RINGANA virtual Convention 2020

Instead of a blurry webcam look, the RINGANA virtual convention amazed the audience with high quality content and a flawless shopping experience. Resulting in more than 15.000 happy viewers.

Desperate time call for innovative measures – as innovation is a main part of RINGANAs philosophy, we saw the opportunity to redefine the idea of their yearly convention.

Reflecting beauty, turning it inside out, go into the deep microscopic level of substances, – looking at the conecept of beatuy these days and from historic, cultural perspective, from the philosophic point of view.

that was the base for the creation of our storytelling. A Tv formated show with interactive dance performance, trainings, panel discussions, speeches, live broadcast to 5 Citys in 5 countries

The event plattform accompanied with different visuals states included an exclusive shopping experience , personalized user experience though smart ticket/registration processes (e.g. personal welcome), places to share their achievements and emotions with others.
The RINGANA virtual convention web stream player was handmade/programmed, integrated the varierty of translations into 9 languages and interaction.

Russian Film and Television Producers Awards, Virtual Experience

Film & TV Producers Association’s award is a professional prize for film production achievements–Russian equivalent of the Emmys. The most venerable producers of Russia are among awards’ jury members.

For 7 years,the award ceremony took place in the best concert halls in Moscow.But 2020 disrupted all plans.There was an urgent need to change the format.Russian Film and Television Producers Association(RFTPA)contacted several agencies with a request to organize a virtual event,but no one dared to take such a complex brief to be executed in the shortest possible timeframe of 2 weeks.Channel Five accepted the challenge.The task was to invent and produce the first-ever TV broadcast format of a virtual award ceremony:live presenter segments from the studio,graphic overlays,playback of prerecorded videos,music overlays and sound mix.200 people of showbiz celebrities located in different time zones participated in the video conference.As a result, a new technical solution based on several platforms was invented.For the very first time a 48 sq.meter video wall with a parallax effect was used to change locations in the studio where the presenter was in contact with the participants.

Prosight 9th Birthday

A hybrid convention for business reviews, visions, networking, rewards, birthday celebrations. All network came together to boost the company culture and energy for future achievements.

We created a customized 3D scene with its own visual scenography for the conference and Gala. In a pre-event phase, our participants received a personalized invitation email with a link to a customized virtual event platform. Also, we sent our participants a gift box to be open at the beginning of the event. The gift box of Prosecco, other treats were meant to bring a live elements and fully enrich the experience of the celebration.
An expressive and authentic performance of a celebrity host (super famous TV moderator and vlogger) uplifted the atmosphere with the technological gadgets presented behind the scenes – revealing the greenscreen studio. The combination of greenscreen experience and 3D studio naturally uncovered the technological aspect of the virtual events and added dynamic design.

Discover Servier

Annual National Sales Conference for 500 employees of the pharmaceutical company Servier from different regions. Peculiarity– the synergy of offline and online format.

Each year Servier went on to a new country. This year we offered them a journey within their own company – to Discover Servier! Every day we immersed participants into new reality based on the new company’s strategy. We have achieved this immersion using offline surprise visits and online virtual “Unreal” settings in studio.
Every day we had changed every single thing: animator’s looks, gift-boxes, website interface, Insta-masks, visual settings for studio.
We had more surprises. While participants anticipated the final Gala Award stream, we have managed to fuel the intrigue. At any time, anyone with a link could peak into the preparation online – stage setting, rehearsals, camera installation. The anticipation of what’s coming up was strong. It will be a show! Servier Late Night Show!

MEXT Opening

The opening of the MEXT the world’s largest digital transformation center broadcasted online and on national channels with the physical participation the government, including the President of Turkey.

Openable system stage led screen usage; Movable System used
Switchable glass technology used
The opening setup was arranged with Boston Dynamics Robot.

