Rome 2019. Presentation to international buyers of the new brand positioning and the new FW20 collection through an exciting show inspired by the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Heroes, an evocative title that tells the story of Arena through its people.
Heroes are the athletes that sacrifice themselves every day, training hard trying to surpass themselves.
Heroes are the people at Arena who work to innovate and redesign style in the world of sport.
This show is dedicated to them, a eulogy of Arena’s values becomes an immersive choreography inside the Piscina dei Mosaici where space becomes a visual experience. A cast of 42 artists including dancers, the national synchronised swimming team and springboard divers bring a set built in the water to life. Technology with holographic projections and water mapping complete the magic.

Panattoni Gala & Party 2019

Panattoni Gala & Party is a ceremonial summary of the year of presence on the European market with 1,000 invited guests including the most important business partners.

Panattoni Gala & Party is an original, creative idea for an event summarizing the year of operation and appreciating the most important business partners. The gala consists of two parts – the first is an official business meeting during which statuettes for the best business partners were awarded. After the official part related to the award ceremony, the guests enjoyed themselves in a fairy-tale setting referring to Tim Burton’s films, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Beetle Juice or Alice Through the Looking Glass. She referred to films, among others set design, catering, animators. Guests have at their disposal a bar with 12 flair bartenders. A French cover band and one of the most popular Polish DJs performed on stage.

The most popular among guests was the “ice chamber” – a room with a constant temperature of -7 degrees Celsius, an ice bar, bartenders referring to White Walkers from the Game of Thrones movie and … a great ice throne.

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors Tour

With a two trailer, ten stop experiential program targeting high-level decision makers as a new strategy to replace the previous tact of conferences and auto shows, Yanfeng found great success in 2019

On the tour, Yanfeng unveiled its Experience in Motion, a fully autonomous rideshare concept that offers customizable experiences. It features technology that is camouflaged within the vehicle’s surfaces so passengers can choose whether to engage with the innovative features. The front of the Xim20 offers two swivel seats in a bright observation space with a 180-degree view through a curved windshield. This front section allows riders to take in the views of the city as they pass by. The back of the Xim20 offers secluded comfort through lounge seating, where passengers can retreat into a more private setting.To give attendees the feel of an authentic ride, the trailer in which the Xim20 rideshare concept was displayed included a projection screen to simulate a city view and replicate the experience of a moving vehicle. In a major electronic accomplishment, the innovative projection experience employed three hi-definition short-throw rear projectors displaying wide surround images.

Turespaña Pavilion – Fitur 2020

“Smart Tourspain”, a smart pavilion created with the purpose of collecting data from the professionals at the International Fair of Tourism, adapting 100% of its contents to its target audience.

“Smart Tourspain Fitur 2020”, a smart space: a creative concept generated from the idea of the Spanish Tourism Plan Horizonte 2020 and originated from the ODS ( Sostainability Development Objectives) by ONU.
Their common goal : people fulfillment. A proposition turned into a space designed to achieve information ( preferences, emotions, pleasures ) and data ( movement flows, length of the stay, look gazing, reactions etc.. ) that Turespaña adapted 100% of its content and communication to its public either in real time or afterwards.

FACC 30 Years Beyond Horizon

Anniversary event in Salzburg (AT); 200 key clients / int. top-level management; Strengthening awareness as global aerospace leader in designing, developing, manufacturing advanced aircraft components

Formal contents were an integrative part of the event, but were all conveyed by creative interpretation and innovative technology. From visuals, music, decor, acts to the food: the emotional guest experience was set as guideline for the event design and tied it all together.

– presentation of focus topics only by multimedia shows/acts
– height-adjustable stages for 2-floor-seating
– oversized stage-LED-wall in cockpit design

– over-stage projection-tube incl. color-adjustable LED-rings
– 360° projections

– (3D) video-animations incl. customized audio, incl. performance mapping of artists
– audio balance of tradition vs. modern: classic/orchestral vs. electro/deconstructed

– “the world at one table” dinner gala
– international cuisine as a multi-sensual experience per continent (audio, video)
– long tables instead of gala-seating encouraging networking

– EHang live experience: exhibition of an autonomous aerial vehicle
– first corporate drone show in AT

SD Worx Intimate Concerts

To thank their employees and clients SD Worx celebrated their 15th anniversary by organizing 81 intimate concerts. In 1 night, in living rooms of 81 employees. The audience: employees & clients.

