European Meetings & Events Conference 2019 (EMEC19)

EMEC19 (9-12 February 2019, The Hague) is the event where meeting & event professionals across Europe meet, experience and learn. An immersive experience with all aspects of game changing event design

Change the way you meet:
– Personal airport pick up by local attendees; valuable networking time to build true connections
– Opening night with facilitated networking through gamification
– Attendees could only order at the food stations together. Ie: in French, with someone with the same favorite color or holiday country. -Lazy Sunday morning activities: like running, yoga, guided city tour etc. Learning journeys in different groups again.

Change the way you learn:
– There are so many ways people actually learn, yet very few are commonly used at conferences. Learn from other industries during 1 of the 7 cross industry innovation learning journeys. Interactive deep dive sessions and keynotes on Festivalisation of Events.

Change the way you experience
– The element of surprise was key in the attendee journey. A choir of 80 youngsters hiding behind the chairs, a hidden bar, an escape room with 330 people. Over 50% of the program took place outside the conference center

Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019

The biggest digital summit that gathered six leading economies of Western Balkans at the monumental Palace of Serbia building.

Creativity: We were working on creating a visual solution for a complete visual identity of Serbia Digital Week, as well as redesigning the WBDS logo.
Along with planing the event, our team developed and completely designed two websites which followed the events at the Palace of Serbia – Serbia Digital Week and Western Balkans Digital Summit.
Innovation: We used laser beams, light devices that covered the opening ceremony through scene-audio-visual spectacle which was enhanced with a “special guest“ from London – TITAN THE ROBOT. Special installation at the salon was IMMERSIVE ROOM. This complex installation is called for a perfect match between the set design, audio and visual effects.
The salon was transformed into a “white room”, to which sculpted geometrical forms were added. The content consisted of three parts: Immerse Yourself Into Digital World, Giants of Serbian Science: Tesla, Pupin, Milankovic and Messages from the Future.

InvestmentAktuell – “Da5 Le6en 2ählt“ (life counts)

Union Investment traditionally hosts the ‘InvestmentAktuell’ annual congress and evening gala at Frankfurts Palmengarten to inspire & convey its key message to the directors of its main partner banks.

Times, dates, telephone numbers, platform numbers, train and flight numbers, anniversaries, birthdays… We are surrounded by numbers every day. They mean different things to different people. Some numbers make us happy; others make us concerned. Union Investment launched a new and emotionally engaging brand campaign with a focus on numbers being a part of our lives. It provided the perfect starting point for a memorable event concept. We broke away from the rationality of numbers to show how they always guide us and surround us. According to the motto of “Da5 Le6en 2ählt” (life counts), we translated the tenor of the campaign into a captivating live format by creating a multi-sensory experience that delivered profound insights into life itself and the numbers in our lives – designed to amaze, amuse and inspire.

Ericsson MWC 2019

MWC is the world’s largest gathering of mobile communications professionals and a significant opportunity for Ericsson to connect with its most important customers and prospects.

Insight and strategy:
At the heart of Ericsson is a relentless and restless beat of innovation that has taken them from creating the very first mobile networks through to pushing the technology time and time again. When a technology becomes this good and this prevalent, it’s easy to forget the driving force behind it all.

The Beat. At MWC 2019, we set out to create an immersive brand presence in which Ericsson’s most important customers could see, hear and experience Ericsson’s relentless beat of innovation; a visceral expression of 5G taking shape with Ericsson as its driving force.


FutureNow is a unique platform bringing Influential tech visionaries and the best startups to the heart of Europe.

Using the same language for all 3 aspects: target group – young and progressive community, the content and the visual and space design we have reach the synergy effect. With a special event design – never used in this venue before – we have created the space for 5 different types of events: Competition, Awards, Expo, Conference, Workshops taking place in one venue and in 10 hours.
We turned the industrial venue – old refinery hall into one integrated space with visual design allowing visitors to explore and network naturally. We designed arena as a round conference stage for almost 1000 people with 360degree giant overhead screen.
Start-Up stage designed as semi-circle shape included 180degree screen including on-stage jury and panel discussions attracting nearly 500 startup enthusiasts.

World Tunnel Congress – WTC2019

WTC gathers worldwide experts on tunneling focusing on engineering and innovation. The inclusion of topics and activities strongly linked to the destination and its community was a plus this year.

In order to combine powerful learning with innovative formats, it was decided to include bespoke off-site activities and technical visits into the scientific program, and repeat them for small groups so that attendees could experience the visit in a direct and more engaging and emotional way. Being able to manage the complex mechanism of large congresses while offering personalised experiences to delegates are the right answers to the very actual clients’ needs and participants’ expectations.
The “topics blend” was assured as the scientific program integrated traditional topics related to tunnel engineering with sessions dedicated to the so-called 3A – Archaeology, Architecture and Art, which are evocative elements related to Naples and its local culture and tradition.

