SamsungZeil, Brand Store Experience Campaign 2019

Located on the Zeil in Frankfurt, Samsung created not only a unified expression of brand identity and technological achievements, they created a unique brand and product retail experience.

The showcase is for everyone. Our approach should support to reach and activate all relevant target groups with tailor-made experiences. By staging various activations with target group relevant passion points such as sports, music, food and lifestyle, we brought it life. All events and activations combined the innovative Product EcoSystem of Samsung with personal and playful experiences for each consumer.
We gained more awareness of the brand and produce exclusive contents to spread into the world – SEE.
We activated the customers to interact with the Samsung products at the store and show the joy of smart applications – PLAY.
We strengthen the brand and generate memorable moments at the store – LOVE.
360 days of
1. See – encourage people to discover and experience Samsung Zeil
2. Play – create a place where people can explore new opportunities
3. Love – emotionalize and strengthen the status as love brand.

Day of German Unity

There is no tradition for the German National Day, unlike most other countries. That’s why we set out to do what no one else has tried: to establish a tradition in which everyone can participate.

The central question: what suits us and the time? The topic of environment/sustainability moves us all – which is particularly evident in the topic of forests. Forests are an important part of the German culture/mythology – as well as currently a topic that moves mankind.
Our idea was to use this and to initiate the planting of trees as a ritual – the symbol for this is a symbol that we know from decades of the 50 “Pfennig” coin and serves as a signet for the campaign #einheitsbuddeln (unity diging) on social media.
Our idea: #einheitsbuddeln – every human planting a tree on the day of German Unity!
Step 1: a rousing target – 40,000 trees in the first year. And then more every year!
Step 2: Building credibility – through a broad coalition of world-class forestry experts and climate researchers.
Step 3: Create reach without budget! Through influential multipliers who support the action – suddenly everyone talked about it!
Step 4: Invite to participate – a tradition must take everyone.

Destination Ipsy

Transitioning from an online focus into a tangible, experiential based outreach, Ipsy cosmetics completely revamped their approach to serving their member base while simultaneously seeking new ispters

To leverage an already robust social media footprint, Ipsy engaged three influencers with a combined 13 million followers across their various social channels. Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragun and Bailey Sarian each used their platform to encourage their followers to visit Destination Ipsy and a resulting meet and greet and photo opportunity. Each of the three influencers and the meet-and-greet/photo op were all also supported by Ipsy’s social media plan of pre-event posts including and announcement of the event, calendar reminder and a post dedicated to pushing the meet and greet with the individual social influencer.

This comprehensive social plan of engagement greatly impacted the tangible and anecdotal results of the program and provided the foundation to a more robust 2020 and 2021 event plan with 16+ total events planned for both years.

Swarovski Light Festival 2019

The Light Festival was held at Christmas for the first time. We created a heavenly story and composed a Christmas atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.

We develop an interactive concept with a more in-depth storyline:
Under the Motto “Christmas in Heaven” the spectacular garden and exhibition architecture surrounding the Giant will poetically brought to life. We bring back the true brilliance of Christmas and compose a heavenly festive atmosphere – with interactive light and audio installations that are touching and fun.
Interactive installations add to the fascination and emotional appeal of the experience. Visitors participate in the process by using sensors and touchscreens to activate the sparkling art installations and bathe the garden and exhibits around the Giant in atmospheric light.
We create an extraordinary time-out destination, with surprises and experiences that put a sparkle in people’s eyes and touch their hearts.
A heavenly production that inseparably link the Swarovski brand with Christmas, deliver straight to the hearts of the visitors.
It’s like Christmas in Heaven!

Webvideopreis 2018

The birth of a new format for Digital Natives: Public Video Vertical Storytelling.
We developed a “non-event” which will serve as an industry benchmark.
We reinvented the awards ceremony.

Latest developments show that conventional award formats with their linear broadcast had a limited impact on the audience. How can classical elements of an awards ceremony, such as the red carpet, the show acts and the awards presentations be reinterpreted?
The Web Video Award 2018 was a radical reinvention of live communication and defied conventions on all levels: the editorial concept of a linear format, turned the awards ceremony, into a decentralized, non-linear format and created an event that became a new industry benchmark. Germany was the venue for our ceremony, the vertical screen was our stage – and our awards ceremony was unique.
This way, we overrode the (spatial) limitations of the classic award format and developed a live event with national appeal across all sections of the population. A democratization of the Web Video Award.
The awards ceremony is dead, long live the awards ceremony!
The birth of a new format: Public Video Vertical Storytelling. A non-event.

YouTube FanFest Showcase

The YouTube FanFest Showcase 2019 was a series of mini events where consumers encountered their first ever ‘digital sampling’ and that too with their favourite YouTube stars.