The objective of the initial question was to thank the customers for their confidence over the past 15 years, that is why SD Worx wanted to give a huge party. We evaluated the question and decided that what we were asked was not a match with the DNA of SD Worx SME e.g. proximity. That is why we broke the briefing and came up with a different concept. We wanted to thank as many customers and employees in a personal and surprising way.

The Oval Office proposed a live-communication approach that had a much greater impact than what could be achieved with just a big party:
The employees of SD Worx had to open their living rooms for an intimate concert together with the customers. The result: 81 living room concerts spread over Belgium. A living room concert itself is maybe not that innovative, but the fact that the concerts were all organized on one evening at the same time in the living rooms of SD Worx employees, together with their clients as guests, is.

Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019

The biggest digital summit that gathered six leading economies of Western Balkans at the monumental Palace of Serbia building.

Creativity: We were working on creating a visual solution for a complete visual identity of Serbia Digital Week, as well as redesigning the WBDS logo.
Along with planing the event, our team developed and completely designed two websites which followed the events at the Palace of Serbia – Serbia Digital Week and Western Balkans Digital Summit.
Innovation: We used laser beams, light devices that covered the opening ceremony through scene-audio-visual spectacle which was enhanced with a “special guest“ from London – TITAN THE ROBOT. Special installation at the salon was IMMERSIVE ROOM. This complex installation is called for a perfect match between the set design, audio and visual effects.
The salon was transformed into a “white room”, to which sculpted geometrical forms were added. The content consisted of three parts: Immerse Yourself Into Digital World, Giants of Serbian Science: Tesla, Pupin, Milankovic and Messages from the Future.

Ericsson MWC 2019

MWC is the world’s largest gathering of mobile communications professionals and a significant opportunity for Ericsson to connect with its most important customers and prospects.

Insight and strategy:
At the heart of Ericsson is a relentless and restless beat of innovation that has taken them from creating the very first mobile networks through to pushing the technology time and time again. When a technology becomes this good and this prevalent, it’s easy to forget the driving force behind it all.

The Beat. At MWC 2019, we set out to create an immersive brand presence in which Ericsson’s most important customers could see, hear and experience Ericsson’s relentless beat of innovation; a visceral expression of 5G taking shape with Ericsson as its driving force.

Creating the Event

We listened to our customers’ call for inspiration and organized a three-day event in cooperation with other top event suppliers. By the creative concept of a story we presented the latest trends.

Unifying 3 event services suppliers with venue to share the clients was the new idea we brought to life in January 2018. Concept of this first edition was an event expo, where clients could come anytime and explore firsthand. As we wanted to make the event again, we had to improve the concept and find something new to attract as many clients from companies and event agencies as possible. So we came with the story of creating the world transferred to the story of creating the event. We wanted to show the latest trends, educate technologies and introduce all different kinds of events which can be organized in PVA EXPO. We figured out 12 interactive stations covering technologies, decorations, food & drinks and special constructions. Some station were extraordinary: LED cave created from LED screens on almost each side with special content showing 3D simulations of exhibition hall layouts. After the end LED wall split into two parts leading guests to the Garden of Eden.

Boutique Hotel in the Air

Product Launch
Reveal of newly redesigned long-haul cabins
Create a connection between the sophistication and personalization of a boutique hotel and the on-board travel experience they provide

Our vision was one of three rooms in an airborne boutique hotel. Reflecting Brussels Airlines’ premium hospitality in the sky, we thought it our mission to tell a tale that would surprise, engage, and tickle the senses.

What we created was an extraordinary hotel journey, which immersed guests in a dreamy atmosphere where their every wish was catered to.

For the creation and decoration of this hotel, we used the beautiful existing elements of the Rue Royale mansion and added some carefully selected items to bring the Brussels Airlines boutique hotel to life.

The details, to us, were never the details. We created vibrant, colorful spaces, which invited guests to discover them. Each room had its own soundtrack, its own mood, its own lighting and color palette. We even hand-picked the right scent for each space.

Of course, we did not just want the rooms themselves to titillate the imagination. Every corridor or open space needed to be just as appealing.