Stay Home with Russian Seasons: events that help to Stay Home

The Russian Seasons, the biggest festival of Russian culture, turned into Stay Home with Russian Seasons online service, the biggest free media library of Russian cultural content.

There is no any other media library in the world containing foreigners’ friendly Russian art pieces at such scale: ballet, opera, music concerts, ice shows, movies, masterclasses and even guided video tours at famous museums like Hermitage. All content is available in French and English including literary translations of some plays. The media library website is optimized for any modern device and hosts more than 100 streams of the best artists, musicians and ballet dancers. 150 hours of streams or webcasts were loaded via most popular social platforms giving the best quality of experience and possibility to provide feedback, leave a comment and ask the questions.

Dance Academy Live

Due to Pandemic quarantine Dance Academy Prague asked us to create Pop-up virtual Dance Studio for students and over 2000 households to experience over 100 classes from the safety of their homes.

In order to ensure 2-way audio-visual communication between 12 teachers and about 20 students of each of the 8 classes & public clients, we deployed a Website combining Zoom entry, Ko-fi donation button & FB / IG channels.

Every student, or public client could access the class from the comfort of their home and was attended by the teacher seeing whether the movement is done properly, or the student needs correction, more motivation, or even video pin the student to show a good example.

The program gained massive popularity also because there were no proximity limitations (parents didn’t have to drive their kids). Another element was the fact that shy kids who would never go to the studio could now practice with their camera off but still be part of the class and chat with others.

We covered the costs by bringing on a partner T-Mobile who boosted our connectivity and created an additional campaign to invite every dance fan in the country that suffered from quarantine lockdown.

The Heart of Jazz

“The Heart of Jazz” was created during Covid, from an idea of Blue Note Milano (part of Casta Diva Group) in collaboration with Huawei, JVC, Extra with the aim of bringing great music to those at home

An innovative, live experience that, thanks to the Huawei Video streaming platform, allowed users to immerse themselves in the cosy atmosphere of the Blue Note and to experience a live concert and its emotions directly from home. The star of the concert was Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet, presented by Nick The Nightfly, artistic director of the club. During the concert, donations to Italian Red Cross were made to thank those who lived the difficult months of the pandemic on the front line. A concrete way to celebrate the 8th of May, the World Red Cross Day and the Red Crescent.
The concert was broadcast full HD live streaming on the Huawei Video platform, in Italy and 11 countries where this was available: Spain, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and Russia, because music has no borders, neither physical nor geographical.

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival

We transformed the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival into a virtual event — bringing the spirit of Brooklyn to the global stage for a 2-day lineup of performances that’s garnered 3 million views.

We solved the challenge by translating the in-person festival into a two-day multi-platform livestream event. Our lineup featured musical and visual artists from around the world on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and BRIC’s own TV channel. In addition to animated graphic overlays designed with a Brooklyn-inspired aesthetic, we handled all broadcasting through our internally developed LiveXP software suite. LiveXP allowed us to enhance the viewing experience and break barriers between performance and audiences with interactive elements like live Q&As, viewer polls and seamless ways to donate to BRIC or add on-screen tracks to Spotify. These elements elevate the event from a simple livestream to a fully immersive and interactive digital festival where audiences can connect.

BUDX Amsterdam

For the launch in the Netherlands Bud introduced BUDX. A two-day event celebrating trendsetting culture, enabling and engaging Dutch young urbanites for a credible and relevant brand-positioning.

The peak of Bud’s local campaign effort was to roll out the BUDX platform, where cultural local talents are brought together through collaboration in the fields of Music, Art, Fashion and Tech. The platform is not purely designed for brand visibility but to actually contribute to and to reflect the local trendsetting culture. To create an inclusive community that bonds, inspires and ultimately collaborates. BUDX is an amplification platform: an experience that grows exponentially as more people engage creatively and collaboratively with each other and the brand.

BUDX was a two-day cultural melting-pot consisting of panel discussions with trendsetting culture icons by day and stellar music performances that transcended genres by night. A live site-specific integrated audio-visual performance fully customised for BUDX. Multiple art installations, a capsule collection and a preview of a photo exhibition. Additionally, all media content and graphic design was created by local artists.

Prendiamola con Filosofia (Let’s be philosophical) – Lockdown Festival

A digital festival totally produced from home for the lockdown.The aim of the 6 appointments was to propose cultural tools capable of transforming fear and pain into shared enthusiasm and intelligence

Piano B and Tlon have created a real international digital festival, with contents of high importance for the public, entirely produced from home. We desired to stimulate thoughts by touching key issues for the contemporary community such as philosophy, love, politics, economy, environment. The impossibility of using traditional training and educational contents (museums, schools, universities, theater, etc.) has imposed the virtuous use of digital tools capable of culturally supporting citizens. We invited great speakers from different countries and sectors, such as the writer and journalist David Quammen, the philosophers Franco Bolelli, Roger Pol Droit, Miguel Benasayag, Judith Butler, the director Giuseppe Tornatore, the singer Jovanotti, the writer Roberto Saviano, the activist Vandana Shiva…