We were tasked with reaching out to a wider set of audience across the country to bring them closer to their YouTube stars. Our audience was between 18-26 years, and when they are not glued to their smartphones, they meet up with friends at malls. This insight triggered our creative idea, and our strategy was thus built on this.

Brands frequently hand out free product samples at malls as a way to get prospective customers to experience their products. We decided to do the same, but with a twist. In a first, we presented the YouTube FanFest Showcase as a digital ‘sample’ where the digital content consumers and fans would get a sample taste of their favourite YouTube stars up close. What was the best way to do it? By mall-jacking, of course. This was to be the first-of-its-kind event which brought YouTube stars and fans together at malls across different cities simultaneously.

Gullruten – Bringing the Norwegian “Emmys” back to LIVE

Gullruten is Norways “Emmy” awards ceremony for the TV industry & includes media events, live TV Production event, VIP guest & sponsor events, activations & afterparty for 1100 guests.

Created graphic guide & applied it everywhere

Transitioned press launch event for 450 guests into an “after work” with our Gullbar19 concept. A fun-festive atmosphere where media interview while socialising with the nominees & the public. This created a unique & inclusive bonding experience
Used VIP guests (TV studio bosses) as DJ´s in a battle on stage at after party to over come budget issues

Choreographed dance routine for main solo artist performance with digital back up
Live streamed beauty lounge & VIP after party
Created Norways first digital choir with public submissions used on TV
Executed a plastic positive event through coop with Empower, & photo bombing on red carpet
Co-created digital & live content & activations to create value for sponsors- live: Popup wedding proposal of a recent reality show winner to her partner sponsored by a jewellery sponsors. Digital: funny product placement using stars in televised comedy skits

VM I DØDS – World Championship in Death Dive (Belly Flop jumping).

The World Championship in “Death dive” is a family-oriented public event for showcasing the sport of Døds.
The “Death dive” can best described as a extreme form of diving. The athletes throws themselves flat out in an X formation from 10 meters height, holding the X-position or doing tricks on the way down and ultimately cut through the water surface all crunched up. The concept startet out in Norway in the 60s and 6.sans has used the last years too develope a new sport.

We have created a brand new sport. In Norwegian called “Dødsing”. It has become a very public friendly concept. The young crowd and the families love it. The event experience is a portion of diving, with a bit of Jackass, combined with a bit of deardevil contest. The sport have its own jury and a full set of rules.

Mercedes #24RIDE

#24RIDE, the first ever 24-hour livestream game show, announced the launch of new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. 12 participants drove 20 influencers through 9 cities while getting tasks from mission control.

Anyone could join this trip because the car and all stops were wired with cameras and broadcast to YouTube & FB. Livestream viewers could win one of 200 prizes, including a new A-Class.

KPIs: reach of 400k people, target audience of 25-34 yo., NPS of 9, increase client’s social media audience.

Typical new car ads involve shots of the car and a few happy people.

We came up with a completely new format. A 24-hour road show all around the country and livestreamed on the client’s social media (FB & YT). People could join in at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

The car has multiple drivers and passengers, both well-known & civil figures, including a scientist, actor, singer, YouTuber, economist, and presidential candidate.

The driver/passenger teams have to visit various places and perform tasks, to make thigs more interesting for those following along on social media.

Throughout the trip, everyone in the new car uses its features and shows how they work in real time.

We also had to livestream from the car so that it would work no matter what they were doing or how fast they were going, so that viewers could connect and follow along anytime, anywhere – at home, at work, on the road. Livestreaming is currently the most effective way of reaching the targeted demographic.

Expedition to Mars

– Unique conceptual event for the new BMW X3
– 600 guests had the possibility to explore Mars
– Unusual invitations – glass tubes with sand sample from Mars
– Event ambience inspired by the surface of Mars
– Remarkable LED screen video animations, sound & special effects
–  8K projection on screen 37x5m
–  Space stewardesses in suits led the guests on a space trip, through unique tunnel inspired by true spaceship interior
–  Memorable giveaway presents – “Space Rocks from your Mission to Mars”

„Expedition to Mars represented an idea of offering the guests the technology and the possibility to explore the Planet Mars. The idea was to identify the new BMW X3 as a vehicle ready to overpower every road obstacle, regardless of whether it is a surface of Planet Earth or Planet Mars. Unusual invitations – special glass tubes with a sand sample from Mars were sent to all guests, insinuating what is to be expected on the following expedition. Accompanied by space stewardesses in specially designed suits guests went on a space journey, through the tunnel, inspired by the true space ship interior. The panorama of Mars was conjured up by 8K projection on screen 37x5m. The key segment of event started with a video message from BMW research centre on planet Earth, which announced the arrival of the „Explorer One space shuttle, coming with brand new BMW X3 models. Three futuristic domes were set, representing base camp research stations on Mars.