TCS Innovation Forum series 2020

The TCS Innovation Forum series is a set of exclusive flagship events, aimed at high-level executives. Each event aims to position TCS, its partners and customers, as thought leaders in technology.

For 14 years TCS had run its flagship IFS event as full-day physical events across 4 continents. Indeed, all major TCS events were physical. To move to a 100% digital format in 4 weeks was therefore a major innovation.

After extensive research (see later) we chose a platform that would bring unprecedented levels of sophistication to our first digital event. Named ON24, it combined the advantages of an off-the-shelf product with a bespoke solution. See later for more detail.

We then adapted it to suit a digital format. Each forum was capped at 90mins, with each segment lasting a max. 15mins to drive engagement (89% of attendees rated the event length as just right).

Renowned BBC Click presenter Spencer Kelly was chosen to MC each event live. His lively tone held audience engagement while giving the forums a premium look/feel. Live and pre-recorded content were also uniquely combined, mimicking a live event while lowering tech-based disruption.

IMAGINE EVERYTHING – The first virtual Disney Media & Partnership Upfront.

The first virtual Disney Media & Partnership Upfront. The union of technology creativity &innovation has given rise to an event that can pique the interest of 1500 potential partners for the company.

The event represents the first virtual Disney Media & Partnership Upfront.
Ninetynine has responded to this need by using its skills and a new tool. The union of technology, creativity and innovation has given rise to an event that can pique the interest of 1500 potential partners for the company.
“Imagine everything” is the concept chosen to tell the Disney universe and the infinite potential for partners.
The event saw a succession of speech by the leading figures of Walt Disney Company Italia. The skilful alternation of sets, 3D animations, iconic characters and video content, contributed to make the speakers’ interventions dynamic and engaging. The protagonists were transported from the recording studio to a fantastic interactive world and the spectators to a spectacular and immersive setting that captured their attention more than a traditional event would. A perfect transposition from a physical event to a digital event that kept the attention and curiosity of the guests alive.

MEXT Opening

The opening of the MEXT the world’s largest digital transformation center broadcasted online and on national channels with the physical participation the government, including the President of Turkey.

Openable system stage led screen usage; Movable System used
Switchable glass technology used
The opening setup was arranged with Boston Dynamics Robot.

The party goes on! – Celebrational Awards Ceremony of CEA (the Czech event association)

The party is on! First Hybrid Annual Awards Ceremony of CEA with participation of the Czech celebrities

The creativity consisted of several points:
The atmosphere was created a party like.
The studio was set up as a bar. A live DJ was at the place. The moderators were dressed up like bartenders.
The prizes themselves were represented by bronze, silver and gold shaker.
The first prizes in each cathegory was awarded by a Czech celebritis: moderator Libor Boucek, film director Jirí Vejdelek, actresses trio 3 in 1, film director Jakub Kohák, actor Tomáš Hanák
At the end a famous Czech singer Kapitan Demo gave the Grand Prix trophy in shape of the icebowl personally to the winner. This act was streamed and happened part of the ceremony.
There was a final toast in front of the screens

DRPG BIGtalk World

DRPGBIGtalk, our annual thought leadership event, opened its virtual gates to the world’s first virtual theme park, bringing clients the latest research and insights from the communication world.

For many, this year has bought a rollercoaster of uncertainty. We decided to play on this metaphor as a great way of connecting the experience of learning with the journey we’ve had so far in 2020, and so DRPG BIGtalk World was conceived. Using cutting edge low poly GI modelling specifically for web browsing, our in-house digital team developed a theme park-based virtual world.

With over 3,500 invitees, the virtual theme park included fun attractions, rides for delegates to explore, engaging content, live sessions, interactive hotspots, guest speakers and the opportunity to network. Once delegates entered BIGtalk World, they had a bird’s eye view of the entire park where all rides were on view with activation hotspots available to take them wherever they wanted to go. Navigation included a drop-down menu to easily search for content or go directly to a particular ride. Around the park, there were multiple information points to further guide delegates and simplify their journey.

