got2b @GLOW – Festival Hub

The co-creation line of got2b and Dagi Bee was launched at the beauty convention GLOW by dm. The goal was draw the young offline and online audience into the fascination of the brand and its new line.

We composed a festival hub that creates connection through the foundation of a magic atmosphere, a moving community, and electrifying acts. A live-communication scenery that emotionalizes and incorporates the crowd on a physical and psychical level to open their minds and to make them want to stay forever. We created a feel-good atmosphere, which gloried the trendy design of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival as well as sparkled in the product design and color scheme, pink, purple, turquois and holographic. While entering the got2b festival hub, through the butterfly and flower gates, the visitors felt the grass under their feet and the bass of the DJ Sounds under their skin. The glittery sea container, with the DJane as the pre-act, towered above the crowd, just like a stage on a festival. The stylish interior design complement this extraordinary interaction between the brand and the visitors. A brand activation that sets trade fair communication to a completely new level.

GENERALI Scintille 2018

Generali Scintille 2018 is a multi-stakeholder communication platform created for an effective and impactful storytelling of the new Generali 2021 strategy launch.

The strategic idea was to create a surprise effect on the public, embedding a high tech structure inside the venue Palazzo delle Scintille, a historic space near the new Generali Tower, that was abandoned over decades, to highlight the contrast between the “old” and the “new” strategic path of the Company. A structure of 2,500 square meters was then built with a Layher scaffolding system that served as a “container” and was deliberately left transparent in several parts to allow the vision of the building, concealing at the same time the most damaged and neglected parts. The Layher structure was highlighted by LED strips that enhanced the materiality, providing a very technological look to the workspaces. The participants were led through a cold and dark pavilion, to finally dive into an experience of lights, images, narration in the following spaces, each one with a different content.

“Sopra Steria Flix” – Sopra Steria Scandinavian Kick Off 2019”

A biannual gathering for 1600 employees from Sopra Steria Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with the purpose of celebrating and strengthening company culture. Date & Venue: 22nd of March 2019 in Oslo Spekt

It was important to us that we created a unique user experience for all participants reflecting their work and the culture of Sopra Steria, meaning that we wanted each participant to make choices that would influence how the evening would turn out in the end. Both for each individual working in the company, and for the company as a whole. Therefore, we created an audience generated, interactive, non-linear show, inspired by the values that Sopra Steria delivers to their clients. Our idea was to make an interface for making choices inspired by how digitalization has transformed the entertainment industry. A “Netflix-inspired” interface in which the audience decided on all the content and the flow of entertainment on stage. This to secure individuality and tailored user experiences. The “Netflix-interface” presented the audience with the alternatives, and they used cell phones to vote and decide on which content they wanted to view both live content and prerecorded.


To reveal their new food processor, Thermomix has invited their customer advisers and clients to the « Grand Show Thermostars »
The aim: Position the brand as the leader of the culinary experience.

The agency has created the 1st brand event for the entire ecosystem. With the August 1st reveal of the food processor during a preview for the advisors on the 1st day of the event then to all of the ecosystem during day 2 with a culinary trade exhibit that presents the product as well as today’s and major future food trends. Thus proving that Thermomix is an expert of the culinary experience.
The major trends are presented through 4 moments of life (breakfast, the market, snack, diner).
In each corner, product discovery workshops, startup demonstrations, innovative animations such as mapping, 3D candy impressions, master chef podcasts, thematic conferences, fun animations such as yoga to better digest or classes on Instagram food images, toppings classes, discovery of world food… As well as a cooking contest to see the product that is used in a live format.

Collection of Impressions. Celebratory evening of «Gazprombank» during Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

Create an event that will attract the maximum number of guests – clients and allow to make an opportunity for direct communication in an informal environment.

St. Petersburg is a city of both tradition and innovation. There are ideas in the air – like birds. To catch them and put these images into practice, it is necessary to have courage and determination, but at the same time – subtlety of feelings. This becomes possible only with Gazprombank. For the event a two-storey building with an area of more than 4000 m2 was built in 21 days. Thanks to 1800 m2 of mirror composite, the building seemed to be parading between the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Each number of the program was filled with drama: the feelings of lovers on granite banks, the confusion of the creator and the birth of a masterpiece, waking up with the calls of trams and alarm clocks of the city. The show from the stars of opera and ballet was supplemented by their interaction with the LEDwall and holographic screen, creating the maximum immersive effect. As a result, each guest was imbued with the main thought: to see beauty, it is only necessary to open up to it.

