EDP Knock Out Pitch @ Web Summit’19

Creation of a disruptive brand experience for the presence of EDP at Web Summit 2019, a Portuguese energy company whose target was startups and the overall Web Summit audience.

There were four different experiences within the stand: 1. EDP Knock Out Pitch; 2. Be the Next Unicorn; 3. EDP Interactive Innovation Journey; 4. Lounge Area
The EDP Knock Out Pitch – Mind Blowing Ideas concept was designed to attract startups to the EDP Universe. We have created a boxing ring, with a lifting platform for the startups to present their ideas.
Be the Next Unicorn – We created a lifting Unicorn to generate buzz about the stand on social media, with instant photo sharing.
To present EDP’s innovation projects, we created the EDP Interactive Innovation Journey, an immersive cube isolated from the Web Summit frenzy, in which the interaction with the contents was actioned by gestures, providing an interactive journey through the universe of EDP’s innovation projects.
In the lounge area it was possible to have extra in-depth meetings with startups after the pitch, charge mobile phones or other devices and also relax.


“Time to be audacious” show, a symmetrical experience live and digital. A “racing opera”, born from the sound, voice and heart of Maserati, to guide the guest through its vision to unveil the new MC20

Maserati “Time to be audacious” is the definition and the common denominator, which inspired this project. Starting from the brand’s vision and to transcend genres and definitions, the show was designed to blend real and virtual in a symmetrical experience between live and digital. A colossal screen, a monolith emptied inside and a sky to complete the anamorphic and alienating nature of the scene. A halo of cars as a parterre to host part of the public and a functional location: the Modena racetrack. A temporary theatre in a racetrack to host a “racing opera”, a celebration of legendary daring and style. The concept originates from the sound and is based, also visually, on the interpretation of the brand’s voice, creating parallelism with the beating heart of the Maserati genius: the Neptune engine. The pace is fast and cinematic to guide the user through the contemporary vision of the brand, paving the way for the unveiling of the new MC20.

IFA 2019

IFA, a world leading consumer electronics tradeshow, draws over 24,5000 media and trade visitors from 160 countries. The event is a strategic opportunity to showcase the latest product innovations.

As a long-standing IFA exhibitor, Philips wanted to shake things up with their approach for IFA 2019. Visitors were treated to an innovative immersive improv theatre experience with unique features, cool technology and fun audience interactions.
Visitors were welcomed to the Healthy Home by the Philips Family, who were preparing for a housewarming party. A cast of actors played out scripted and improv scenes in rooms of the house using Philips products. Most importantly, visitors were encouraged to participate in various product experiences that demonstrated how Philips adaptive products could be personalised to meet the needs of individual consumers.
Visitors were then invited back to the booth at 4.30pm for the start of the housewarming party and were treated to a high-energy, fun and fully immersive party experience.
Other cool experiences included a projection mapped piece, an upside-down room experience, and a polaroid photo experience—just to name a few!

BUDX Miami

Budweiser launched their biggest integrated marketing program in history during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. An epic content-generating once in a life-time experience starring international creators.

Budweiser doesn’t build experiences for the sake of building experiences, but rather, telling compelling stories through the lens of its brand and ambassadors. New age creators have a major impact and add a whole new dimension to traditional marketing. They are great storytellers with great engagement and are co-creators of culture online. When it comes to how they engage with brands, more than any other generation, they crave authenticity. Experiential marketing creates that real connection with like-minded.

In Miami, Budweiser invited 200 Kings of culture from over 21 countries for three days. Gave them the perfect backdrop, a stage to showcase their creativity and a content studio to create the ultimate content to share their stories. The entire BUDX Miami program was built around a “publisher mind-set,” meaning Budweiser needed to understand what creators value, to provide them the ultimate content driven experience. Budweiser, only gave them the tools, they created the rest.

Anything is Possible – Rise in Dubai 2019

Celebrating APAC’s achievements; 160 leaders, 10000 top ABO’s, Amway’s 60th. Propelling into broader visions, setting the team’s new goals, delivering thrills and the wow factor to the finest detail.

RISE DUBAI 2019 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  For 9PM the concept and live implementation of the project has been: the sky has no limits!
It all starts from a symbolic and concrete position of conquered height which, if willing, can be overcome beyond imagination.
Narration is consistent in every second and detail, both on the stages and in spaces.
Security brief by Emirates cabin crew: on the 126 mt LED, Amway’s A380 takes off flying above 10000 audience with the coaching of 3 actual astronauts – the power of “believe” is in the team.
On 63 screens, space is the new possible with Sir Richard Branson, living proof that if you can think it, you can do it.
All 11 flags choreographed by Uffizi flag-wavers followed by 20,000 cocktails by Bruno Vanzan, Maestro Loprieno’s Orchestra perform National songs, talent & VIP photo session, crews set the new stage in 45′, close with a “wow!” performance by Katy Perry.
Her “Rise” song & motivational videos added exclusivity in communication for one year.


— Get the primary critical benefits to the customer by interacting with the car;
— Create the right emotional experience to generate traffic to dealerships;

Twenty-five years ago, he already surfed in Australia, met the sunrises on the Atlantic coast, went hiking with friends, and now he is back to be your company’s soul. His interests are FMX, BMX, wakeboarding, drifting…

The key concepts used in building the event — Lifestyle (sports + “party”) and Recreation Active Vehicle — a machine for adventure and those who are not too lazy to search for them.

