RINGANA virtual Convention 2020

Instead of a blurry webcam look, the RINGANA virtual convention amazed the audience with high quality content and a flawless shopping experience. Resulting in more than 15.000 happy viewers.

Desperate time call for innovative measures – as innovation is a main part of RINGANAs philosophy, we saw the opportunity to redefine the idea of their yearly convention.

Reflecting beauty, turning it inside out, go into the deep microscopic level of substances, – looking at the conecept of beatuy these days and from historic, cultural perspective, from the philosophic point of view.

that was the base for the creation of our storytelling. A Tv formated show with interactive dance performance, trainings, panel discussions, speeches, live broadcast to 5 Citys in 5 countries

The event plattform accompanied with different visuals states included an exclusive shopping experience , personalized user experience though smart ticket/registration processes (e.g. personal welcome), places to share their achievements and emotions with others.
The RINGANA virtual convention web stream player was handmade/programmed, integrated the varierty of translations into 9 languages and interaction.


Only 6 days after lockdown, we created and started a long-term, online internal/external communication to support corporate culture and togetherness.

Only in 6 days, we were able to transform from live events to online events communication company, which deliver outstanding and customized content for both internal and external audience. We wanted this new concept of internal/external communication to be sincerely crafted with a human touch. We co- created content pretty intuitively and spontaneously where inspirations came from everywhere: agency, management, and employees. This flexibility, proactivity, and reactivity to the community needs leading to well-balanced and unique content for our audience. Playful challenges brought us to the homes of employees.
An authentic custom-made fairy tale was designed based on the everyday life of the T-Systems employees. The story was extremely appreciated because of the personalized aspect of it. From a schedule perspective, it was smartly structured in several blocks and streamed at specific times so that it could become an organic part of the lifestyle of the employees

IE University, Graduation 2019-2020

IE wanted to stage a memorable yet virtual graduation for over 3000 students from across the world. A 12-hour-long event full of engaging activities and, of course, a graduation ceremony.

The core creative idea consisted in creating a ground-breaking and exclusive virtual hybrid event without losing the essence and formality of a ceremony befitting of such as prestigious institution. The event covered the graduation of students from 7 of the university’s schools, educational sessions and fun interactive activities to engage students and celebrate with them this important day.
The physical part of the virtual event took place at a Madrid located 300m2 recording set with unique scenography, an 8m LED wall, LED floor and the latest AV technology (XR Virtual).
80 professionals were necessary to make the event happen. 3 days of recording were required prior to the event to produce large parts of the content.
The event included contributions from 10 of the university’s deans, high profile speakers and students with 7 real time broadcasts via YouTube, something never done before in Spain.

2021 LEGO REEMEA Sales & Marketing Conference

The 3-days internal conference is the key touchpoint in a LEGO® regional planning cycle introducing the team to biz strategy & priorities, and new portfolio. The event´s aim is to bond the team.

In the new reality impacted by COVID-19 situation (closed borders & facilities, remote work from home offices), the team had to agilely shift from F2F meeting, which supposed to be organized close to LEGO HQ to an online environment using only internally approved communication and extra confidentiality tools. All this in 6 remaining weeks before the event.

Technical set-up was ensured in line with the global requirements using MS Teams together with Ventuz stream tool fulfilling all needs related to connectivity, high quality loop, video streaming along with sound, engagement activities, Q&A option, control management and smooth mix of different formats (PPT, jingles, videos).
From the creativity POV, an overarching internally critical concept was introduced and deployed in both business and engagement activities to every detail. This year “One Unstoppable Team” was selected as the key communication approach to express team dynamic (unstoppable) and importance of teamwork (one team) i

Day 1 Radio

With the integration of innogy the future of the new E.ON begins on „Day 1“. How can we connect more than 70.000 employees across Europe? The answer: an interactive radioshow by and for colleagues.

The aim was to produce an authentic and innovative format addressing sensitive and complex information in everyone’s native language, as well as to reach all employees equally. Therefore, we took the medium radio onto a next level – an interactive web radio created by colleagues for colleagues. It was easy to access on every mobile device and gave the possibility to join from everywhere. Since impact and topics of the integration differ from country to country, every radio hour was dedicated to one of the countries. The radio was broadcasted on 13 regional streams and translated in 10 languages simultaneously. One main studio was installed overnight at E.ON’s headquarter in Essen. The radio show was hosted by 3 main moderators and 14 alternating country-specific co-moderators from E.ON and Innogy. The programme structure was built on information, entertainment and interaction. The prime time slot was dedicated to the E.ON story and E.ON‘s Board Members with their personal messages.

DSDE online – a two day digital interactive event

Transformation of an annual live meeting into an interactive, co-created and online-live event. Streamed centrally and therefore available to 400 employees in their home offices: close and informative

The two-day digital conference managed to combine meaningful content, exciting entertainment and real interaction – and received extremely positive feedback regarding closeness, active dramaturgy and fun from the 400 participants.