show.

Synergy Global Forum 2017

Synergy Global Forum 2017- is the Russian largest business forum. Our objective is to provide a communication platform for business education, which help to develop our business and corporate elite of our state. That is going to be the basis for a breakthrough of economic growth. SGF 2017 is a unique spot where Top Internationally recognized headliners & top Russian speakers has been providing lectures for participants of our forum. That is a great opportunity to learn from business leaders.

Synergy Global Forum 2017 is the largest business event Russia ever had. For our team it is not just a business forum, but a big show with good sound, big screens and special effects.

Smart Air Solutions Days – Atlas Copco – Change is in the air

Atlas Copco Global Sales Force, 950 people, where flown into Belgium/ Antwerp. Reason: In many product ranges new products where launched. The launch day on monday was followed by 3 days of intensive interactive training sessions, providing them all necessary content and product knowledge so sales could increase. But more important was the Emotional Goal, increasing their level of pride, their sense of commitment, engagment. Showing a new vibe, positive changes, fresh air, …

We stayed far away of the use of the existing AC branding. Of course we implemented it but we didn’t start from it. We created an entire new world, a new look and feel that focused on the story, on the emotions. Being a global company and working with all different nationalities we linked this with color! It was spring, flowers would blossom, fresh air. Compressors work with air, air means wind, blow, … we thought of the Indian concept Holi where colors are blown by people into the streets; we saw joy and laughter, we felt freshness and excitement. A campaign was born! We made it stronger by creating event visuals with real Atlas Copco Employees. We stayed far away from boring meeting rooms and typical break out sessions. We created 8 break out session in big Event Branded cylinders. We implemented an in ear system to cover up acoustic issues. The ugly translation booths were esthetically implemented. RFID tagging was used to make sure everybody was present in the right session.

Oncology Spring Meeting

Oncology Spring Meeting is one of the most important oncology meetings in Portugal. It has a multidisciplinary program with a huge variety os specialties and has more than 1000 participants. The speakers are KOL doctors and other health care professional connected with oncology in Portugal. The congress is recognized as an international event because the faculty counts on it the most recognized KOL at the moment. Oncology Spring Meeting has been grant 21 European CME credits (ECMEC®s) by EACCME®

Every year we try to improve the congress outcome using the most recent technologic innovation available in the market, this year biggest innovation was the possibility of assisting the congress major room sessions per streaming.

Mercedes-Benz Global Training Experience Ibiza 2018

Hey Mercedes – or, how to turn a sales team into digital influencers! We fly to Ibiza for this key training step of the Mercedes-Benz car group. To a young, inspiring island that offers an ideal environment for change and transformation. For a totally new Global Training Experience 2018. Eleven weeks of back-to-back arrivals. And more than 14,700 participants from 60 markets worldwide.

Ibiza – young, inspiring and offering an ideal environment for change. There, we create the ideal playground for the digital transformation: A new Mercedes-Benz brand space, the A_lements Ibiza! An open bright space architecture designed with a club atmosphere. For dialogue and individual growth. A place full of inspiration and customer centred content. The new A_lements is to our sales team what the me convention is to MB customers. The new convention style training does not only network the participants with the future of mobility, but also with the special target group of the new A-Class. For this purpose, the training is based on digital and interactive elements, were designed and used to encourage training and constantly activate and promote the acquisition of knowledge by the sales people. In addition, the products also have to be repeatedly put in the spotlight by means of targeted product placement in the training and in the entire environment of our training campus itself.

Metsä Pro Nemus Innovation Center

Pro Nemus Innovation Center stands by the largest bio-product plant in the Northern Hemisphere. It provides an experiential cross-section of the life cycle of a forest and the impact of bio-economy, in a world that must increasingly rely on renewable raw materials. The brand-new center is designed as a stage for interactive digital experiences and constructed entirely out of ecological Finnish wood. It is a new way to learn about Metsä Group’s business, products, innovation and ways of working.

Pro Nemus is just as ground breaking as the next-generation bioproduct mill next to it. The state-of-the-art experience-touch-points inside the center utilize the most innovative and easily embraceable and educational tech solutions. The building itself is a tour-de-force of Finnish wood construction and architecture. It was built explicitly to combine digital touch points into live experiences. Our creative idea was to invite visitors to experience an interactive story of a wood from the very beginning to the end, from a seedling to global import product, through strong visual storytelling and immersive experiences taking every target group in to account with intuitive UIs. E.g. we designed a virtual forest room, where by touching the surrounding physical trees, omnipresent data layers are revealed. We also harnessed Apple’s new Depth APU using the TrueDepth camera of an iPhone 8 Plus to extract users’ faces off the background in a photobooth – dynamically in real time. And much more.

google home training

Being a relatively new product category altogether, consumers and front-line staff alike would have many questions. So if promoters were to be adequately informed, they needed to know the product first-hand. What we did was replicate the ‘Escape Room’ format on ground. Without prior notice, mobile phones and devices were taken away from the attendees before they entered the venue, and all exits sealed. The only way out of the event was by navigating the training with the help of Google Home.

The target audience (the trainees) are typically tech-savvy, competitive people under 30. So, the format of trade shows are typically cluttered and uninspiring for them. That’s where we stepped in. Picture the ‘Escape Room’ or the ‘Big Boss House’. Imagine an event where delegates are trapped till they get the message! No one enters, no one leaves – till the mission is accomplished 100% with a combination of quick-thinking and problem-solving.

A suite at the hotel was done up to look like a Google Home. From the minute the 25 people (per event) walked in, everything from lighting, technical, to the training modules had to be controlled by the delegates (the trainees) using the Google Home device till they figured out for themselves how the product works and how they could leave the room!

Find Your Sixth Sense

More than 600 event professionals came to see what happens when the top Czech event services suppliers get together and fill 5,000 m2 with the latest event solutions. An event called Find Your Sixth Sense was organized in early January with the purpose of educating Czech business professionals and inspiring them with the latest and greatest in the event world.

Four leading event suppliers joined resources to educate their clients and prospective ones by creating one event concept.