To emphasize the fact that the RAV4 is a car for active recreation with all-wheel drive, the main characters of the event were famous athletes – extremists from the team of Team Toyota Russia, they came off the screen and became “consultants” on the model – a mountain biker Pavel Alekhin, drifter Nikita Shikov, snowboarder Igor Ilinykh, and freestyler Alexei Kolesnikov.

And to demonstrate the novelty’s unique off-road systems’ abilities, four spectacular expositions were created, designed as sand and stony surfaces, snow, ice, and road slopes.

SamsungZeil, Brand Store Experience Campaign 2019

Located on the Zeil in Frankfurt, Samsung created not only a unified expression of brand identity and technological achievements, they created a unique brand and product retail experience.

The showcase is for everyone. Our approach should support to reach and activate all relevant target groups with tailor-made experiences. By staging various activations with target group relevant passion points such as sports, music, food and lifestyle, we brought it life. All events and activations combined the innovative Product EcoSystem of Samsung with personal and playful experiences for each consumer.
We gained more awareness of the brand and produce exclusive contents to spread into the world – SEE.
We activated the customers to interact with the Samsung products at the store and show the joy of smart applications – PLAY.
We strengthen the brand and generate memorable moments at the store – LOVE.
360 days of
1. See – encourage people to discover and experience Samsung Zeil
2. Play – create a place where people can explore new opportunities
3. Love – emotionalize and strengthen the status as love brand.

Universo Ferrari

A 360° communication, engagement platform 4 all stakeholders.
10,000 m2 hosting a month of full immersion,in everything that Ferrari represents.
An immersive show-journey.

An IMMERSIVE TUNNEL of sounds and images, leading to a dimension of power, beauty, passion, speed and heroes
A SHOW ON THE HISTORY of Ferrari from the foundation of the Scuderia, which 90 years ago established the sporting DNA that has accompanied the brand ever since
A SPACE SHOWCASING THE VALUES of excellence (technology, craftsmanship, design, passion) that make the Brand the world leader in its field
A perfectly recreated OFFICINA CLASSICHE (Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshop), providing an insight into a heritage to be protected, with interactive access to the archive of designs of Ferraris that were never produced
A SHOW based on the Ferrari Owners community, featuring images from the Racing and GT worlds in central cyclorama projections
A DOUBLE REVEAL of two new spiders, presented opposite each other against two scenic backdrops, and revealed using rotating platforms
The entire Ferrari range and anEXHIBITION STAND with access to the outside area overlooking the Fiorano track

Mirror house above the river

A new, never-before-found, levitating Mirror House above the river in Latvia was created, where during the day visitors participated in coffee rituals, but at night can enjoyed a night adventure

Created a never-before-seen levitating Mirror House above the river. Every day, every hour, there were meditative Pour over coffee rituals performed by the visitors themselves. Rituals include Special brewing coffee according to the instructions, sparkling wine, as well as hidden edible stones / cakes, which can only be obtained if you make coffee properly and guess the game questions about the river Amata, coffee and the region. After attending the coffee ritual, the guests received a gift of specially created coffee for Mirror House. Every night, for 3 months, the bravest could enjoy an unaccustomed night adventure. It included a special dinner with a Pour over coffee ritual, an erotic game before the night’s peace, listening to the couple’s favorite music at the same time and night peace over the river, counting the stars, listening to animals crossing the river, wind and river sounds or birds chirping. During breakfast, a special variety of coffee created especially for was served.

Swarovski Light Festival 2019

The Light Festival was held at Christmas for the first time. We created a heavenly story and composed a Christmas atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.

We develop an interactive concept with a more in-depth storyline:
Under the Motto “Christmas in Heaven” the spectacular garden and exhibition architecture surrounding the Giant will poetically brought to life. We bring back the true brilliance of Christmas and compose a heavenly festive atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.
Interactive installations add to the fascination and emotional appeal of the experience. Visitors participate in the process by using sensors and touchscreens to activate the sparkling art installations and bathe the garden and exhibits around the Giant in atmospheric light.
We create an extraordinary time-out destination, with surprises and experiences that put a sparkle in people’s eyes and touch their hearts.
A heavenly production that inseparably link the Swarovski brand with Christmas, deliver straight to the hearts of the visitors.
It’s like Christmas in Heaven!

ZeroZeroZero Store

We had to launch ZeroZeroZero, the Tv show by Sky Original that unveil the secrets behind the drug trade. We needed to find a disruptive idea that dived people in the heavy atmosphere of the series.

ZeroZeroZero unveils how, despite all the investigation, the cocaine trade never stops and keeps traveling all around the globe. Drug dealers always find new ways to deliver cocaine, hiding it in any kind of goods. Even those we use every day.
That’s why we opened ZeroZeroZero Store: the first store of goods used to deliver cocaine.
ZeroZeroZero Store was a tangible proof of what’s going on everyday around the world, making an invisible business visible for the first time.

Focus LIVE 2019

Focus Live is the event that brings science among people. Focus created an experiential event to share emotions and widen its target audience. After 2018 success, the event triples its dates.

This was Focus approach: talking about science in simple, accessible and engaging language, always keeping in mind that the real objective of the event was inviting people to be curious.
The format included one main stage, two speakers corners, a wide expo area; it was moved on a roadshow in Genoa, Trento and Milan. Main speeches were streamed. Focus Live also included special areas and workshops for kids and teens.
Many experiments were highly engaging, ie.: Mars walking simulator, the static apnea pool, then a suit that simulates aging, the nursing robot, the scanning booth that creates your own avatar, the Aeronautica Militare’s flight simulator.