Finally, the rich social programme offered guests to experience a strong connection with the destination, and the stunning locations chosen ensured some exclusive and unique moments.

Turkmenbashi International Seaport Opening Ceremony

A 20-minute show to celebrate the opening of the new port for a live audience and broadcasted on national TV. Turkmenbashi Port is part of the Great Silk Road, which marks Turkmenistan’s return to its historic role as a strategic centre in the global logistics system. The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

A 20-minute show inspired by the history of the Silk Road, which portrays Turkmenistan as a strategic transit country that is capable of accelerating the speed of global connections and developing a huge network of economic relations.
The show represents the country’s traditions and innovation in an immersive show thanks to 3d projections, laser show, led cubes and motorized prop.
The storytelling is inspired by the latest book by the Turkmen President.

World Education Congress (WEC) 2018

MPI leads the world in professional development that advances the meeting and event industry. WEC is MPI’s signature event, through which it connects the global community to stop planning meetings and start designing experiences”.

Stop planning meetings, start designing experiences.”

The Gas Fest 2017 – Conferencing redefined

As a part of their strategy, Wärtsilä called for top leaders of the gas industry to join forces in new type of collaborative B2B event. Instead of providing the conventional content with key note presentations, the participants were challenged to create the content of their own. The results exceeded all the expectations. This type of unconferencing clearly leads the way of the disruption of B2B events.

From the very beginning, it was evident that the traditional ways of setting up a conference would not give us access to highest rank decision makers. So we gave up the motivational key note speakers, well-spoken futurologists and top selling authors. The wicked problems and challenges of gas industry future were brought up with interviews and focused research. This work pointed out the key topics which were used to challenge the selected gas industry leaders. As the commitment got up, more and more leaders wanted to join the movement. We were able to promise them an unforeseen experience, content and networking possibilities by investing two days of their precious time. This conference was the ultimate non-conference with content created by the participants. Carefully selected participants spent two whole days collaborating, discussing and creating new initiatives for sustainable business solutions.

The Xynteo Exchange 2018

Xynteo is a platform for galvanising leaders and catalysing ideas – and fusing them into new projects, for new growth. They wanted to create an event that would contribute to a positive change. A platform where business leaders, sources of capital and ideas could come together, and create actual commercial projects with the potential to advance a new growth model.

We wanted to create an event where the attendees felt as if they were standing in the midst of the status quo of the world. The shipping industry represents a major role in our globalized world, therefore hosting the conference in an old docking warehouse seemed both appropriate and significant to the nature of the event. We wanted to highlight the venue and accentuate its raw features by filling the location with shipping containers. The containers were used to create areas in an open space, giving it a raw and almost unpleasant atmosphere. To make the most out of this set up we utilized the containers as a surface for communication. This was an extraordinary opportunity that made it possible to communicate ideas for a solution directly on the challenge. By doing so we sought to awaken the participants true will and need to take action.

TNW Conference 2018

A two day technology festival that brings together 15,000 digital minds to predict, discuss and invent the future.

Predict, discuss and invent the future. The Next Web (TNW) Conference is the place for tech’s biggest thinkers, creators, makers and doers to come together to shape what’s next. Spread across seven venues in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, the two day festival was host to 300 international speakers covering topics like machine learning, blockchain, AI, design thinking and VR. 15,000 international attendees were immersed in the festival ambiance through the unconventional production and terrain, where they watched inspiring talks, participated in unique networking experiences and attended workshops. Also in attendance were the world’s biggest brands, including Nike, Google, Reddit, IBM and Facebook. This year, we also hosted the Chivas Venture Final on our main stage – a $1M competition to find Europe’s most promising social startup. The event was hosted by comedian and presenter Richard Aoyade and the judging panel included renowned musician, producer and tech entrepreneur

Toyota – Start Your Impossible

Toyota Motor Company launched the global campaign Start Your Impossible, an initiative born from the partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games Committees. Objective of the event was the presentation to the press, authorities and stakeholders of the new campaign and of the Toyota Team, a selection of athletes as Ambassadors of the campaign in Italy.

The set up was studied all around the symbol of the Olimpic Games, as a celebration of it: the five circles were an exclusive showcase containing the trophys of the Toyota Olimpic Team, placed in the centre of the main stage. All around immersive projections followed all the moments of the events with lights and images of the emotional campaign Toyota – Start your impossible.