The largest & first pandemic-themed online hackathon VirusHack in Russia

To support sustainable development, Rostelecom organized VirusHack themed around managing daily life in the context of global changes with the help of digital solutions proposed by IT community.

The project was launched at the pandemia’s daze to contribute to sustainable development, in this regard, Rostelecom placed all solutions in open access on https://virushack.ru/solutions not only to support partners and customers, but the entire community. Partners and Rostelecom have several prototypes in active development. According to Team Autonomy Enablement, Karma Framework implemented to Rostelecom in the end of 2019 and recognized by Gartner, using that internal method, participants could find people for the team and submit ideas on the platform. Rostelecom team had meetings every 2-3 hours to coordinate process, supervise participants. Business, IT experts shared resources and made checkpoints to consult participants. Teams engaged in interactive experience with various tools: contests, marathons, conferences and more. Teams spent 3 days developing prototypes. In few hours judges assessed the results of 279 teams & announced 21 winners in every track.

Anti-Panic Platform™

Anti-Panic is a virtual platform, whose task is to showcase crisis solutions explained by an interdisciplinary group of leaders sharing information & motivation critical to right decision making.

Key elements were
#3 CHAMBERS: 1.Leaders & Public chamber. 2. Essential 100 room – leaders whose work has significant economical, social, or scientific impact. 3. Speakers.
#INTERACTIVITY – each chamber has a different level of interactivity access allowing polling, engaging in debate, or steering the conversation topic.
#TECH – we combined several powerful tools into one state of the art virtual platform. The main elements are Zoom for AV access, Media server Ventuz for 3D realtime distribution, Sli.do for interactivity and Youtube,FB and LI for community management and live streaming.
#ART – we have employed 3D artists and illustrators to create brand new environments on the WEB and in the VIRTUAL to achieve max. engagement, convey given messaging and attract attention.

This setup allowed many News to stream our program on their homepage. The platform is solution oriented, therefore speakers, reporters, or schools re-shared the program and contributed to the positive thinking.

Joint Dialogue Forum

2-day event for industry and business world with employees, employers and public institution, with live broadcasts and AR technology, 50 C-level guests attending physically in the same location.

The forum, focused on the Future of Work topic, should have taken place in an environment where we should use tomorrow’s technology in the most effective way due to the pandemic. For this reason, we have integrated the augmented reality technology into the forum that we organized physically last year in order to execute in the most realistic way this year. Each session was broadcast live over the digital studio, and we used advanced real-time ‘compositing’ tools and special keying technology in digital studios with the Zero Density software prefered in professional channels used in the game world, and prepared advanced AR visuals for different sessions. In this way, we increased the expression power of the speakers. In addition, we created a special mobile application for this event and we kept the attention of the participants alive like a physical event by sending regular notifications to the participants through this application, organizing surveys, competitions and gamifications.

Landing on Earth. Everyday.

Worldwide Digital Launch Event of the new MF8S tractor.

Riding the digital wave and pushing technology beyond its known limits, combining techniques from the world of cinema, post-production and video web apps to deliver a truly seamless experience.

Direct e-conference

B2B2C conference for a progressive insurance company Direct, new product launch, 5 years report, real time satisfaction survey & brand experience exploration thru state of the art virtual platform.

The client gained the title to be the “different” insurance company through the 5 years of growth with honest marketing & friendly services. Therefore we aimed to fulfil this expectation in virtual space too. The whole experience took place in a chalet in the middle of the Austrian Alps in a natural green setting. Our studio was a mix of real decoration and 3D generated motion graphics. The program included product launch & product experience presentation, real time satisfaction survey and 5 years report all structured not only to be engaging for the employees and brokers, but also for fans from the public, who follow client’s social networks. We kept attention of all participants and achieved high engagement through well structured storyline, gamification & fun live sketchnoting. Everyone had a chance to interact with the virtual studio and 3 founders, who took a role of moderators, through Sli.do, word cloud and over 20 brokers were awarded for their exceptional business results.