FACC 30 Years Beyond Horizon

Anniversary event in Salzburg (AT); 200 key clients / int. top-level management; Strengthening awareness as global aerospace leader in designing, developing, manufacturing advanced aircraft components

Formal contents were an integrative part of the event, but were all conveyed by creative interpretation and innovative technology. From visuals, music, decor, acts to the food: the emotional guest experience was set as guideline for the event design and tied it all together.

– presentation of focus topics only by multimedia shows/acts
– height-adjustable stages for 2-floor-seating
– oversized stage-LED-wall in cockpit design

– over-stage projection-tube incl. color-adjustable LED-rings
– 360° projections

– (3D) video-animations incl. customized audio, incl. performance mapping of artists
– audio balance of tradition vs. modern: classic/orchestral vs. electro/deconstructed

– “the world at one table” dinner gala
– international cuisine as a multi-sensual experience per continent (audio, video)
– long tables instead of gala-seating encouraging networking

– EHang live experience: exhibition of an autonomous aerial vehicle
– first corporate drone show in AT

SD Worx Intimate Concerts

To thank their employees and clients SD Worx celebrated their 15th anniversary by organizing 81 intimate concerts. In 1 night, in living rooms of 81 employees. The audience: employees & clients.

The objective of the initial question was to thank the customers for their confidence over the past 15 years, that is why SD Worx wanted to give a huge party. We evaluated the question and decided that what we were asked was not a match with the DNA of SD Worx SME e.g. proximity. That is why we broke the briefing and came up with a different concept. We wanted to thank as many customers and employees in a personal and surprising way.

The Oval Office proposed a live-communication approach that had a much greater impact than what could be achieved with just a big party:
The employees of SD Worx had to open their living rooms for an intimate concert together with the customers. The result: 81 living room concerts spread over Belgium. A living room concert itself is maybe not that innovative, but the fact that the concerts were all organized on one evening at the same time in the living rooms of SD Worx employees, together with their clients as guests, is.

Steampunk, inspired by Cegeka

For Cegeka’s annual staff party, we decided to throw a steaming party! Our goal? Create a mindblowing event, warming the hearts of the employees, incl live music, iron dragons and fine, steaming food!

Our concept : Steampunk – going back to a future without technical revolution. Achieving this, we obviously had to rely on plenty of technological innovations. This theme was out of the box : just as this company wants its employees to think. Being a big company, with a lot of different personalities, we decided to go with this theme that is so multi-faceted : something for everyone to remember and admire.

Porsche Sound Night 2018

Symphony of 82 cylinders.
To mark the 70th anniversary of “Porsche Sportwagen”, we developed a production that brought its brand’s essence to life. The unmistakable sound of the Porsche vehicles.

STAGG & FRIENDS developed and staged a unique new overall concept:
70 years of Porsche history told by the engines of the 13 legendary Porsche models.
The Porsche sound served as the unifying element over various decades.
The interior of the Porsche-Arena was the Motordrome. This is where, one by one, 13 Porsche vehicles from different decades and racing eras made their grand entrance. During a lap of honor through the Motordrome, each vehicle provided a taste of the rich sound of its engine, before these high horsepower sports cars were presented in detail on a turntable on stage by renowned speakers. The uproar and rumbling of the engines was the focus here; after all, the Sportwagen series’ unmistakable soundscape formed the dominant theme of the evening.


To reveal their new food processor, Thermomix has invited their customer advisers and clients to the « Grand Show Thermostars »
The aim: Position the brand as the leader of the culinary experience.

The agency has created the 1st brand event for the entire ecosystem. With the August 1st reveal of the food processor during a preview for the advisors on the 1st day of the event then to all of the ecosystem during day 2 with a culinary trade exhibit that presents the product as well as today’s and major future food trends. Thus proving that Thermomix is an expert of the culinary experience.
The major trends are presented through 4 moments of life (breakfast, the market, snack, diner).
In each corner, product discovery workshops, startup demonstrations, innovative animations such as mapping, 3D candy impressions, master chef podcasts, thematic conferences, fun animations such as yoga to better digest or classes on Instagram food images, toppings classes, discovery of world food… As well as a cooking contest to see the product that is used in a live format.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Gala Opening

In order to commemorate the opening of new Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and promote Rovinj as a luxury destination, our task was to organize a 5-day spectacular event, for VIP’s, media, B2B and B2C.

In order to create an extraordinary musical evening event on the Mulini Beach, we created an impressive concert zone with a stage floating on the sea, positioned on the 50m wide boat, with a 14m transparent dome as a roof above the stage, connected to the beach by pontoons.
Framing the 14m dome from both sides, were 2 blocks of scenography elements, each constructed out of LED screens. Together with the specially designed light equipment, with over 200 different devices, this remarkable setup created a one of a kind visual show on the sea surface. Different colors emerging from the light equipment, changing within each of the songs, when projected on the dark blue, rippled sea and surrounded by the darkness of the night, provided a truly unique experience to over 2000 guests who witnessed this audio-visual performance.
Monte Mulini Beach was never before used as a concert venue, so this event opened up new perspectives and event possibilities for the client in the future.

Sidra Medicine Grand Opening

Sidra Medicine is one of the most technologically advanced medical facilities in the world. The Grand Opening Ceremony was a milestone of unique significance for Qatar and the region.

We developed a central theme for the event, connecting the elements of the unique production and bringing the vision of Sidra Medicine to life in a simple yet impactful message: “Entering a New Era of Healthcare”.
The concept and design for the setting focused on the following creative elements:
• A bespoke outdoor venue with an immersive view of the iconic Sidra building
• A custom-made content production for the unique screen configuration and a dedicated film to take the guests on a journey to explore Sidra’s mission, vision, the ultramodern facilities and international specialists
• A specially composed musical piece, the Sidra Symphony, connecting content, illumination and guest experience
• A custom “ambilight” display which connected the content production displayed on 13 LED Screens, and the Sidra Symphony, with 56,000 LEDs illuminating 12,000 sqm of building façade. The illumination changed colours in synchronization with content and symphony, creating a mesmerizing experienc

T-Mobile Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic event was a holiday corporate celebration, designed to unite employees of T-Mobile Polska under one goal: helping charity fundraiser for children.

The challenge:
We had only 2 months to plan and implement the event, which requires complex and multi-stage communication. By setting a common goal that brought T-Mobile employees together, attendance at the Christmas event doubled compared to last year, up to 60%! Thanks to extended internal communication of a common goal, any T-Mobile employees who could not appear at the event still decided to support a common charity. By increasing the awareness of chosen charity, an amount of 140,000 PLN was collected for the Dr Clown Foundation, exceeding the initially assumed amount. The purpose and manner of implementing the event, as well as its communication, strengthened the sense of belonging in T-Mobile employees – 80% of those participating in the event declared that they are proud of being part of the “T-Mobile family”. The event proved that for employees and management of T-Mobile, the slogan “Life is for sharing” is more than just a slogan.