The 2019 Theatre Olympics in Russia

In 2019 Russia hosted the world’s largest drama festival: 135 shows from 22 countries. It ran for 10 months. 480 events in 26 cities gathered 100K attendees. Media outreach was 1,757,740,000 contacts.

The creative concept of the festival was literally bringing theatre directly to people through creative formats which engaged them in an entertaining and educative way reaching them wherever they were – in the city, at a resort or at home (via live streams):
*The Grand Opening was a citywide street theatre show (very unusual for Russia)
*Surprise performances in the metro
*Hands-on workshops revealing the secrets of theatre production
*Open-air screenings of theatre shows (also new for Russia)
*Traveling exhibitions on theatre etc.

This was supported by edutainment projects in top media outlets, such as a reviewing contest or a Tinder-style game testing one’s theatre ‘tolerance’.

To introduce world theatre at its best we chose 48 most impressive international productions directed by ‘living legends’. To show the variety of Russian theatre, we brought 13 original shows from Russia’s Republics (in native languages) to St. Petersburg, and 22 top St. Petersburg productions to 11 cities.

Bastogne: The roads to freedom

Bastogne – The Road to Freedom, an original approach, beyond commemoration, to make everyone a bearer of history. 30000 spectators dove into the Battle of the Bulge to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After having carried out the 70th commemoration of the battle of the Bulge on the same site, the stake here was, beyond renewing the commemorative experience, to renew the “how to tell” the great History in a modern, concise and understandable way, on a large audience, outdoors in December in the Belgian Ardennes.
A resolutely modern approach, beyond the commemorative aspect, had to be put in place in order to make each of us bearer of history.
Beyond the 180 ° video-mapping, oversized elements such as the heads of soldiers as well as the tanks of the two large armies in conflict, were used as a scenographic element, increasing the immersion of the spectators. Aerial performances have reinforced the narrative, fire scores as symbols of the violence of the fights, more than 120 reenactors, and the hundred extras, civilians from the region, taking part in the fresco.

BUDX Miami

Budweiser launched their biggest integrated marketing program in history during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. An epic content-generating once in a life-time experience starring international creators.

Budweiser doesn’t build experiences for the sake of building experiences, but rather, telling compelling stories through the lens of its brand and ambassadors. New age creators have a major impact and add a whole new dimension to traditional marketing. They are great storytellers with great engagement and are co-creators of culture online. When it comes to how they engage with brands, more than any other generation, they crave authenticity. Experiential marketing creates that real connection with like-minded.

In Miami, Budweiser invited 200 Kings of culture from over 21 countries for three days. Gave them the perfect backdrop, a stage to showcase their creativity and a content studio to create the ultimate content to share their stories. The entire BUDX Miami program was built around a “publisher mind-set,” meaning Budweiser needed to understand what creators value, to provide them the ultimate content driven experience. Budweiser, only gave them the tools, they created the rest.

Anything is Possible – Rise in Dubai 2019

Celebrating APAC’s achievements; 160 leaders, 10000 top ABO’s, Amway’s 60th. Propelling into broader visions, setting the team’s new goals, delivering thrills and the wow factor to the finest detail.

RISE DUBAI 2019 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  For 9PM the concept and live implementation of the project has been: the sky has no limits!
It all starts from a symbolic and concrete position of conquered height which, if willing, can be overcome beyond imagination.
Narration is consistent in every second and detail, both on the stages and in spaces.
Security brief by Emirates cabin crew: on the 126 mt LED, Amway’s A380 takes off flying above 10000 audience with the coaching of 3 actual astronauts – the power of “believe” is in the team.
On 63 screens, space is the new possible with Sir Richard Branson, living proof that if you can think it, you can do it.
All 11 flags choreographed by Uffizi flag-wavers followed by 20,000 cocktails by Bruno Vanzan, Maestro Loprieno’s Orchestra perform National songs, talent & VIP photo session, crews set the new stage in 45′, close with a “wow!” performance by Katy Perry.
Her “Rise” song & motivational videos added exclusivity in communication for one year.

Swarovski Light Festival 2019

The Light Festival was held at Christmas for the first time. We created a heavenly story and composed a Christmas atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.

We develop an interactive concept with a more in-depth storyline:
Under the Motto “Christmas in Heaven” the spectacular garden and exhibition architecture surrounding the Giant will poetically brought to life. We bring back the true brilliance of Christmas and compose a heavenly festive atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.
Interactive installations add to the fascination and emotional appeal of the experience. Visitors participate in the process by using sensors and touchscreens to activate the sparkling art installations and bathe the garden and exhibits around the Giant in atmospheric light.
We create an extraordinary time-out destination, with surprises and experiences that put a sparkle in people’s eyes and touch their hearts.
A heavenly production that inseparably link the Swarovski brand with Christmas, deliver straight to the hearts of the visitors.
It’s like Christmas in Heaven!

Heineken F1 Festival Senna Tribute

A Formula 1 event in the streets of São Paulo (+at the the Grand Prix), created for Heineken to engage with 25+yr sports fans, by celebrating the most important Brazilian driver ever – Ayrton Senna.

There’s only a name we could think of: Ayrton Senna. He’s the most famous Brazilian driver ever, and a national hero & symbol. 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of Senna’s passing. So it was about time we pay him a tribute and get everyone on board. It is created the Heineken Formula 1 Festival – Senna Tribute.
A tribute to present Senna to those who were not old enough to see him racing; to celebrate the life of Brazil’s most important driver, and a tribute to shows that his legacy lives on. We teamed up with F1, Heineken and Instituto Ayrton Senna to create the ultimate Senna experience. A pre-event campaign: #ObrigadoSenna where for each # posted by fans, Heineken donated money to the Institute.
Then, a 5-hour event dedicated to Senna in a noble public park and streets, opened to the crowd. His passions, achievements, and, for the 1st time in Brazil, his very own F1 cars on the streets, driven by big local names, and more activations during the Grand Prix, at Interlagos Race Track.