Aditya Birla Awards

Aditya Birla Awards honour best performances across the group globally.
Attended by 2000 top,senior & middle management members.
Highest recognition one achieves internally.
14-16 Dec, Hyderabad

2018 upped the game while bringing the essence of ABG alive. The Spirit of Creation, was our theme & brand values of Vision, Inspiration, Effort & Journey became the pillars the theme stood on. The conference saw 3 international speakers, pioneers of creation, embodying the values of ABG in their lives- tech pioneer, TED speaker, writer & entrepreneur Tom Wujec, Director & Professor of Economic Development at the Kennedy School at Harvard University-Dr. Ricardo Hausmann & Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK.
ABG is an Indian brand that’s a global conglomerate. In an unprecedented format for any internal event in India so far, we brought the world down to 1 stage at the awards. 150+ performers comprising of Indian & international dancers were a part of 1 large scale custom-written theatrical directed by international show director, Nikos Lagousakos & his team of the Olympic Games repute. Multiple technologies & custom automated units were used to bring this narrative alive.

Convention Poltronesofà Madrid

Convention/Special event to celebrate a year of great commercial success. The target audience was Poltronesofà employees and all the trade, about 1000 people from different European countries.

Madrid as a creative idea to meet the goals set. The Spanish capital, with a huge cultural heritage, made one of the city’s main symbols available to guests for the Gala dinner: the Plaza de Toros Arena, one of the largest and most prestigious arenas in the world. Flamenco is also passion, motivation, heat and above all it is red and black, like the social colors of the company. Poltronesofà is the first Italian group to use the Arena for a large dinner placé inside a transparent tensostructure of 1500 square meters.
The set up of the tables is red, like the ‘Baffo’ of Poltronesofà brand; guests were dressed in red and black, the social colors of the company. In addition, the Convention, a trade meeting aimed at strengthening the brand image created by advertising. On stage the ‘Artigiani della Qualità’, the testimonials of the advertising campaign to create the Brand Equity. 4 event days with 1000 people from all over Europe.

InvestmentAktuell – “Da5 Le6en 2ählt“ (life counts)

Union Investment traditionally hosts the ‘InvestmentAktuell’ annual congress and evening gala at Frankfurts Palmengarten to inspire & convey its key message to the directors of its main partner banks.

Times, dates, telephone numbers, platform numbers, train and flight numbers, anniversaries, birthdays… We are surrounded by numbers every day. They mean different things to different people. Some numbers make us happy; others make us concerned. Union Investment launched a new and emotionally engaging brand campaign with a focus on numbers being a part of our lives. It provided the perfect starting point for a memorable event concept. We broke away from the rationality of numbers to show how they always guide us and surround us. According to the motto of “Da5 Le6en 2ählt” (life counts), we translated the tenor of the campaign into a captivating live format by creating a multi-sensory experience that delivered profound insights into life itself and the numbers in our lives – designed to amaze, amuse and inspire.

Belgian Event Awards – Share the Spotlight

Organisation of the 21e BEA Awards in Belgium. We introduced the concept “Share the Spotlight” to stimulate more co-operation and respect within our industry.

We created “Share the Spotlight”. Not only winning agencies should be in the spotlight, but the entire event industry. Our objective was to bring more love and respect.
First goal was to create a team of experts behind the organization. To show this, we always worked with min 2 competitors for each element; 2 av suppliers, 4 caterers, 2 venues, … Suppliers teamed up and showed this during the entire process. For the first time in years, there was a TEAM of experts truly involved. Showing respect for every aspect of event organization was also visible in the event; eg showing crew catering, backstage, … During the day we had live presentations in front of jury and audience from agencies, clients, suppliers & students. Everyone could attend and be convinced about the best cases. We reduced the number of awards from 16 to 1 winner per category (4), to make it more exclusive AND we stopped the ‘free tickets policy’, so everyone paid for tickets, thus increasing the value of the event.

BMW B3 Asia Pacific Region

The event was a combination of gala dinner and conference executed between two days. This convention is the most relevant event of the year as they are one of the biggest regions in BMW.

The creative idea emerged from our concern to change directions, to break the conventional, to bring technology and elegance together creating both a futuristic and mesmerizing scenography.

Our challenge was to develop a 360º proposal which was personalized and innovative for BMW Asia Pacific’s regional convention. For this, we constructed the creative concept, claim and scenography proposal (for Gala dinner and also conference) combining it with two core pillars which were essential for BMW. The first one was to transmit to our guests that they are the main focus for the brand and the second one is, undoubtedly, that they are who lead the brand to success.

Global Sales Conference Maersk Group

Global Sales Conference. Number of participants: 2.300 persons – spread across 56 countries. Target group: Maersk global salesforce – manager level. Duration: Four-day sales conference 2019.

Before starting the conference, Maersk invited 500 people managers to manager dinner at the legendary football stadium in Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu. The first stage, was a 52 meter large mapping stage, representing the past and the old mind-set. Participants were after a short introduction to the past and how Maersk wants to become one united organization, invited by Soren Skov (CEO) to physically walk and experience the past (the first stage) and towards the future and into the second stage representing the future, with a 52-meter large goblin stage. To create an experience of that physically change, we incorporated three large container tunnels combining stage 1 and 2, to symbolize the transformation Maersk is undergoing. At the second day of the conference days, the conference was based on two learning objectives – customer knowledge sharing and segment knowledge sharing. On the last day, participants started in break-out sessions to reflect on their learnings.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.