Bea World Festival


FRANCE – Havas Event has organized the annual convention of Monoprix Group.


This event focused on the signature “le client, chaud devant!”andwas based on three themes: to understand, to consider and to surprise clients. The event was animated with a quiz, humorous happenings and skits from a popular actress! To break with conventional openings, attendees were asked to realize upon arrival a giant “Tifo”  in order to send a message to their clients “welcome home ” which was then  posted on the website and Facebook page


The party, after the plenary session, was an opportunity to celebrate the first day of Spring with unexpected and generous close-up animations in the “Monoprix Spirit”: close up magician, “giant butterflies” who distribute gifts, break dancers, interactive waterwall, animated photo call, and a trendy DJ to warm up the dance floor!