Arabian Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony 2019

A broadcasted show for 40,000 spectators and dignitaries, celebrating the tournament history since 1970, and the universal values of sport, through a combination of technology and mass choreographies.

To celebrate the history and values shared by all the Gulf Countries through a mix of traditional and innovative lanquages. The idea which inspired the concept is that the future of those countries can’t be separated from their traditional links with the past. Instead, the rich tradition and the bright football history are necessary steps to understand the upcoming Fifa World Cup achievement. The carpet protecting the pitch became an ever-changing canvas on which traditional patterns have been projected. The key image of the ceremony featured a gigantic rendition of the Gulf Cup in the middle of the field of play surrounded by the flags of the teams, in a symbolic celebration of the spirit of community and friendship amongst Gulf nations. The audience became an active part of the show, thanks to wi-fi controlled wristbands distributed upon entrance, which started flashing with colours on the notes of the popular “Al Kaliji” song, performed by local music star Al Kubaisi.

Latvia – Best Kept Secret

The idea was to present Latvia as a well- kept secret on the world map. The goal was to strengthen Latvia’s image and ensure that Asia, US include Latvia in the list of priority travel destinations.

The idea was to present Latvia as a special and mysterious place, which attracts travellers and those seeking inspiration.
The event consisted of interconnected episodes in which Latvian culture, creativity, nature, taste, traditions and even Latvian landscapes were revealed.
As we could not take our guests to the forest or the sea, but it was the key to convey our sense of authenticity of the land, the landscapes and nature of Latvia were brought to the venue. Premises – transformed into a forest. Tables – made of real grass. Clouds-edible. Stones-talking. Artistic performances integrated Latvian landscapes-morning mist, smell of grass after rain, and so on. Gastronomic delights-edible seashells, chestnuts and leaves. For days, experiments were conducted to ensure that the food tastes good and resembles pine needles, leaves, etc. Together with scientists and using modern technology, we were able to create talking stones. In other words, to reflect Latvia’s values in an innovative way

170th anniversary of CDP: the inauguration event

The celebrations for the 170th anniversary in the presence of the President of the Republic, of the highest offices of the State and of the most important exponents of economy&finance.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has turned 170 and asked Ninetynine to create an event to celebrate its history. The agency kicks off the celebrations organizing the institutional ceremony inside the Ex Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, a building in disuse for more than 10 years.
An area of 17,000 sqm, a majestic building that develops around a courtyard of almost 3,000 sqm.
A monumental building, which rises on 7 floors with immense ceilings and infinite corridors.
And an idea: create a grandstand 6 meters high, covering the facades with 200 linear meters of tulle, to leave guests with the perception of experiencing an exciting institutional event constantly evolving with a coverage of 2,000 square meters, 12 meters high and a volume of 22,000 cubic meters and a 120 sqm stage surrounded by a led wall of more than 100 sqm.

Tournai d’été

Tournai d’Été 2020, a successful challenge, a real feat: the only multidisciplinary show conceived, staged and performed in Belgium during the covid crisis!

While the measures imposed by the Covid are restrictive and disabling for the festivities that punctuate the community life of a city, they can also be a source of creativity in order to reinvent customs, processions and large gatherings.

Taking into account all the components of the equation: heritage, history, tradition, folklore, fervor, audience, music and songs, colorful exhibitions, etc. LPC Patrimoine has reinvented the formula to make it a “COVID-SAFE” version.

Reservations allowing tracing, ventilated and spaced gauge, management of public flows, distancing, health precautions at the entrance and between sessions, wearing of the mask, everything is taken into account so that the magic of the party can occur in all security.

“Yes it is possible”, possible to rediscover its folklore from a different point of view by bringing modernity, design lighting and daring soundtrack in order to shake up traditions while respecting sanitary measures.

Belgian National Day 2020

A phenomenal, COVID-19 proof Belgian National Day 2020, honouring heroes, showcasing cultural gems, attended by the Royal Family, and watched live by more than 640,000 TV viewers across the country.

We created a unique and innovative format: a live event for 200 people on-site in Brussels plus 20 people in each of the 4 other locations (total 280 pp) that also worked for the general public watching on television while taking into account COVID-19 safety protocols. This is the first time National Day celebrations have changed format since the constitution of Belgium in 1830. We linked the official ceremony to music and artistic interventions. We searched for themes, locations and artists to showcase the best of Belgium and to shine a spotlight on Belgian cultural gems. We worked with live satellite connections to jump between locations interspersed with video coverage about COVID-19 times. It was the first time a Belgian monarch has given a live speech to his nation from a stage in front of the Royal Palace, and that the Royal Family applauded the participants of the parade (COVID-19 Heroes) rather than the other way around.

summermagic – Gartenschau Kaiserslautern

For the Garden Show Kaiserslautern we developed a campaign connected with an interactive staging of the park – generating voluntary workers. More than 60.000 visitors – 20% more than the year before.

Instead of only illuminating the park we connected the Summermagic 2019 to a campaign. The campaign shows the stories and faces of the park, intertwinded with the show. The stories which were spread and collected via social media were transformed into interactive light and sound installations. The show integrated the guests and their stories – interactively, co-created and especially activating.