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AUSTRIA – Successful acquisition of two medical congresses for Vienna

AUSTRIA – Successful acquisition of two medical congresses for Vienna

Around 500 delegates are expected to attend the three-day event organized by the European Academy of Childhood Disability, which will hold its 26th annual meeting in Vienna in 2014. With the help of the Vienna Convention Bureau (VCB), Dr. Friedrich Brandstetter, medical director of the Vienna Social Services Center for Child Development, won through against competition from Jerusalem. “The congress is an ideal fit for Vienna, ‘city of Freud’, especially because Sigmund Freud worked as a pediatric neurologist early in his career,” he said.

vienna.jpgThe European Paediatric Neurology Society will hold its 11th EPNS congress in Vienna in 2015. Some 1,500 delegates will come to Vienna for this four-day event. Vienna won this congress on its third attempt – Dr. Günther Bernert, head of the pediatric department at Gottfried von Preyer’schen Children’s Hospital, regards this as a golden opportunity for Austrian researchers in international competition and stated: “The congress will allow us to showcase Austria as a location for science and to convince delegates of the quality offered here – an advance from introspection to international scientific competition and mutual exchange.”

According to VCB Director Christian Mutschlechner (image), “The acquisition of these two congresses underscores the internationally recognized importance of Austrian pediatricians and pediatric neurologists. The two congresses will generate some 8,000 bednights for Vienna hotels, and contribute around EUR 4.4 million to GDP,” he explained.