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UKRAINE – Mysteries of Kiev’s underground: a fashion show at a secret station

UKRAINE – Mysteries of Kiev’s underground: a fashion show at a secret station

The unique feature of the show, implemented by the event-agency Ant Hill RG, was its venue — a station of Kiev’s metro, located in the center of the city and canned waiting for better times.

The event history knows about fashion shows held at Berlin and Dubai subways, but the event in Kiev differs from its predecessors, both for its performance level and its the idea.

The creative team spent several weeks searching for the suitable place to realize the idea: “After long work we have decided to search for ‘natural magnetism’ in underground. Our goal was to create an atmosphere of unknown metaphorical world where natural magnet exists – stated Andrey Franchuk, the creative director of agency, – According to our idea the show should be realized as an underground expedition for the magnet stone that streams natural force”.

The scenario consisted of several stages: the main location was kept in secret and guests were invited to the well-known Kiev museum “The Golden Gates”, which is a major landmark of the Ancient Kiev and a historic gateway in the ancient city fortress.
Placing the scenery in museum and preparing for big event, the team secretly worked at 100 meters depth. Seventeen days of underground works were spent for the creation of a podium, scenery, adjustment of sound and light, rehearsal and technical preparation of premises.