Pensar Maior 2019, Fidelidade

This event takes place every 2 years, bringing together Fidelidade’s workers and partners from different parts of the world, with the main goal of discussing and sharing the company’s strategy.

From the “Think Bigger” concept we switched from the classic stage to what we call the “BOX”, which provided an immersive experience throughout the event! A three-dimensional projection box, with 42×22 meters in size, a resolution of 12.287×9.578, approximately 118 million pixels and 420,000 lumens. All projected content was created from scratch, specifically for the BOX format. All in all, 7 agencies were responsible for creating and producing the contents for the speakers, ensuring that they explored the box potential to its fullest. Since the projected content was tailor-made, and to ensure that everything was pixel perfect, prior to the event we built a small replica of the box, to test all the contents and fine-tune editing details.


Create a great event for the UniCredit sales network were celebrate the results achieved, create the path for 2020 and talk about the importance of each one as an individual and as part of a team.

To convey the determination and courage of the company, Synapsy organized a rock festival where corporate messages were converted into Music. The location was transformed into a Concert Arena and a Village. Keywords and company messages were expressed with music and TED like speeches inserted within the festival. The host of the event was Paola Maugeri, who told the story of Queen in a parallelism on the vision, innovation, teamwork and passion that drives the company. In the village, the participants challenged each other with guitar riffs, dressed up as Queen band members, created T-shirts and banners to be displayed during the evening show. The highlight of the event was the evening Tribute Concert on Queen for which Synapsy gathered the best musicians and singers from all over the world in a big band created ad hoc. Written and directed by the agency, the evening concert staged Queen’s most famous songs, combining music, choreography, light design and video in a great show.

Anything is Possible – Rise in Dubai 2019

Celebrating APAC’s achievements; 160 leaders, 10000 top ABO’s, Amway’s 60th. Propelling into broader visions, setting the team’s new goals, delivering thrills and the wow factor to the finest detail.

RISE DUBAI 2019 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  For 9PM the concept and live implementation of the project has been: the sky has no limits!
It all starts from a symbolic and concrete position of conquered height which, if willing, can be overcome beyond imagination.
Narration is consistent in every second and detail, both on the stages and in spaces.
Security brief by Emirates cabin crew: on the 126 mt LED, Amway’s A380 takes off flying above 10000 audience with the coaching of 3 actual astronauts – the power of “believe” is in the team.
On 63 screens, space is the new possible with Sir Richard Branson, living proof that if you can think it, you can do it.
All 11 flags choreographed by Uffizi flag-wavers followed by 20,000 cocktails by Bruno Vanzan, Maestro Loprieno’s Orchestra perform National songs, talent & VIP photo session, crews set the new stage in 45′, close with a “wow!” performance by Katy Perry.
Her “Rise” song & motivational videos added exclusivity in communication for one year.


Show of Hairstyling to present the last trends of the sector at a professional level. Involve and excite the audience, transmit the know-how in a spectacular and surprising way.

The world hairstyling icons have shined like stars on stage to guide professionals, present at the event, towards the new hairstyling trends.
The star became the emblem of the show, characterizing the overall communication: from the logo event to the stage, till the videos content and the artists performance.
After an opening video, the welcome speech of the General Manager of Oréal Professionnel has launched the emotional video. Entrance to the stage of La Pina and Diego, hosts of the event, who kicked off the main part of the show: the alternation of the greatest international artists of Beauty. Many different worlds, ever-changing settings and spectacular performances, created ad hoc for each hairstylist on stage. The event ended with a dj set and a barman freestyle.

Dubai ConvenSHOWn

Annual convention with all main stakeholders of an italian leading brand in the production and sale sofas, held during a short incentive for 1100 participants from 7 different european countries.

We combined the facts of:
– traveling to a place considered “The City of the Future” few months ahead of hosting the World Expo on Sustainability
– profiting from the local Top Experiences possible for a group of that size
– holding the conference with an innovative disposition of the audience in a way that participants themselves were protagonists
– let them experience in the same hall world’s top performances
– the magical and no limits imaginative of those performances
– share the experience of being all together in 5 stars Luxe hotels
– getting in touch with the local culture And with the culture of the Future

TCS Summit Europe

TCS Summit Europe is an exclusive annual event for senior leaders to debate the latest digital technology and gain insights on how to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

For the 2019 Summit:
•We revised the format of the conference into a much more complex, multi-faced offering across the board. By switching the traditional CIO focus to include CEO, CFO and CMO sessions, we were able to promote TCS’ brand new technologies and solutions to the wider C-suite.
•To secure high quality of content across all presentations, professional public speaking training service was provided to c-level client speakers.
•The theater style and multi-layered stage gave participants a new way to experience the conference in an immersive setting. The Grand Hotel Kempinski’s theater fascinating past was woven into the conference narrative.
•The fully customized Summit app improved attendees’ experience by allowing them to check and be up to date with the conference and all activities. Push notifications were used to keep the communication ongoing.
•The new Summit knowledge hub created on ‘Digital Directions’ provided delegates with daily insights and summaries

Alter Domus 15th Anniversary

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, reinforce the collaboration and the engagement, Alter Domus asked VO Event to bring together 2,000 employees from across the world for a 3-day trip in September 18.

