Opel Corsa & Astra Training Days

Training days for dealers and sellers. The lens was double, inaugurate all visitors in the technical details of the new cars and convert the negative spiral by the acquisition of Opel by the PSA group

To strengthen Opel as a brand, the event had to overwhelm visitors at the first glimpse. At the same time, there was a need for comfortable, cosy locations for the workshops. We integrated both by playing with the contrast between light and dark, small and large, open and closed. Illuminated, bright white domes in a darkened factory hall provided the visual Opel was looking for, without sacrificing functionality and comfort for the workshops.
Inside the domes we brought the atmosphere of the promo clips for the two cars to the interior. We used LED Astera tubes for this purpose.

Digital Landscapes

Eastpak was challenged to re-think the perimeters of their seasonal sales presentation. So, we’ve created an unexpected digital immersive environment that emphasises the product design families.

Rethinking the concept of sales meetings and space, we set about delivering something above and beyond what was done before. It’s still about storytelling, but with a different set of tools. Implementing alternative elements can establish a format for programming that successfully elevates the brand experience.

Live experience and its values remained the starting point, because it’s the human touch that draws people toward a brand story. By spreading the message through a digital landscape with technological environments amplifying the product stories, the perfect balance was found for the collections of the new season. Engaging the audience with the right balance of live and digital segments. Every space had a different transformative element, created by video and lighting effects, leading teams on a highly exploratory, visual, virtual adventure as they backpacked through digital landscapes and discovered new territories.


Organize three conventions to present the 2020 communication campaign and the marketing plans to the shareholders and the Cattolica sales network and create a show to convey the corporate identity.

The presentation of the new plans has been transformed into an immersive format in the Cattolica world and in its brand identity. Three events united by the theme “Roots. Tomorrow in our history”, a concept represented by a tree with the Cattolica man at its center, rooted in the territory and looking towards the future, which has become a multimedia art installation. A central arena, an expo area arranged like an agora and a great show were the set for an experiential journey through the history of a human reality that knows how to evolve and to grow. The skyline of Verona, the headquarters of the company, and of other typical places of our nation were the background for engaging speeches and short films that went to compose a feature film. The result was a popular novel with the guests as protagonists. The highlight of the event was a concert divided into several acts that brought the different arts together in an authorial show tailored on the values of Cattolica.

KLM100 Experience

KLM asked XSAGA to create a memorable celebration, with their employees and a wide variety of stakeholders. In pre-corona time when we could celebrate big and get together with many people.

XSAGA created a memorable and unique experience, by making live contact the focal point in the live marcom strategy campaign. The ultimate customer journey through the past, present and future of KLM, with the ultimate goal of engaging, moving and thanking the various target groups. The event was a spectacular success, with 65,000 visitors in seven days.

We transformed various hangars at the heart of the KLM operation while the operation was in full operation (beyond customs and usually closed for the general public!). Where all work activities continued at all levels. An experience that brought the objectives to life and that made visitors feel part of the entire organization.

A unique peek behind the scenes, gave visitors the chance to wander through a multitude of stories and iconic KLM objects. An exciting 3D audio-visual show with moving led screens and various interactive spaces with impressive technological innovations made visitors feel part of the KLM family.

Behind the spotlight

The purpose was to enable the employees to experience the process of event creation from the idea to the realization by implementing it in front of the viewers through unconventional solutions.

The idea of the event was to provide the spectators with a unique opportunity to witness the top-secret creation process and to offer a taste of “live” action – construction of decorations, stage, the writing of scenario, rehearsal of roles, etc. Each scene was a cinematic film directed, filmed and shot and approved by director’s shout – “cut!”. Decorations change, new characters appear and the show goes on.
In these scenes each character appeared at the exact time, playing a definite role no matter what the role was – a waiter, a firefighter, a ”live” David sculpture or an opera singer descending from the sealing. Guests were involved in construction of event playing their part without realising it.
The entire event, scenography and stage construction were built in front of the audience. The scenography of the event hall was transformed three times with a change in mood for a specific film scene. The whole process took guests through three emotion levels – shock, chaos and euphoria.

The Power to Change – Galp Energisers Summit 2020

Develop and transform this year’s staff meeting into a unique event with innovative, sustainable and pioneering new features and concepts.

The creative concept for this event was developed by McCann based
on the premise that Galp inspires the general public by stating that “today is a great day to change”, and
it can also inspire itself in this vein. It is just as important to use a strong argument as to
put it into practice. A company that wants to evolve constantly needs to stimulate change. To achieve this, it is first essential to stimulate people. The changes and consequent transformations depend on them if they are to happen.

It is precisely for this reason that the “The Power to Change” concept was developed for this event, consequently placing the power of transforming the company into the hands of all Galp employees.

In terms of technological innovation, LED wristbands that surprised the audience during the event and the silent conference system that allow multiple workshops to occur in the same venue at the same time, were some of the disruptive and innovative things that made this event unique.

Day 1 Radio

With the integration of innogy the future of the new E.ON begins on „Day 1“. How can we connect more than 70.000 employees across Europe? The answer: an interactive radioshow by and for colleagues.

The aim was to produce an authentic and innovative format addressing sensitive and complex information in everyone’s native language, as well as to reach all employees equally. Therefore, we took the medium radio onto a next level – an interactive web radio created by colleagues for colleagues. It was easy to access on every mobile device and gave the possibility to join from everywhere. Since impact and topics of the integration differ from country to country, every radio hour was dedicated to one of the countries. The radio was broadcasted on 13 regional streams and translated in 10 languages simultaneously. One main studio was installed overnight at E.ON’s headquarter in Essen. The radio show was hosted by 3 main moderators and 14 alternating country-specific co-moderators from E.ON and Innogy. The programme structure was built on information, entertainment and interaction. The prime time slot was dedicated to the E.ON story and E.ON‘s Board Members with their personal messages.

To the Red Moon

A stunning gala on the moon for a quick-paced company wanting to celebrate the achievements of the year as well as its people, in a way that will inspire them to even loftier goals for the coming year

Our “To the Red Moon” theme is a story about how the seemingly impossible was achieved. The event was based on a challenge that was accepted here on Earth—to create yet another outstanding event for a long-term client who thought that this time it really might be too difficult.

The people in Coingaming Group are visionaries and dreamers who also get results. This fit in perfectly with the concept of not just going to the moon, but going to a red moon. At our event, they could see that the little blue dot we live on is not the limit, and they could enjoy the evening under the earthrise.

The “red moon” was chosen as it is the rarest form of moonlight, to symbolize how special and unique the attendees are. What’s more, being beyond Earth’s borders celebrated their international diversity, which is a key strength of theirs.

The entire event culminated with giving back to the community through an auction of artwork they themselves had created.