Anti-Panic Platform™

Anti-Panic is a virtual platform, whose task is to showcase crisis solutions explained by an interdisciplinary group of leaders sharing information & motivation critical to right decision making.

Key elements were
#3 CHAMBERS: 1.Leaders & Public chamber. 2. Essential 100 room – leaders whose work has significant economical, social, or scientific impact. 3. Speakers.
#INTERACTIVITY – each chamber has a different level of interactivity access allowing polling, engaging in debate, or steering the conversation topic.
#TECH – we combined several powerful tools into one state of the art virtual platform. The main elements are Zoom for AV access, Media server Ventuz for 3D realtime distribution, for interactivity and Youtube,FB and LI for community management and live streaming.
#ART – we have employed 3D artists and illustrators to create brand new environments on the WEB and in the VIRTUAL to achieve max. engagement, convey given messaging and attract attention.

This setup allowed many News to stream our program on their homepage. The platform is solution oriented, therefore speakers, reporters, or schools re-shared the program and contributed to the positive thinking.

Joint Dialogue Forum

2-day event for industry and business world with employees, employers and public institution, with live broadcasts and AR technology, 50 C-level guests attending physically in the same location.

The forum, focused on the Future of Work topic, should have taken place in an environment where we should use tomorrow’s technology in the most effective way due to the pandemic. For this reason, we have integrated the augmented reality technology into the forum that we organized physically last year in order to execute in the most realistic way this year. Each session was broadcast live over the digital studio, and we used advanced real-time ‘compositing’ tools and special keying technology in digital studios with the Zero Density software prefered in professional channels used in the game world, and prepared advanced AR visuals for different sessions. In this way, we increased the expression power of the speakers. In addition, we created a special mobile application for this event and we kept the attention of the participants alive like a physical event by sending regular notifications to the participants through this application, organizing surveys, competitions and gamifications.

Landing on Earth. Everyday.

Worldwide Digital Launch Event of the new MF8S tractor.

Riding the digital wave and pushing technology beyond its known limits, combining techniques from the world of cinema, post-production and video web apps to deliver a truly seamless experience.


We care for every heartbeat, have 2 new products and want to become market leader.
The objective: create a pan-European, companywide buzz to prepare the launch of 2 new cardiovascular products.

Shifting from a planned F2F event in Mallorca to an entertaining digital experience of a 4 events meant re-purposing the existing concept with rapidity and agility.
We kept one element – the patient centricity – as central piece for the new concept.
How does it feel to have a heart attack? We created and followed the story of Robert – a fictional cardiovascular patient – throughout the 4 episode series. The series kicked off with Robert experiencing a heart attack during his 65th birthday.
Robert’s story was told via a VR movie that we produced exclusively for the series of 4 events to compensate for the shorter attention span for digital formats. The VR production gave us the opportunity to let the audience experience the heart attack in POV – what made the whole experience quite impressive. Furthermore, Robert’s story helped us to create cliff-hangers that we used to keep the audience in front of their screens over the course of the series.

Direct e-conference

B2B2C conference for a progressive insurance company Direct, new product launch, 5 years report, real time satisfaction survey & brand experience exploration thru state of the art virtual platform.

The client gained the title to be the “different” insurance company through the 5 years of growth with honest marketing & friendly services. Therefore we aimed to fulfil this expectation in virtual space too. The whole experience took place in a chalet in the middle of the Austrian Alps in a natural green setting. Our studio was a mix of real decoration and 3D generated motion graphics. The program included product launch & product experience presentation, real time satisfaction survey and 5 years report all structured not only to be engaging for the employees and brokers, but also for fans from the public, who follow client’s social networks. We kept attention of all participants and achieved high engagement through well structured storyline, gamification & fun live sketchnoting. Everyone had a chance to interact with the virtual studio and 3 founders, who took a role of moderators, through, word cloud and over 20 brokers were awarded for their exceptional business results.