Given this particular context, our guiding principle from the outset was that Alter Domus needed more than a 3-day incentive in order to achieve the expected level of bond between the participants. We therefore proposed to work way upstream in the preparation of the project so as to develop a strong interaction process that would consolidate the federative impact at the event itself. We achieved this by building a customized online platform that hosted workshops for several months, composed of international and cosmopolitan teams. This first phase on online meetings acted as ice-breakers initiating inter-office connections so as to maximize the engagement and participant expectations.

For the concept, we proposed a decisively forward-thinking message: “today you are 15 years old, so let’s look ahead into the next 15 years during which each employee will play a significant role”. This message was shaped into a baseline, flagship statement for the entire project: “Let’s Shape the Future

Collection of Impressions. Celebratory evening of «Gazprombank» during Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

Create an event that will attract the maximum number of guests – clients and allow to make an opportunity for direct communication in an informal environment.

St. Petersburg is a city of both tradition and innovation. There are ideas in the air – like birds. To catch them and put these images into practice, it is necessary to have courage and determination, but at the same time – subtlety of feelings. This becomes possible only with Gazprombank. For the event a two-storey building with an area of more than 4000 m2 was built in 21 days. Thanks to 1800 m2 of mirror composite, the building seemed to be parading between the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Each number of the program was filled with drama: the feelings of lovers on granite banks, the confusion of the creator and the birth of a masterpiece, waking up with the calls of trams and alarm clocks of the city. The show from the stars of opera and ballet was supplemented by their interaction with the LEDwall and holographic screen, creating the maximum immersive effect. As a result, each guest was imbued with the main thought: to see beauty, it is only necessary to open up to it.

IFA 2019

Annual B2B and B2C trade show giving audio-visual brands a platform to connect with retailers and other audiences in Berlin

We brought the features of Harman’s products to life like never before. For the display units, functionality was key; we wanted guests to be able to see, hear, touch, feel the benefits that the products offer. The interior design was carefully thought out and reflected the lifestyle of each brand’s target audience – sleek, modern home interiors for Harman Kardon and fun, relaxed bars and chill out areas for JBL. We designed a bespoke typography style that reflected the JBL demographic and was used throughout the venue to create a sense of cohesion between indoor and outdoor areas. Secondly, they had to be Instagrammable. With a host of tech influencers on the guest list, the demos needed to spark organic digital engagement. An example of this was the Pulse Room, where we used mirrored walls and 176 JBL Pulse 4 speakers to visualise sound through infinite reflection and impressive synced light and sound display – it was the most shared display at the show.

ESC 2019

Booth for Bayer in the exhibition hall at annual European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019 with the goal of communicating with an audience of health care professionals who specialise in cardiology

Pharmaceutical events present a unique challenge because there is no physical product to showcase – what it looks like isn’t important, but what it means for patients is. We therefore used a powerful metaphor to demonstrate this. It informed HCPs about the benefits of the treatment and showed them how they could positively impact their patients’ lives. Our in house Creative Technology department invented a digital experience that would help Bayer grab attention. Our holistic approach combined architecture, graphics, motion design and interactive technology. The culmination of this was a dynamic, moving mountain sculpture. Our bespoke app collected complex data from interactions and translated this to a physical set of actuators inside the sculpture. This was in turn synced with projection mapped graphics showing each HCP’s personalised journey in an impactful display – a true feat of innovation.

The CBvNL (De Coolste Baan van Nederland) is the coolest” ice rink in the Netherlands

After 125 years, the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships returned to Amsterdam, at a public pop-up skating rink at the holy ground of the Olympic Stadium. The CBvNL welcomed more than 120,000 skating visitors and hosted the Championships for more than 50,000 spectators.

For the first time ever, an ice-skating championship was placed in a historical context. The graphic design, based on the work of Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp, provided a visual context for the venue, and for all communications.

Sales Launch Levi Strauss &Co

The Sales Launch is a biannual event for the Sales teams and main clients of the Levi’s and Dockers brands. 900 guests converged from all over Europe to Amsterdam for a 4-day programme composed of 47 workshops, 9 on-stage presentations with exclusive speakers, 20 meetings, and an outstanding fashion show. This is the brand’s milestone event, designed to inspire and engage the entire European network during a unique experience launching the Fall-Winter 2018 collection.

VO worked on the Levi’s storytelling by creating a gigantic ‘Experience Centre’ that showcased the brand’s history, its the values, campaigns and projects… No less than a Levi’s Culture Centre that shows how Levi’s reinvents itself and embraces new trends. The theme for this edition was We, the People. ‘We’ because all its participants (re)write the brand’s history on a daily basis. Let’s live together, continue the story together, and accomplish extraordinary things together.