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UK – Volvo launches pop-up stores in Reading and Glasgow

UK – Volvo launches pop-up stores in Reading and Glasgow

Volvo is showing off the new S90 and V90 models at two Scandinavian themed pop-up shops in the British cities: there customers can enjoy traditional Swedish hospitality and see the new models ahead of their showroom debuts in September.

volvoWith the collaboration of agency TRO, which managed the design, production and delivery of the project, Volvo has unveiled two Scandinavian themed pop-up shops at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading and Silverburn in Glasgow. Both the stores will be open from 5-17th April.

The outlets, which are designed to offer British people a chance to preview the brand’s new S90 and V90 automotive models before they are released in September, offer a great experience to those who will visit them: apart from seeing the new cars, visitors can also enjoy a Scandinavian café, showcasing the tradition of Swedish Fika. A great way to refuel while they check the brand’s latest offering.

This is not the first time Volvo chooses a Swedish-themed experience for its customers: in fact, as a part of its summer festival activity last year, it was present at Camp Bestival and Wilderness Festival.