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GERMANY – Hagen Invent: a car-length ahead with Volkswagen

GERMANY – Hagen Invent: a car-length ahead with Volkswagen

During the contest for Volkswagen’s most important domestic event of the year 2012, the Hagen Invent team prevailed over its competitors by dint of its conceptual and logistical competence, innovative power and absolute dedication to the task. And consequently secured the budget to plan and carry out the two-week back- to-back event, to which Volkswagen AG this year will invite over four thousand service consultants.

hagen.jpgAdone Kheirallah (image), managing partner and creative head of Hagen Invent, is proud of the trust Volkswagen AG places in him and his team: “Our concept, perfectly tailored to the client’s corporate goals, is proof that we understand the DNA of the brand. And now we’re eager to put our concept into action. The guests are going to be absolutely thrilled”.

The year 2012 sees cooperation between Volkswagen AG and Hagen Invent entering into the second round. In 2011 the Düsseldorf agency was responsible for the ‘Volkswagen Cabrio Days‘ in Dresden, for which it was honored with the US-American Galaxy Award 2011.