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GERMANY – Vok Dams implements first industry conference for Sidel

GERMANY – Vok Dams implements first industry conference for Sidel

The conference KnowledgeShare 2013 focused on central challenges

and on future trends of the beverage industry.

It was hosted by the Swiss company Sidel, the leading provider for PET-
solutions for packing liquids world-wide.

At the innovative location Squaire Airport Frankfurt, about 150 top-managers from the beverage industry intensively debated all aspects of

the beverage industry’s production process.

Aim of the conference was to create a platform to give participants the

opportunity to discuss challenges, exchange ideas, develop solutions

and network with one another.

Expert speakers such as the renowned futurologist Dr. James Bellini,

who calls himself a “historian of the future”, further provided inspiring

food for thought.

In close cooperation with Sidel, Vok Dams Frankfurt developed a

completely new, very interactive conference format, which ensured the

intensive exchange between the top-managers.

Due to the very positive response of the participants, this format has

already established itself for the future.